May 21, 2021

How to manage your task with a project management app

Ways on how to manage your app with a project management app

Luckily dealing with projects in teams is no more arduous work. You can now download multiple apps on your desktop and mobiles within minutes and find how to manage your tasks with the project management app. 

There are plenty of software and apps that help tackle teams, track time and workflow, could-based work sharing, and optimize productivity. These apps can help you formulate a to-do list, assign tasks, manage implementation, create benchmarks, and produce performance metrics.

This is very easy to comprehend which app best suits your business needs based on the team structure and work nature.

Here are some ideas if you want to learn how to manage your tasks with a project management app.

Managing to-do list

The first thing in project management is to prepare the list that is to be assigned to your team members. For an assignment, you can make a workflow sheet of different stages the project will pass. You can also make a priority list of to-do things in the project.

This to-do list can be of any sort. It can be a single list with phases of work or a list of work to do daily. It can include repeating tasks to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can also have alerts for essential jobs and even set your tasks priority-wise. Project management apps like Basecamp, Todist, and Asana have these basic features.


This is one of the most crucial features in tracking the time taken by the project. Time is money, and you must know that the time a single project takes. It also tracks the time each individual takes for handling the project. These apps can also create timelines for each task. Instagantt, TeamGantt, and Taskworld are one of the top apps in helping you track the time of projects and individual team members.

Workload distribution

Some apps manage your work distribution in teams. Sometimes your company takes different projects of a similar nature, and you have multiple people to handle similar tasks. In that case, some apps are the best digital consultants.

Work distribution is constructive in projects like outsourced chat support or call-center. Gruntify best supports your work distribution needs. Intstagantt also gives you a workload view of each team member.

Workflow management

Workflow management is the centralized idea of the apps and gives a holistic solution to managing your tasks with project management app. These apps come with a range of features that will help design a workflow process relevant to your business’s nature.

Gant chart

The main feature of these apps is the Gantt chart. Gantt is a visual and graphical representation of your workflow. The workflow has a different template or design for different teams/ projects. You can make a Gantt chart based on your project need.

Gantt is primarily a timeline of your project with the help of the chart.


You can highlight the work’s different phases through separate colors and can use the same color to highlight the continuation of work once its certain part is done.

Apps like TeamGantt, ProofHub, and Instagantt do time tracking and help build Gantt charts to manage workflow.

Centralized networking

Some desktop apps serve as a centralized network for sharing data, information, and work in groups. These apps are widespread in a project manager’s daily tasks.

Freedcamp, Hive, and Flock provide an interactive system of file sharing. It helps in real-time collaboration and develops an integrated system within a department and team members to share work.

Cloud-based storage and sharing

Google Drive and Dropbox are cloud-based apps that offer sharing of files through cloud-based storage. You can save word files, spreadsheets, books, etc. through these apps.

Google Drive also helps you make forms and share links to external users for sharing information on them. These forms help in collecting data for various purposes.

Customizable work plan

Customized work plans are sometimes more critical than managed work plans. Few industries require customizable solutions for projects. Some apps provide customizable themes for different projects you take on.

Nutcache, Paymo, and Celoxis give you customized solutions to your workflow management needs in project management. You can design different kinds of workflow processes for every project you undertake.

Social media management

If you are working as a digital marketer or your team is handling social media of various companies, you can use these apps. These apps help you take a bird-eye view of each project that is one account/client.

Buffer, Hootsuite, and Sprout Social are the apps that help you manage one account’s social media activities through a single dashboard.

These apps not only help in deducing metrics but also analyzing the data. You can also set potential benchmarks to audit the effectiveness of the social media activities of each account.

Resource management

In case you want to know how to manage your tasks with the project management app, look that it provides you resource management features; a significant part that helps in both budgeting and planning.

This feature has a variety of options starting from your budget to your operational and human resource capacity. These apps gauge the number of resources required for each project in all domains and help you plan accordingly.

Mavenlink, Resource Guru, and are one of the best apps for resource planning.

Budget management

Budget Management is also a key feature for your project management needs. There are desktop apps that help you design budgets for workflow requirements. Hubstaff, Harves, and Genius Project help you make the best budget plan for your projects.

Customer relation management

Sometimes you need to hire a project management team that helps you built customer relations. In that case, your company needs a reliable solution to help address your customer satisfaction requirements. Such apps allow you to create a portal for clients or customers.

Comindware and Insightly are two iconic apps that help you design projects related to customer relationship management. These allow you to build portals and customer touch-points for better customer interaction with your products, services, and feedback.

Team interaction and collaboration

Project management apps also allow team members to chat, discuss, and collaborate on work. Of the very widely used apps you use for text chat, and video call one is Skype. It can also be used for file sharing within a team.

Zoom is another app if we are making an online video conference. This video conference can take up to 300 participants at a time and is very helpful for larger teams. However, the zoom does not support very friendly file sharing.

Hive, FreshDesk, and Flock also provide the best way to collaborate and communicate through messaging and mobile phones.

SalesForce management

Salesforce leader needs to know how to manage the task with project management app. If you are head of customer support teams here sales agents are consistently working on a different project; you must have a desktop app to manage to make the most of your team.

There are a variety of project management apps that help you manage your sales force. Inspire Planner and Milestone PM to give you automated solutions to salesforce workload and interactivity with consumers. TrackWise digital helps you to make customizable digital solutions for your salesforce work.

Interactive dashboard

All three apps come with an interactive dashboard that helps a sales representative interact with customer queries using one window. If your sales representative gets the order of website development, he further transfers it to other departments, and a timeline is formulated to execute this stand-alone project.

If your organization is offering digital marketing services, Trackwise can provide customizable services for each project that comes in.

Pricing and invoicing

One of the essential features of project management apps is pricing and invoicing. Only better resource and budget management can lead to an effective pricing strategy.  

Not all project management tools come with accounting options. BigTime, Premier, and Avaza have some of the best features for pricing and billing. Different teams working on various projects can create their billing through these desktop apps.

Reporting and auditing

This is the last but not the least feature of project management apps. Some highly standardized features will train you on how to manage your tasks with project management app.

Reporting and auditing help you present and compare critical areas of your project to benchmarks. . Two apps, ProofHub and, are two very high-rated apps for performance management. You can set criteria for performance and later audit your work progress. You can also use very advanced visual reporting formats through these apps.


All the above-listed apps help you on how to manage the task with a project management app. These apps come with a myriad of features that assist you in boosting productivity in your work. Some apps integrate the function of two project management apps. IFTTT integrates two project management apps to let you make the most out of your projects. If you are looking for a stand-alone app based on your need, browse today and enhance your natural talent in project management with a digital platform. You won’t regret that!

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