Is The Customer Always Right?

Is The Customer Always Right

Is the customer always right? Is the customer always right? What do you think? For sure you are not reading this statement first time proclaiming customers with a credential of being always right. In many businesses customers are not only treated with great services but are called as a boss and even as God. The […]

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Top 5 Shopify Tools For New Entrepreneurs

Shopify Tools

Shopify Tools Shopify Tools To Help You Run Your E-Commerce Business Shopify came into existence when the people behind it couldn’t find an appropriate software to address their business needs. So, they came up with software that suited their business needs and made it available to help others meet their trading needs. This software is […]

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Importance Of A Product Research

Product Research

Product Research Product Research is a process that provides information on the characteristics of a product or a service. Companies conduct research to understand customer needs to create a product tailored for them. This research filters new product ideas. Conducting research helps you screen and test new ideas and reduce the cost spent on ideas […]

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Solvvy Artificial Intelligence Customer Support Software


Solvvy Solvy is an Artificial Intelligence conversational platform designed to help businesses deliver automated and personalized answers, workflow, analytics, and intelligent channel routing. Artificial Intelligence powers its customer support as it’s a next-generation chatbot platform. The software allows customers to self-service their questions so that the organization can focus on scaling its growth. Justin Betteridge […]

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8 Costly Mistakes To Avoid In Starting A Business

Mistakes To Avoid In Starting A Business

Mistakes To Avoid In Starting A Business Are you going to start your own business? How does it feel? Turning your vision into reality by starting a business of your own is the most exciting moment in everyone’s life. But studies suggest that around 20% of businesses fail during their first two years of operation. […]

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Workpuls Monitoring And Time Tracking Software


Workpuls Workpuls is a state of the start employee monitoring software that offers comprehensive insights on how your employees are spending time at work. It is ideal for analyzing and monitoring the productivity of your employees.Whether your team is working in the office or remotely, this software will keep you on top of everything. Workpuls […]

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Chatango Live Group Chats For Websites Review


Chatango Chatango is a website where online and live chat is offered and practiced. Once you have logged in and made a profile on chatango, you can enjoy talking to people on any topic that interest you. Be it personal or professional; this website facilitates everyone. You can interact with people on Chatango by creating […]

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12 Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Travel Assistant

Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Travel Assistant

Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Travel Assistant The virtual assistants of yesterday may have been either Secretaries or administrative assistants, but today that has changed dramatically. Most virtual assistants today are becoming more and more specialized. Of course, the staples such as calendar scheduling, typing letters, and email campaigns are still being done […]

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