40 Ways to boost employees' morale remotely

40 Ways to Boost Employees’ Morale Remotely

As more people work from home, it’s more important than ever for companies to care about their employees’ morale, health, and happiness. Working from home can make you feel alone, disconnected, and burned out.

Because of this, it is very important for businesses to find ways to keep their online workers happy, inspired, and involved. Aside from it they track their employee using HRIS software. Moreover, virtual assistants improve team morale by having an effective chain of command trainings so that their employee will be on the right track.

How do you uplift staff morale?

  • Show appreciation and recognition for their hard work


  • Encourage open communication and feedback


  • Organize virtual team-building activities


  • Create a buddy system for new remote employees


  • Have virtual one-on-one meetings with each employee


Ways to boost the morale of remote employee

This blog post will talk about 40 good ways to boost employee happiness while they work from.


1. Schedule regular check-ins

Make sure to schedule one-on-one or team check-ins on a regular basis to stay connected with your employees.


2. Encourage open communication

Foster an atmosphere that encourages employees to freely express their thoughts and concerns.


3. Provide the necessary tools and equipment

 Make sure your employees have the necessary technology and resources to work efficiently from home.




4. Set clear expectations

 Clearly communicate goals, deadlines, and expectations to avoid any confusion or frustration.


5. Celebrate achievements

Acknowledging and commending individual and team accomplishments can greatly enhance morale and motivation.


6. Show appreciation

Showing appreciation can greatly influence how employees view their value and acknowledgment.


7. Provide opportunities for growth

Offer training, development, and learning opportunities to help employees grow in their roles.


8. Encourage work-life balance

Highlighting the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial to avoid burnout.


9. Create virtual social events

 Plan virtual social events like happy hours or game nights to keep employees connected and promote team bonding.


10. Facilitate virtual team building activities

 From icebreaker games to online escape rooms, there are many fun activities that can be done virtually to foster a sense of camaraderie among remote employees.


11. Allow flexible schedules

 Consider offering flexible work schedules to accommodate the personal needs and responsibilities of your employees.




12. Provide regular feedback

Provide helpful feedback to assist employees in their growth and ensure they feel encouraged in their positions.


13. Create a virtual watercooler

 Set up a virtual chat room or channel where employees can have casual conversations and bond with each other.


14. Encourage breaks

It is important to encourage employees to take regular breaks throughout the day in order to avoid burnout and enhance productivity.


15. Support mental health

Provide employees with the necessary resources and support to prioritize their mental well-being.


16. Foster a positive work culture

Lead by example and promote a positive work culture where respect, support, and inclusivity are valued.


17. Share company updates

 Keep employees in the loop about company updates and developments to make them feel involved and invested in the organization.


18. Provide opportunities for remote team building

Consider organizing virtual team building activities or retreats to strengthen relationships among remote employees.


19. Offer flexible time off

Allow employees to take time off when needed without any guilt or judgment.


20. Promote a healthy lifestyle

 Strengthen overall well-being by encouraging healthy habits like exercise, healthy eating, and staying hydrated.


21. Host virtual lunch and learns

Arrange virtual lunch and learn sessions to facilitate employee learning and foster discussions on relevant topics.


22. Recognize birthdays and work anniversaries

 Make sure to acknowledge and celebrate special occasions of your remote employees to make them feel valued.


23. Share success stories

 Share success stories of employees or teams to inspire others and boost morale.


24. Offer remote work assistance

Provide support and resources to help employees set up a comfortable and efficient home workspace.


25. Create a virtual suggestion box

Promote an environment where employees can feel at ease sharing their ideas, suggestions, or concerns by utilizing a virtual suggestion box.


26. Emphasize the bigger picture

Remind employees of the impact their work has on the organization’s goals and mission.


27. Offer perks or benefits for employees’ morale

Consider offering remote employees perks or benefits such as wellness subsidies, home office supplies, or flexible spending accounts.


28. Promote diversity and inclusion

Foster a culture of equality by encouraging a wide range of perspectives and proactively addressing any potential biases within the team.


29. Conduct virtual team building games

 Organize virtual team building games like trivia or Pictionary to break the monotony of work and have some fun.


30. Check-in on employees’ mental health

 Show genuine concern for your employees’ well-being by checking in on their mental health regularly.


31. Celebrate cultural diversity

 Recognize and celebrate different cultures within your remote team to promote inclusivity.


32. Offer opportunities for personal development

 Encourage employees to pursue personal development outside of work and support them in their endeavors.


33. Share inspiring quotes or messages

 Share motivational quotes or messages with your remote team to boost morale and motivation.


34. Conduct virtual town halls

Organize virtual town hall meetings to provide updates, address concerns, and promote transparency within the organization.


34. Allow for flexibility in work assignments

Provide employees with the chance to engage in projects that align with their passions or interests.


35. Promote a sense of ownership

Allow employees to take ownership of their work and projects, empowering them in the process.


36. Offer rewards or incentives

 Consider offering rewards or incentives for meeting goals, going above and beyond, or contributing innovative ideas.


37. Provide opportunities for collaboration

 Encourage collaboration among remote employees by utilizing tools and platforms that facilitate teamwork.


38. Conduct virtual team surveys

Gather feedback from remote employees on their work experience, challenges, and suggestions for improvement through virtual team surveys.


39. Regularly communicate with your team

 Keep the lines of communication open and make yourself available to address any questions or concerns from your remote team.


40. Ask opinion

Involve remote employees in decision-making processes


Remote work may bring challenges, but employers can use effective strategies to help remote employees morale feel connected, motivated, and engaged. Moreover,  companies can enhance morale and foster a positive remote work culture by placing a strong emphasis on communication, work-life balance, and employee engagement. In addition, continuously reassessing and adjusting these strategies is crucial, as the requirements of remote employees can evolve over time.

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