40 Virtual Interior Design Services

40 Virtual Interior Design Services

40 Virtual Interior Design Services




Are you gazing around your home, wishing you could wave a magic wand and make it look like those glossy, professionally-designed rooms you see in magazines? Well, here’s the good news: you don’t need a magic wand, just a Wi-Fi connection and the will to reimagine your spaces with the power of virtual interior design services! We’ve curated a list of 40 innovative platforms and solutions that could be your digital genie.



The days of flipping through swatches and debating mustard yellows versus ochre are long gone. The digital age has ushered in a new wave of design creativity, revolutionizing the way we conceive, construct, and consume interior design. Perhaps, you’ve thought of giving your home a makeover, but the rigamarole of rendezvousing with designers has dwindled your enthusiasm. No more! Today, we celebrate the most dynamic, tech-savvy, and downright convenient virtual interior design services available. These creative hubs have set out to prove that a stunning home isn’t a luxury—it’s a few clicks away.


40 Virtual Interior Design Services



  1. Havenly: Havenly is the fairy godmother of online interior design, providing personal consultation and mood board creation at unbelievably fair prices. They’ve got design down to a science, making profound style changes painless.

  2. Modsy: This clever platform fuses the ease of videogames with the functionality of interior design. Armed with innovative tech, Modsy lets you visualize your dream space in 3D.

  3. Decorist: Affordability is key for Decorist, who pair you with a personal designer to craft a custom room design based on your intake questionnaire, saving the hassle of handpicking professionals.

  4. The Expert: A platform for those who want to infuse a little bit of celebrity expertise into their homes. Celeb designers offer their services, bringing a touch of star quality into every room they touch.

  5. Laurel & Wolf: This service matches you with a professional to create a mood board and floor plan. It’s sophisticated and tailor-made for anyone who wants bespoke service at their fingertips.

  6. RoomLift: Do you need to change your room without breaking the bank? RoomLift connects you with your dream designer who will organize adjustments on your own terms and at budget-friendly rates.

  7. Spacejoy: This newcomer prides itself on ultra-realistic 3D renderings, immersive technology that makes your designs more tangible than ever.

  8. Hutch: Like the concept of a decal, but want it to feel more personal? Hutch uses an app that lets you visualize various designs and rearrange furniture digitally.

  9. Chameleon Power: Are you all about colors and hate making mistakes on your walls? Chameleon Power lets you ‘paint’ your walls in virtual samples from across the spectrum.

  10. Decor Matters: Social media meets design with Decor Matters, where the community can help curate your spaces by sharing ideas and insights.

  11. Room Planner by Home Design 3D: This app is an architect’s best friend, providing a variety of tools for the meticulous, detail-oriented decorator.

  12. Homestyler: Homestyler hosts a vast database of furniture and decor, harnessing augmented reality to place them in your space, making decisions on patterns and paints a breeze.

  13. MagicPlan: Before you start picking out a new couch, it’s a good idea to know the dimensions. MagicPlan uses AR to create floor plans and builds 3D models of your rooms to aid in the design process.

  14. Stylyze: The AI-powered platform that personalizes design recommendations based on your Pinterest boards. It’s like when Netflix suggests movies—only, it’s for your living room.

  15. Morpholio Board: Take collaboration to the next level. Morpholio Board allows architects and designers to work seamlessly with clients, ensuring everyone’s on the same page from the get-go.

  16. Moserroom: Do you have a European flourish in mind? Moserroom bridges the gap in international design tastes, with renowned European designers lending their expertise to your American abode.

  17. Ivy: More than just a design app, Ivy is specialized software designed to manage your entire project from budgeting to product procurement.

  18. Clippings: For the designer who knows exactly what they want, Clippings is a marketplace envy-inducing, professionally-curated furniture that can be virtually placed in your room.

  19. Pantone Studio: When the color steals the show, Pantone Studio offers a lesson in chromatics, allowing creative control to meticulously match shades to your heart’s content.

  20. Sketchup: Perfect for the hands-on professional who wants to take design into their own stylus-wielding hands. Sketchup provides professional-grade modeling software.

  21. Adornably: This app focuses on the modish millennial, allowing them to recreate rooms from Instagram and Pinterest, removing the likes and leaving you with the styled space.

  22. Live Home 3D: Are you a professional looking for software to take your designs to the third dimension? Live Home 3D offers advanced architectural process visualizations for Mac and Windows.

  23. Home Design 3D: For the aspirational homeowner who needs to keep better track of their expectations, Home Design 3D offers a simple and efficient design and floor planning application on mobile.

  24. IKEA Place: If the thought of Allen wrenches makes you queasy, the IKEA Place app uses AR technology to virtually place their Swedish-chic furniture in your space.

  25. Wayfair Spaces: Home décor Mecca, Wayfair, jumps into the AR bandwagon, combining their extensive product line with 3D-modeling technology to visualize items in your home.

  26. Article’s View in Room: Article, the ultra-modern furniture company, doesn’t just sell their wares. Use the ‘View in Room’ feature to match pieces to your living space.

  27. Furnishr: Dreaming of a one-stop-shop? Furnishr offers an end-to-end service, where they not only design your space but bring it to life with all the furniture in place.

  28. HBox: Bringing art and design together, HBox is perfect for art lovers looking to center their space around a meaningful piece.

  29. Canvas Vista: Vasari is to the Medici family as Canvas Vista is to the avant-garde interior designer, offering a platform to display the finest in contemporary art.

  30. Moodboard Creator: This app is excellent for the artistically claustrophobic. Generate digital mood boards in a matter of minutes to solidify your design vision.

  31. Hutch Yes: Like the idea of a personal shopper but for furniture? Hutch Yes curates pieces for your space and even applies a discount if you purchase through the app.

  32. Planner 5D: For the budget-conscious, the Planner 5D app is a rockstar, offering freemium software that lets you play with design concepts without investing a single penny.

  33. BIMx: Perfect for architects and those with a keen eye for detail, BIMx offers an immersive architectural environment where every detail can be inspected in 3D.

  34. Archipad: This app is your virtual memo pad for all your architectural insights. Make a note, take a snapshot, and bring your plans to everyone’s pockets.

  35. DecorPad: Sometimes, you don’t need a room layout as much as the design concept. DecorPad offers inspiration at your fingertips, just swipe and imagine.

  36. BuilderTREND: Focused on the builders behind the beauty, BuilderTREND is a construction management software that communicates seamlessly with clients and crews, ensuring your virtual designs become a concrete reality.

  37. Room Visualizer Apps by Manufacturers: Possibilities abound with this genre of apps, such as Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap, where you can see their paint selections in your home and switch colors easily.

  38. Augment: A beacon of visual delight, Augment lets you showcase your future space with the power of AR, perfect for impressing skeptical housemates.

  39. FitXR: For those who conceptualize on the fly or during a workout, FitXR offers a design app for Oculus Quest that lets you see your rooms in virtual reality while getting your cardio in.

  40. ArticleHaven: This is like browsing your very own interior design magazine. Select a space and see it transformed with Article’s stylish selections.





Your personal design dream team exists, and it’s available at your convenience. With these 40 virtual interior design services, there’s no longer a distance between you and that dream living room. Take the leap into the digital blend of creativity and functionality, and watch as your room goes from “it’ll do” to “I adore it.” The power to transform your space now fits in your pocket or works perfectly with your virtual space. It’s time to redefine the way we design our lives. Give one of these services a shot, and see the extraordinary difference it makes when inspiration meets technology. Here’s to a new beginning for your home—the virtual way.

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