Cobrowse for android, ios and web review

Cobrowse For Android, iOS And Web Review: Features And Alternatives

Cobrowse is powerful co-browsing software that is the best solution for remote screen sharing and mobile app co-browsing.

According to research, businesses or companies are increasingly taking advantage of co-browsing, screen sharing, video engagement, and annotations that help them to better understand their customers and connect with them emotionally. Co-browsing software enables the customers and agents to be on the same page. Agents can view and the customer’s screens and instantly interact with them with their web browser. This way, support agents can provide personalized and live guidance to their customers through complex demos, transactions, processes, and forms. But they can see the pages that have been enabling with this co-browse software. They can’t access the other open apps or browser tabs on the customer’s PC. Co-browsing technology is the key technology that is mainly used to enable the companies to achieve the goal. 

Here, you will learn more about co-browse for Android, iOS, and the web. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

What is Cobrowse software? is co-browsing software that is typically designed for companies. It is remote screen sharing software for mobile apps and the web that provides end-to-end solutions. This is an online co-browsing system that offers two-way browsing, switching pages, user-friendliness, and annotate the computer screens of the customers in one place. In short, it can supercharge your mobile application’s live support. The remote control and screenshot feature is also built into iOS and Android apps. This co-browsing solution provides mobile SDKs (Software Development Kit) for iOS and Android to provide remote control seamlessly into your mobile applications. This is very useful for customer support for remote management of POS (point of sales) and mobile apps.

Key features of Cobrowse

  • Cobrowse supports Android, iOS, Windows, web, and MacOS.
  • All user interfaces are customizable as it comes with a white-label solution. 
  • The transferred data is encrypted ad follows the best practices of the industry. 
  • It comes with audit trail and session recordings, annotate screens, screen sharing in real-time, and remote control services on request.
  • It also offers optionally full device access and self-host on-premise and in your cloud.
  • It is available for free of cost, and you can access it with just one click. Admins can view its dashboard in its own tab. 

What is va Cobrowse LivePerson net?

Liveperson is a conversational cloud developer that allows consumers to send a message to brands. The businesses that have already session information like products or services use this tool and allow that businesses to offer click-to-chat buttons which connect the customers to a support agent from the company customer is currently browsing. Co-browse enables the agents to assists the customers with complex processes or tasks. The agent uses the browser or operating system that is listed in the system requirement of LivePerson for deploying the co-browse on the conversational cloud. The is a reliable website that has been around for years.

Cobrowse error 1033

Error code 1033 is an error code that is considered one of the issues that users get when they don’t install the software incorrectly. Even in case of failed installation, users also face such issues. It means if you install the co-browse software incorrectly, you may face Cobrowse error 1033. The users may get as a result of uninstallation of software or left invalid entries in your system. There are some other elements are involved, such as power failure, improper system shutdown, and others. alternatives competitors

There are a lot of co-browsing solutions that can be used as an alternative to co-browse. Let’s get into it!

Team viewer

Team viewer is a user-friendly access software and remote support that lets you connect to and monitor desktop to mobile, unattended devices, desktop to desktop devices like inter of things devices and servers from anywhere anytime.


AnyDesk is remote desktop software that enables you to use new applications and usage scenarios that you are not possible with existing remote desktop tools.

VNC Connect

VNC Connect allows you to access and control your devices remotely whenever you need to, and from anywhere you are in. VNC connect has a large user base as multi-national companies, and individuals use it for a range of apps.

Zoho Assist

Everyone knows about Zoho, and it also offers access software. Zoho Assist is fast, simple, and budget-friendly. The best thing about Zoho Assist is that you have no prior installation of any software. Zoho assist can be run on the browser. It can be personalized for IT support of businesses of all types, outsourced IT firms, remote PC repair service personnel, and independent IT technicians. 


The new name of GoToAssist is RescueAssist. It offers remote support and ITIL desk management to reduce costs and enhance IT operations. It offers a variety of new features that include fast connection time, remote view, chat, file transfer, in-channel support like app integration, camera share, and mobile device support. 

LogMeIn Rescue

When the support agent receives a support request, the customer has begun watching the clock. LogMeInRescue solves their issue more quickly and returns with the response with most new remote support solutions.

Benefits of Cobrowse

When it comes to customer services, visual customer engagement software gives a human touch. It helps you to give a competitive advantage to your business. Here are some key benefits of co-browse that play a key role in creating an emotional connection with your clients.

Provide real-time assistance

It comes with video and live chat that provides engagement tools that offer real-time assistance across the web and mobile. 


How I Hired My First Virtual Assistants


Increase first contact resolution

It can easily identify the problem due to shared viewing and deliver an effective solution. It also improves the first contact resolution rate and boosts customer satisfaction.

Constant conversations from other channels

Customers can continue their conversation from social channels by sharing the five-digit co-browsing code. These channels include Facebook messenger, phone with the same support agent.

Faster resolution process

When a support agent can identify the exact issue visually, he can resolve the issue more quickly. The process becomes more interactive and effective when you combine video, live chat, and video together.

Deliver personalized service

This software is all about collaborative browsing that enables you to personalize your conversation based on the problem that your customer is facing right now. Moreover, it delivers advanced technology solution that gives a virtual in-person experience.

Uses of Cobrowse

For customer service

According to research, humans process visuals or photos sixty thousand times faster than text. Co-browse software provides visual support that helps to engage the customers. It improves the customer experience because of visual engagement rather than conventional text conversations. It provides contextual information to the clients during website browsing.

For sales and lead generation

In the customer journey, there are multiple touchpoints that integrate into this journey on multiple channels. When you use this co-browsing tool for sales, it helps to leverage the company’s website, converting it from stagnant into an interactive sales tool. The businesses that use co-browse or other co-browsing software decrease their support cost by around 2.4% annually. It reduces the sales cycle because it enables agents to assist their customers in real-time, which leads to making timely decisions. Sales agents assist the visitors how to fill-up complex forms and navigate when they are on their site for sales conversion.

For onboarding

Do you think what is the need of any website or product video if they can’t explain their services or products because it makes the customers confused with plenty of questions in mind? This tool helps to give a complete tour of the product to your clients. This way, product understanding has improved, which helps the customer to make quick decisions.

Live chat and video chat

When you combine real-time engagement with video chat, co-browsing, and live chat, you will get the highest customer satisfaction ratios. Moreover, it reduces the customer efforts when the support agent navigates the apps jointly with the customers in real-time. This way, businesses can achieve great improvement annually in customer satisfaction rates as compared to companies that don’t use co-browsing software which is 5.1 % as compared to 1.4%.

Mobile apps

When businesses integrate API for Android and iOS to engage their mobile app users, they can enhance their customer engagement. Agents can assist in-app in real-time. This way, customers don’t require shifting some channels to get support. When support agents co-browse with your customers, they can deliver instant support as compared to their preferred channel.


It’s true that the main differentiator for businesses is the customer experience. When you integrate Cobrowse with your contact center solution makes phone support more interactive. When it comes to screen sharing, it is probably the best solution that requires external downloads. These kinds of installations often slow down the interactions. However, Cobrowse doesn’t require such installation. That’s why it delivers a great impression when it is combined with video chat and live chat.

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