50 Virtual Fitness & Training Ventures

50 Virtual Fitness & Training Ventures

50 Virtual Fitness & Training Ventures




It’s time to put the fun back in fitness with a round-up of 50 Virtual Fitness & Training Ventures that promise to pump up your workout regimen! Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or someone who’s been meaning to dust off that yoga mat in the corner, there’s something for everyone in this mammoth list. We’re here to sparkle your motivation and help you break a sweat right from the comfort of your living room. Let’s hit play on these ventures that are turning the world of fitness upside down!



Introduction: The Virtual Fitness Revolution

As our lives increasingly pivot towards the digital, it’s no surprise that fitness is following suit. The rise of virtual fitness ventures brings gym-worthy trainers, groundbreaking workout technology, and a global community right to your doorstep — it’s no longer about the commute to the gym, it’s the click to your online class!


In this list, we dive deep into the roster of 50 virtual fitness and training options that span the spectrum from high-intensity workouts to serenity-inducing meditation. Each entry is a narrative of an experience waiting to captivate and transform your home workout routines.



The Ultimate List of 50 Virtual Fitness & Training Ventures

Here we go! A smorgasbord of options ranging from personal training to on-demand classes. Remember, variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to fitness. So, pick and choose what caters to your preferences and wellness journey:


  1. Peloton: The name that’s become synonymous with at-home fitness. With their stationary bikes and treadmills that come alive with their classes, there’s little wonder as to the magic they’re weaving.

  2. Fitness Blender: This is home to more than 500 free workout videos, and it’s run by a husband-and-wife team who are dedicated to making the world healthier one workout video at a time.

  3. Les Mills On Demand: Offers your favorite Les Mills classes in the comfort of your own home, from BodyCombat to BodyPump.

  4. Beachbody On Demand: Their extensive library of workouts doesn’t mean you need a beach body to start; there’s something for every fitness level.

  5. Nike Training Club: A personal trainer in your pocket; NTC’s app provides a plethora of workouts that range from 15–45 minutes.

  6. Daily Burn: Provides a sense of community with a variety of workouts that you can join every day, all from the comfort of your home.

  7. Barre3: Perfect for those looking for a fusion of barre workouts, Pilates, and yoga, Barre3 brings its signature classes virtually.

  8. Yoga with Adriene: Adriene Mishler’s YouTube channel is home to a plethora of yoga routines, appealing to veterans and beginners alike.

  9. Obé Fitness: Not just your average workout videos – think of Obé as your portal to a gamified fitness experience.

  10. Aaptiv: This app specializes in audio classes, so you’re guided without needing to look at a screen.

  11. Zwift: Whether you’re a serious cyclist or just starting out, Zwift is an interactive platform where you can join races and workouts from home.

  12. TRX Training: With their new digital platform, you can get suspended in straps in your living room for an intense full-body workout.

  13. Fitbit Premium: This one isn’t just about tracking; it’s about training with an extensive library of video and audio workouts.

  14. FightCamp: For those who want to unleash their inner Rocky, FightCamp brings the sweet science of boxing to your daily routine.

  15. Fiit: This app lets you experience studio-quality classes without even leaving the house — the future of fitness is here.

  16. Team Body Project: Providing a wide range of online workout videos, Team Body Project’s exercises are built around body positivity and enjoyment.

  17. Jillian Michaels Fitness: The biggest loser’s trainer is back and ready to turn your living room into a ‘biggest winner’ stage.

  18. P.volve: With an emphasis on core and form, P.volve brings a unique perspective to the workout realm, focusing on every body’s Natural Movement.

  19. Down Dog Run: For those who enjoy running to keep fit, Down Dog provides a great tool to improve form and fitness.

  20. Strava: More than just a running app; Strava’s community is unmatched for tracking, sharing, and competing.

  21. Trainiac: The perfect platform for tailored workouts and virtual fitness coaching to get the best results in the best way.

  22. The Sufferfest: Aimed at those training for triathlons or cycling events, The Sufferfest takes a unique approach to indoor training with a focus on sports science.

