7 Best Virtual Assistant Courses (Paid & Free)

7 Best Virtual Assistant Courses (Paid & Free)

In today’s fast-paced world, having a virtual assistant can be a game-changer for businesses and busy individuals.


But how do you become an efficient virtual assistant? The answer lies in taking the right courses to sharpen your skills. 


In this article, I’ll provide you with 7 of the best courses for virtual assistants, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to upgrade your skills.


Let’s dive in!

Why Should I Take Virtual Assistant Course

Taking a virtual assistant course is like unlocking a door to a world of endless opportunities. It’s about learning to manage emails, schedule appointments, or other skills. 


It’s about mastering the art of multitasking, polishing your communication skills, and getting adept at various online tools that businesses rely on daily. 


These courses equip you with the know-how to support entrepreneurs and companies from anywhere in the world, offering you the flexibility to work from your comfort zone. 


Whether you’re aiming for financial independence, or seeking a career with a work-life balance, this course lays down the foundational bricks. 




It’s a step towards building a career that’s not only rewarding but also aligns with the digital age’s demands.

Best Virtual Assistant Courses

1. The SavvySystem

The SavvySystem by The Virtual Savvy stands out as a beacon for those looking to launch, grow, and scale their VA business from scratch.


This course is about teaching you VA skills; it’s a comprehensive guide to building a successful service-based business, even if you’re starting with no experience.


What Sets The SavvySystem Apart?


The SavvySystem offers a step-by-step program that covers every aspect of starting a VA business. 


From identifying your unique skill set and learning how to market yourself effectively, to setting up your website and handling the legal aspects of your business.


It’s designed to take you from clueless to clued-up, giving you the confidence and tools to launch your business and start earning a living from anywhere.


Price Points and Plans




This course is accessible through different plans:


Standard Plan $997 (or 12 payments of $97) for the e-course only.
Pro Plan $1497 (or 12 payments of $147) includes the e-course plus business coaching.
Ultimate Plan $2997 (or 12 payments of $297) for e-course, coaching, and tech training.


Each plan offers something unique, from the basic course materials in the Standard plan to the added business coaching and tech training in the Pro and Ultimate plans.

Course Content and Bonuses


It packs 14 step-by-step modules covering everything from discovering your skillset, pricing, and packages, to web development and marketing.


This self-paced course is rich in easy-to-follow lessons, templates, scripts, and assignments designed to guide you through the journey.


Bonuses are plentiful, including The VA Toolbox and Mock Portfolio Template, The VA Template Vault, a drag & drop portfolio, and more.


One of the most significant advantages of The SavvySystem is the community and support it offers. 


This support is crucial, especially when starting out, providing you with a network of peers and mentors to help navigate your VA journey.

2. 90 Day VA

The 90-day VA course is designed to transform beginners into skilled virtual assistants (VAs) in just 90 days.


This program is aligned for individuals seeking to launch a flexible, remote career without being tied to a desk or phone all day.


The course promises to teach the most in-demand skills needed to work from anywhere on your own schedule.


It’s particularly appealing if you’re frustrated with traditional remote jobs that offer little flexibility, such as the inability to work from any location.


Course Structure


This course includes five modules, each designed to guide you from understanding what a VA is to successfully working with clients.


It starts with setting up for success, figuring out your offerings, landing your first client, getting paid, and working successfully with clients.


– 1 on 1 Mentor Support

In this package, you get personalized guidance, feedback on portfolio items, and an intensive workbook.


– New Bonuses

Skills to become an executive virtual assistant, application kit template, client onboarding Canva template, remote resume blueprint masterclass, and 3 remote resume templates.




The course offers two main pricing options:


90 Day VA Only* $997 (or $97 USD for 12 monthly payments, saving $167 versus the payment plan).
90 Day VA + Mentorship $1497 (or $147 USD for 12 monthly payments, mentorship is for 6 months, course access is lifetime, saving $267.


Who Is It For?


90-Day VA is suitable for anyone looking to escape the 9-5 grind, including parents seeking flexibility, professionals ready to transition, or individuals craving the freedom to travel. 

3. Virtual Excellence Academy (VEA)

The Virtual Excellence Academy stands out as a beacon for digital service providers aiming not just to start their journey but to flourish in the virtual assistance field. 


The VEA is designed with a clear focus on the business aspects crucial for a virtual assistant’s success. 


It delves deep into finding, onboarding, communicating with, and retaining high-value clients, setting boundaries, and pricing services appropriately.


Community and Support


One of the most praised features of VEA is its dedicated support community. It’s a vibrant community offering endless inspiration and fostering friendships. 


This sense of belonging and mutual support is a rare find in online courses, making VEA a learning platform and hub for like-minded professionals.


Course Content and Updates


The program is packed with essential content for thriving as a digital service provider. More impressively, it continually evolves.


VEA updates its curriculum to include important additions, often based on popular demand from its community, at no additional cost to the students.


