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Connect To The World Through Virtual Marketing

Virtual Marketing is one of the most effective ways to introduce your business and attract customers. It is an undisputed fact that social media is the new world where everything happens. Marketers are also taking advantage of the different social media platforms to push their brand, giving it better exposure, advertising their products (whether new or existing products), and communicating with their customers. The primary reason marketers are exploring social media platforms is that over 59.5% of the world, the population is active online.


The users of social media platforms are also spread across different demographics. Some of the top social media platforms used for low-cost marketing include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms help you to market because they make interactions easy. Regardless of your business size, the first and most crucial point for advertising is social media. A marketing campaign is can be done by using Facebook business pages, Twitter, or Instagram Ads.

Aside from pages and Ads, there are other virtual marketing strategies you can use for your business. One of them includes launching events on Facebook. Launching an event allows you to engage with your followers, run giveaways, maximize exposure, and increase the page’s followers and likes. Virtual marketing is a marketing activity that explores the use of all social media platforms/ social networking tools to push a brand image, product, or service.


Moreover, there are different ways to do virtual marketing, and they include but are not limited to social media marketing, blog, email marketing, and display advertising. Virtual marketing is the contrast to traditional marketing like broadcast and prints that have been used in the past. Virtual marketing is dependent on impressions, clicks, hits, and other related data. This makes it easier to track and measure the conversion rate using virtual marketing instead of traditional marketing. It is also essential to add that this marketing strategy is not limited to virtual business; every business owner can use it.


There are thousands of small and large companies that use this marketing strategy to engage their users and potential customers. Content marketing is one of the cores of virtual marketing, and it covers blog post creation, infographics, and lots more. Content marketing is mostly used simultaneously with social media campaigns on top platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to get more traffic to the website or store. Email newsletters and press releases can also keep the customers abreast of developments, events, and every other important update.


The importance of social media platforms is vital to every business. Some businesses now employ people that will handle the virtual marketing operation. These companies are doing this to ensure that they engage their customers online, improve their company’s/ brand value, and boost their online presence.


A practical example of how you can connect with the world through virtual marketing: 

  • Apple is a significant and global brand.
  • Despite their popularity, they started their own Facebook account too.
  • As of the time of writing this content, they have over 6.3 million followers.
  • They post on their Facebook page and also advertise any of their existing/ new product at NO COST.
  • The majority of the users following Apple on Facebook see their updates.


Gone are the days when most companies only use virtual marketing to target young people because they believe young people were active social media users. However, this is not the truth because people of different ages, incomes, cultures, and races now use social media platforms. This translates to the fact that virtual marketing now has a vast audience and the advantages/ opportunities that comes with virtual marketing are endless.The use of smartphones has grown globally, and businesses can now connect with their customers through virtual marketing.

Why and how is virtual marketing possible

  1. You will find a personal computer in the majority of households in the western world.
  2. Over 66% of the total world population uses a smartphone.

These two points make brand-customer engagement easy from anywhere across the globe. There are no signs that the growth of virtual marketing will be altered or halted anytime soon. This is because the virtual world keeps growing significantly, and there are more possibilities for this marketing strategy. As of writing this, virtual marketing is one of the most essential and effective marketing strategies that you can use. It is also essential to add that there are detrimental effects of virtual marketing on your business profitability. The next question you are about to ask is, why it is detrimental. Here is the answer to your unasked question:




  • A poor piece of customer feedback can affect the brand’s reputation
  • An unethical or bad advert can make the company/ brand lose profit.

This is because the Advert and customer feedback can reach millions in a few minutes.

A practical example of how the virtual world affected a brand negatively:

  • A viral video of an airline was shared across the internet.
  • In the video, the airline staff was violently dragging one of the passengers on board out of his seat and down the cabin before sending him out because the plane was overcrowded.
  • This was a single video that hugely affected how customers now view that airline.
  • The company’s profit has also been affected dramatically.


We are all communicating in a virtual world, and the benefits have been tremendous. Life is easier; things are faster and more convenient. There is no secret to the virtual world that humans are anxious about nature and believe in what we see. Virtual marketing is the marketing strategy every business needs to try. Aside from the fact that you get instant results, it also leaves a good digital footprint for your brand.

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