  23. Adaptive Running: For those with mobility challenges, this is a platform that provides an adaptive running program to suit any need.

  24. ROMWOD: This acronym stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day, a perfect way to increase flexibility and reduce soreness.

  25. Hydrow Rowing: If you love the idea of rowing but haven’t got a river nearby, Hydrow offers an immersive experience through live outdoor reality (LOR) technology to keep your rowing engaging.

  26. Zumba Fitness: Zumba offers high-energy dance workouts that let you boogie to the beat from the comfort of your living room.

  27. Athlean-X: A massive YouTube presence, Athlean-X provides a wide variety of workout styles for those looking to pack on muscle and get ripped.

  28. Rumble: For fans of boxing, Rumble’s award-winning full-body boxing workouts are a quick hit and a full-body blast.

  29. Alo Moves: An all-encompassing wellness app for those into yoga, mindfulness, and fitness derived from the yoga line, Alo Yoga.

  30. Glo: With a large range of teachers and styles, Glo offers thousands of yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes for all levels.

  31. Daily Om: More focused on the spiritual aspect of health, Daily Om offers a myriad of classes for meditation and holistic healing.

  32. Mossa Move: For those who like variety, Mossa Move brings 30 different fitness formats and over 200 workout plans.

  33. NEOU: With 10 new live classes a day and 6000+ on-demand, NEOU offers a fitness variety that’s hard to beat.

  34. Pure Barre On Demand: Anything but pure routine, Pure Barre’s on-demand service gives you access to their full repertoire of classes.

  35. P.volve: While with us previously, P.volve’s online platform is an embodiment of their dynamic approach to fitness, with streaming options that suit all schedules.

  36. Openfit: Offering 350+ live personal trainer-led classes each week, Openfit is on a mission to help you stay active as easily and regularly as possible.

  37. DanceBody: If there’s one home workout out there that feels like a night out, it’s DanceBody’s home sessions.

  38. Retro Fitness: As trendy (and retro) as its name, Retro Fitness offers an On-Demand workout solution with over 1,000 classes ready for you.

  39. Skimble: Skimble’s Workout Trainer app provides expert coaches who guide you through every exercise, and there’s a new workout to try every week.

  40. Be.come Project: Focused on body-neutral fitness, the Be.come Project provides a subscription so you can do their daily routines at your own pace.

  41. Sky Ting TV: With Sky Ting TV, you can bring the beauty and serenity of yoga to your home, no matter how limited on space.

  42. ClassPass LIVE: This at-home fitness subscription by the ClassPass team brings studio-quality workouts to any room in your home.

  43. Sworkit: Short for ‘Simply Work It,’ this app offers fully customizable workouts, a favorite of those tight on time.

  44. Obé Fitness: Previously on our list for the audiovisual experience, Obé also provides personal training sessions over video calls.

  45. FitReserve: A fantastic option if you like mixing it up, FitReserve gives you access to multiple live and on-demand classes from different studios.

  46. Kinomap: Kinomap’s unique selling point is its interactive video which makes it feel like you’re really out on the road experiencing environments and terrains from around the world.

  47. iFit: With a focus on bringing the outside in, iFit provides live and on-demand exercise classes guided by the world’s top trainers.

  48. Body Groove: For those who eschew traditional workouts, Body Groove’s online dance fitness classes are the answer.

  49. Forte: Ditch the screen and project your class on your TV with Forte, which offers an all-encompassing fitness streaming experience.

  50. 7-Minute Workout: For the even more time-crunched, the official 7-minute workout app gives hope to even the busiest beavers out there.





Conclusion: Sweat It Out with Virtual Fitness

We’ve surfed the digital wave to bring forth virtual fitness ventures aplenty, and now it’s your turn to dive in. These 50 encapsulate the breadth of the virtual fitness landscape—providing options for every proclivity. So, lace up your virtual sneakers, book your e-calendar, and let’s ensure that the next click of the remote leads to a healthier, happier you!

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