Price Point


The Standard and the Legacy Edition, with the Legacy, currently discounted to $1300 from $1900. 


Both packages grant lifetime access to the Inner Circle community, highlighting the course’s commitment to long-term support and value.

4. Fully Booked VA

Fully Booked VA Bundle is a beacon of hope for those venturing into the virtual assistant world, feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of available information and unsure about their next steps.


It’s designed for the tech-savvy and for individuals juggling family, a day job, or other commitments, making it a versatile choice for a wide audience.


What sets FBVA apart is its comprehensive approach, addressing common fears such as service offerings, pricing, client acquisition, and readiness.


It empathizes with the learner’s journey, offering a step-by-step system that turns daunting tasks into manageable actions.


This program is built on the belief that everyone has a unique skill set needed by someone out there.


The course content is rich and varied, covering everything from business setup, client sourcing, and pricing strategies, to client onboarding and management. 


The FBVA Bundle is priced at $997, offering lifetime access to the VA Foundations course along with numerous templates, worksheets, scripts, and guides.

5. Work From Home as a VA 

Work From Home as a VA course on Udemy is great for those new to being a virtual assistant.


Led by Tina Marie Hilton with years of experience, it’s popular for its clear introduction to the VA profession.


The course is around 3 hours, which is perfect for a virtual assistant with beginner skills who wants to learn the basics without a long commitment.


Hilton covers everything from starting a VA business to managing clients, giving a solid foundation.


It’s best for those interested in the business side of virtual assisting and wanting to work from home.


The course may not cover every skill a VA needs but focuses on practical knowledge for success in this field.



– Comprehensive Business Focus

– Systematic Approach

– Additional Resources

– Experienced Instructor



– Lack of Skill-Specific Training

6. VA Foundry (Launch in 30 Days)

VA Foundry (Launch in 30 Days) is a comprehensive program aimed at helping individuals launch their dream VA business within 30 days. 


The course creators, Sam and Jo, are experienced VAs themselves, offering a wealth of knowledge and real-world insights to participants.


They’ve structured the course to be a step-by-step guide, removing the guesswork from starting a VA business.


The course covers everything from planning and building your business to launching and landing your first well-paying client. 


It includes 30 daily videos, direct access to the coaches through Ask Us Anything Group Calls, and exclusive access to a members-only online community. 


Participants also receive a customizable website template to get their online presence up and running quickly.


The course is priced at $1797 NZD for a full payment or a $660 NZD monthly payment plan, which makes it an investment in your future as a VA.


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, there’s a DIY version of the course available.


What sets “Launch in 30 Days” apart from other VA courses is its limited intake, ensuring personalized attention and a more intimate learning environment.


With only 15 spots available per session, each participant is guaranteed to have their voice heard and their questions answered.

7. $10K VA

This course promises to guide you through the process of starting and scaling your own freelance virtual assistant business to earn up to $10,000 per month.


$10K VA is a comprehensive course designed for those looking to dive into the virtual assistant world.


It covers a wide array of topics, from the basics of what a virtual assistant does to more advanced strategies for finding clients and scaling your business.


The course is structured into seven core modules, which are primarily delivered in text format, and supplemented with bonus video interviews with successful VAs.


Price and Discounts


The course is priced at $497 for lifetime access, which seems reasonable given the breadth of content covered.


Moreover, there’s a way to snag a $200 discount by participating in a free workshop offered by Kayla Sloan, making the deal even sweeter.



– Provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide.

– It’s reasonably priced, especially with the available discount.

– It’s a reputable figure in the VA world with a proven track record.



– No refunds are offered.


Is It Worth It?


It lays out a clear pathway to starting a VA business using skills you likely already possess and then scaling that business.


However, more experienced virtual assistants might find the course less beneficial, particularly due to the lack of recent updates.


Kayla Sloan has made efforts to connect VAs with clients through a Pro package upgrade, which could be a significant advantage.

How do I study for a virtual assistant?

Studying to become a virtual assistant (VA) involves a mix of self-discipline, research, and practice.


Firstly, you should identify the skills you already have and those you need to improve or acquire.


This could range from communication and organization to specific technical abilities like bookkeeping or digital marketing. 


Once you’ve pinpointed these areas, look for reputable online courses and tutorials; many of which are free or reasonably priced, that cater to your learning needs.


You can also join online communities or forums for virtual assistants that can provide invaluable insights and support from experts.


Lastly, consider offering your services at a reduced rate or for free in exchange for reviews when you’re just starting.


This approach will boost your confidence and enhance your portfolio, making you more attractive to potential clients.

What degree is best for a virtual assistant?

A degree in Business Administration stands out as particularly beneficial. It covers essential topics like management, communication, and organizational skills, which are key to efficiently handling various tasks for clients.


Moreover, familiarity with digital tools and technology, which are often integrated into business courses, can significantly enhance your effectiveness in a digital workspace.


Lastly, the most valuable assets for you are adaptability, strong communication skills, and a keen ability to learn and apply new technologies quickly.

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