Heymarket Business Messaging Review: Features And Pricing

Heymarket business messaging review

Heymarket is a web-based and mobile app that is here to streamline business text messages. This communication allows businesses to engage with employees, contractors, and customers for closing more deals. It can also be used for improving customer engagement and improving customer satisfaction. The software works on all web browsers and Android and iOS. This […]

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Business Guide: Hiring Virtual Assistants

Hiring Virtual Assistants

Hiring Virtual Assistants Hiring Virtual Assistants To Help You Grow Your Business Long gone are the days where you had to lease a store or office space, decorate it, hire a receptionist or administration assistant, pay power and utilities, as well as all the other costs associated with running a physical space. Now, with mobile […]

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BirdEye All In One Customer Experience Platform Review


Birdeye is customer experience and reputation management software for review acquisition. This platform help businesses make an informed decision by using customer feedback and reviews across surveys, social media, and other review sites. This reputation management software comes with review monitoring, review generation, online presence, social ticketing, business insights, review marketing, competitor analysis, and customer […]

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9 Useful Tips On How To Deal With Difficult Employees

Tips on how to deal with difficult employees

How to deal with difficult employees? Quite hard, isn’t it? Not everyone can be a manager. It may sound fascinating as a title, the perks it involves but believe it or not working yourself is easier than managing people. You may learn to operate machine or robots in some days, but for handling people require […]

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Relationship Marketing: The Definition and Benefits

The importance and benefits of relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is becoming an integral part of any customer-based business. Organizations/businesses are investing more and more towards relationship marketing, as it helps them to maintain a perfect viable brand name and customer loyalty. But the questions are, how does it do that? What exactly is the meaning behind the term “relationship marketing”? What are […]

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Is The Customer Always Right?

Is the customers always right

Is the customer always right? What do you think? For sure you are not reading this statement first time proclaiming customers with a credential of being always right. In many businesses customers are not only treated with great services but are called as a boss and even as God. The logic for providing them with […]

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The Best 5 Shopify Tools For New Entrepreneurs That They Can Use

Top 5 Shopify tools for new entrepreneurs

Shopify came into existence when the people behind it couldn’t find an appropriate software to address their business needs. So, they came up with software that suited their business needs and made it available to help others meet their trading needs. This software is helping new entrepreneurs without needing a significant sum of money to […]

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The Importance And Tips Of Conducting A Product Research

Importance of product research

Product research is a process that provides information on the characteristics of a product or a service. Companies conduct research to understand customer needs to create a product tailored for them. This research filters new product ideas. Conducting the research helps you screen and test new ideas and reduce the cost spent on ideas that […]

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Solvvy Artificial Intelligence Customer Support Software


Solvy is an Artificial Intelligence conversational platform designed to help businesses deliver automated and personalized answers, workflow, analytics, and intelligent channel routing. Artificial Intelligence powers its customer support as it’s a next-generation chatbot platform. The software allows customers to self-service their questions so that the organization can focus on scaling its growth. Justin Betteridge developed […]

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