65 Promotional Phrases Valuable in Business

65 Promotional Phrases Valuable in Business

These phrases can be used in promotional marketing materials such as winning sales pitches, advertisements, email campaigns, social media posts, and even face-to-face client interactions.

In this article, we will explore 65 promotional phrases that are valuable for the call-to-action phrases for conversion and optimization to business and can help drive sales and increase brand awareness.

Promotional Phrases Valuable in Business

1. “New arrival” – Marking the release of new products or services.

2. “Limited time offer” – A special promotion available for a limited time only.

3. “Clearance sale” – Final discounts on remaining inventory before it is removed from shelves.

4. “Bundle deal” – Combining multiple products or services at a discounted price. 

5. “Seasonal discount” – A promotion tied to a specific season, such as summer or winter sales.

6. “Flash sale” – A quick and short promotion offering discounts for a limited time only.

7. “Student discount” – Exclusive discounts offered to students with valid identification.



8. “Refer a friend” – Customers receive rewards or discounts for referring their friends to the brand.

9. “Early access” – Customers can access a sale before it is available to the general public.

10. “Free trial” – Customers can try out a product or service for free before committing to a purchase.

11. “Mystery discount” – Customers receive a surprise discount at checkout.

12. “Double points” – Loyalty program members can earn double the points on their purchases.

13. “Markdown madness” – Large discounts offered on select items for a limited time only.

14. “Bulk order discount” – Discounts given when purchasing in large quantities.



15. “Social media promotion” – Exclusive deals or discounts offered to followers on social media platforms.

16. “Back-to-school sale” – Promotions offered during the back-to-school season.

17. “Buy more, save more” – A tiered discount system where customers can save more by purchasing more items.

18. “Rewards program” – Earn points with your purchases to unlock discounts or rewards.

19. “Clearance rack” – Additional discounts on already marked down items to clear out inventory.

20. “Birthday discount” – Customers receive special discounts or free items on their birthday as part of a loyalty program.

21. “Product launch special” – Special promotions offered during the launch of a new product or service.

22. “Charity partnership” – Donating proceeds from sales to support charitable causes and offering promotions tied to donations made by customers. 

23. “Free shipping” – Customers do not have to pay for shipping fees on their order.

24. “Trade-in offer” – Offering a discount when customers trade in their old product for a new one.

25. “Employee discount” – Employees receive discounts on purchases as part of their benefits package.

26. “Weekend sale” – Promotions offered only during the weekend.

27. “Mobile order exclusive” – Exclusive discounts for customers who place their orders through a mobile app or website.

28. “Reward referral” – When customers refer their friends, family, or social media followers to the brand, they can earn rewards.

29. “Early-bird discount” – Customers receive a discount for purchasing early before an event or sale.

30. “Flash loyalty sale” – Special discounts for loyal customers during a limited time only.

31. “Holiday promotion” – Special deals and discounts offered during holidays such as Christmas or Black Friday.

32. “Upgrade to premium” – Encouraging customers to upgrade from a basic product or service to a premium one with additional features and benefits.

33. “Purchase with purchase” – Customers can purchase an additional item at a discounted price when making a qualifying purchase.

34. “Referral code” – Customers can receive discounts by using a referral code from another customer.

35. “Exclusive email offer” – Special deals and discounts offered through email subscriptions.

36. “Season tickets” – Discounts on multiple events or experiences when purchased together in advance. 

37. “Trade show special” – Special promotions offered at trade shows or events.

38. “Weekly deals” – Rotating discounts and promotions offered on a weekly basis.

39. “First-time customer discount” – Customers receive a discount for their first purchase with the brand.

40. “Member pricing” – Exclusive prices and discounts for members of a loyalty program or subscription service.

41. “End of season sale” – Discounts offered at the end of a season to make room for new inventory.

42. “Group discount” – Offering discounts on purchases made by a group or organization.

43. “Bundle and save” – Combining multiple products or services at a discounted price.

44. “In-store pickup discount” – Customers receive a discount when choosing to pick up their online order in-store.

45. “Flash clearance sale” – Quick and short promotions offering deep discounts on select clearance items.

46. “Brand anniversary special” – Discounts or special deals offered to celebrate the brand’s anniversary.

47. “App-exclusive offer” – Special promotions available only through the brand’s mobile app.

48. “BOGO” – On sale, buy one, get one free, or at a discount.

49. “Product customization” – Offering personalized products for a premium price with added discounts for bulk orders.

50. “Social media contest” – Engaging followers and offering prizes through social media challenges or contests.

51. “Clearance liquidation” – Final discounts on remaining inventory before it is removed from shelves.

52. “Loyalty tier upgrades” – Customers can receive additional benefits and discounts by reaching higher tiers in a loyalty program.

53. “Team discount” – Offering discounts to members of a sports team or organization.

54. “Early bird registration” – Special prices for early registration for events or classes.

55. “Brand ambassador discount” – Special discounts for brand ambassadors or influencers promoting the brand.

56. “End of line sale” – Deep discounts on items that are being discontinued from the brand’s collection.

57. “Free gift with purchase” – Customers receive a free item with their purchase as part of a promotion.

58. “Limited edition release” – Offering exclusive and limited-edition products or experiences for a limited time only.

59. “Trade-in program” – Feel free to exchange your old items for store credit to use towards a new purchase.

60. “Flash sale” – Quick and unexpected deals with significant price cuts on specific products for a brief period.

 61. “Holiday bundle deals” – Offering bundled packages of products or services at discounted prices during holidays. 

62. “Milestone celebration” – Special promotions and discounts offered to celebrate the brand’s milestones or anniversaries.

63. “Digital coupon” – Customers can receive discounts by using a digital coupon code at checkout.

64. “Refer-a-friend discount” – Customers get discounts for referring their friends to make a purchase with the brand.

What are the 15 most powerful words in advertising?

When it comes to advertising, there is no denying that words are a powerful tool. 

These are known as “power words” and using them strategically in your marketing campaigns can greatly enhance their impact.

  1. New” – People are always interested in new things.
  2. “Because” – Giving a reason or justification greatly increases persuasion.
  3. “Instantly” – We want everything to happen quickly in today’s world.
  4. “Guaranteed” provides reassurance and confidence in purchasing decisions.
  5. “Limited” -Makes things seem more limited and urgent, which gets people moving.
  6. “Easy” – Promises convenience and simplicity in a busy world.
  7. “Proven” – Provides credibility and builds trust with potential customers.
  8. “Exclusive” – Creates a sense of elitism and exclusivity.
  9. “Secret” – Appeals to our natural curiosity for insider knowledge. 
  10. “Save” – Saving money, time, or effort is always a priority for consumers.
  11. “Now” – Implies urgency and encourages people to act quickly.
  12. Discover” – Taps into our desire for exploration and discovery.
  13. “Health” – Evokes feelings of well-being and vitality in a health-conscious society. 
  14. “Limited time offer” – Combines the power of urgency and exclusivity. 
  15. “Free” – The word “free” is a classic advertising word that still holds its power today. It promises something for nothing, which can be very appealing to consumers. Whether it’s a free trial or a free gift with purchase, this word can entice people to try your product or service.


Keep track of the results of your promotional campaigns and adjust accordingly to ensure maximum impact. 


With these 65 phrases at your disposal, you are well-equipped to take your business to new heights and stand out in a competitive market


Remember to always be genuine and authentic in your approach, as customers can easily detect insincerity. 

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