E-commerce website design: Why it matters

The importance of an ecommerce website design

When it comes to running e-commerce websites or businesses, business owners mainly focus on the ins and outs, like processing orders running marketing campaigns, and managing catalogs. It is always tempting to use an existing template rather than investing in a costly custom design. But If you fail to recognize why e-commerce website designs matter, it can […]

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11 best apps on Shopify to help you grow your store

11 best apps on shopify

For merchants, Shopify always expands its e-commerce opportunities. The retail ecosystem of Shopify makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to leverage this platform. The Shopify apps act as a lighthouse. These apps on Shopify are high-end tools that you can integrate to get more customers, optimize your site, increase sales and logistics. There […]

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9 great alternatives to Microsoft Planner

List of alternatives to Microsoft Planner

If you are looking for some handy alternatives to Microsoft Planner, you may not have to browse the entire internet or download various project management software to analyze which one best suits your needs.  This read will give you a sneak peek into some tools that might serve as the best alternatives to Microsoft Planner.  […]

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Facebook ads marketing: 4 reasons why it is not effective

Reasons why your Facebook ads marketing is not working

Are you using Facebook ads marketing and wonder why it’s not working on your business? Given the large pull Facebook has over its general user base, the advertising giant presents a world of opportunity for marketers. The total number of monthly active users on Facebook has grown beyond 2 billion. This growth has been attributed […]

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Why Single Keyword Ad Groups works well: An introduction

Reasons to use single keyword ad groups

Single Keyword Ad Groups or SKAGs is popular among online advertising campaigns in Google Ads. These are ad groups in Google Ads with just one keyword that helps marketers improve quality scores, increase click-through rates, and reduce ad spend. There’s a reason why breaking up your AdWords account into much more manageable chunks is preferred. The quicker you break up […]

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Facebook ad strategies: Maximizing ROI

Facebook has quickly gone on to become an important part of our daily lives. So much so that there is a belief that it might have evolved from being a simple luxury that a few people could afford nearly a decade ago to a necessity today. Facebook has evolved into an alternate form of communication […]

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