Kickidler Employee Monitoring Tracking Software Review


Kickidler is an employee monitoring software developed by Tele Link Soft Company. The program’s first release was in 2013. Kickidler allows you to monitor up to 10,000 workstations and is currently being used by companies and state agencies in 5 continents, as seen on their website. Like most employee monitoring software, and unlike ActivTrak, its […]

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5 Brainstorming Techniques To Get Best Ideas

Brainstorming Techniques

When you’re running a business, you need to keep yourself updated to develop the best solutions constantly. A successful business doesn’t just stick to the tried and tested development techniques but implements creative solutions in the workspace. These solutions can help you engage with clients better, develop better products, and streamline processes. However, it isn’t […]

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Conversocial Customer Experience Platform Review: Features And Benefits

Conversocial customer experience platform review

Conversocial as the name implies is software that aims to improve customer satisfaction by delivering a conversational customer experience. It taps into the unique nature of voice channels and messaging for marketing, sales, and customer service purposes. The solution integrates AI-driven bots and human agents to boost customer engagement. What is Conversocial? You may call […]

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GoSite CRM Software Review: Features And Benefits

GoSite crm software review

GoSite is CRM software that empowers you to have everything in one place so that you connect with your customers and do business. This cloud-based suite helps you run your business. Enhance customer engagement, collect customer feedback, and do more things that can be done with a CRM. It’s ideal for small and local businesses. […]

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Learn How To Get Leads Fast Using These 13 Useful Tips

How To Get Leads

There are two objectives for every business, from small businesses to major corporations, which must accomplish with marketing strategies, i.e., attract website traffic and generate a high stream of leads. Website traffic is the number of viewers that land on a website, while lead generation is the initiation of customers’ inquiries into your services or products. We […]

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Facebook Watch Vs. YouTube: Which Is Better For Marketing?

Facebook Watch Vs Youtube

Marketing is not new, but it has achieved greater heights since social media, and the internet has become the key part of our lives and useful marketing channels for businesses. And it is not bound by geographical boundaries. When it comes to video marketing, the first name that comes to your mind is, of course, […]

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ActivTrak Analytics and Productivity Software Review


ActivTrak is an employee and workforce analytics and productivity management Software-as-a-Service. Its features are great for small and mid-sized businesses but can also be used by large enterprises. It sports all the features you would look out for in an employee monitoring system. Yet, its focus is on monitoring and improving employee productivity. This is […]

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Goal Vs Objective: What’s The Difference

Goal Vs Objective

Goal Vs Objective Goal Vs Objective Do you use the terms objective and goal interchangeably when you outline your company’s plans? Both terms refer to the desired outcomes that a business or individual wants to achieve, but there is a significant difference between both terms. Defining your business goals and setting clear objectives are the […]

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HappyFox Help Desk Customer Support Software Review


HappyFox is a cloud-based help desk software that comes with built-in features and provides multi-channel support for the customer. Keeping customers and users happy is essential when it comes to get success and enhance your organization’s credibility. If your company is selling products, you could be a part of the help desk team. Or, you […]

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