8 Best Technical Support Outsourcing Companies

8 Best Technical Support Outsourcing Companies

Businesses often need help with providing technical support to their customers in their budgets.

It is compounded by the need for specialized skills to address diverse technical issues, making it difficult for many companies to maintain an in-house team.

This gap not only strains existing resources but also leads to decreased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Technical support outsourcing companies present a viable solution to enable access to a global pool of technical experts ready to assist your customers 24/7.

What is Technical Support Outsourcing 

A practice of delegating customer support operations to a third-party service provider specializing in handling technical inquiries and problems. 

This approach allows businesses to maintain high service quality levels while focusing on their core competencies and reducing operational costs.

This market was valued at USD 44.26 billion in 2021. It is estimated to grow significantly, reaching USD 80.33 billion by 2030, with a projected CAGR of 6.82% from 2022 to 2030. 

Best Technical Support Outsourcing Companies

These top virtual assistants companies of technical support outsourcing companies are leading the charge in providing exceptional technical support outsourcing services and ensuring seamless customer experiences.

Stealth Agents excels in technical support outsourcing for a seamless extension of your business.

Our technical support teams are not only skilled in managing a wide range of technical inquiries but they’re also trained in reflecting your brand’s values and standards in every interaction.

This focus ensures your customers receive timely and accurate technical assistance.

Partnering with us means your technical support is dedicated to resolving issues effectively, allowing you to concentrate on core business growth. 

At the same time, we elevate your customer support to the next level.

How Do We Work?

Here is a detailed overview:

  • Client Consultation & Needs Assessment

The first step involves a comprehensive consultation to understand your unique challenges and goals.



  • Customized Solution Design

We design a customized solution plan that addresses your specific needs and is practical and scalable.

  • Recruitment & Training

We recruit and train the best talent to implement and support your customized solution.

  • Implementation & Integration

The implementation phase involves deploying the solution within your organization. We ensure seamless integration with your existing systems and processes, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

  • Service Delivery & Performance Monitoring

We focus on delivering the service as per standards. We continuously monitor performance to ensure that the solution is performing optimally and meeting your expectations.

  • Helplama 

Helplama, headquartered in Walnut, California, and founded in 2016 by Maxim Saini, is a name in customer support. 

Helplama is committed to transforming customer service through innovation and technology. It offers solutions starting from $399/month. 

The company has grown rapidly over the years, currently boasting a team of 200 dedicated employees.

  • Helpware

Helpware has rapidly evolved into a global powerhouse in the customer service outsourcing industry. 

Situated in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky, the company has a robust workforce of 2500 employees. 

Alexander Tereshchenko & Andy Steuer enable Helpware to specialize in customized plans to the unique needs of each client for a flexible and client-oriented approach that sets them apart in the market.

  • GlowTouch

GlowTouch is a notable technical services company that has been providing tailored customer care, back office operations, and technology outsourcing solutions since Vidya Ravichandran founded it in 2002.


With its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and a strong workforce of over 3500 employees, GlowTouch has established itself in the industry for a diverse client base with customized plans to meet their needs.

  • Support Ninja

Beyond its roots in Texas, Support Ninja has experienced exponential growth since its inception in 2015.




Thanks to its founders, Cody McLain and Roman Morris, they have devised a customer support solution that transcends traditional models.


This emphasis on personalization and high-quality service has propelled Support Ninja to the forefront of the customer support industry, setting a new standard for excellence and client satisfaction.

  • Fusioncx

Since its inception in 2004, Fusioncx has grown to become a pivotal player in the tech industry, anchoring its headquarters in Canton, Ohio, under the visionary leadership of founder Pankaj Dhanuka.


With over 5,000 employees, Fusioncx offers customized plans tailored to meet the specific needs of its clientele, showcasing a commitment to customer satisfaction and technological advancement.

  • Mindy Support

Mindy Support, with its headquarters nestled in the vibrant island nation of Cyprus, was brought into existence in 2013 by the visionary founder, Igor Tkach.


This pioneering organization has a robust workforce of over 1500 employees, offering client-centric solutions to a wide array of business needs.

  • Intelligentbee

Intelligentbee, with its headquarters in the bustling city of Iasi, Romania, was founded in 2011 by its visionary founder, Costi Teleman. 


Over the years, it has been proven to have a robust team of over 200 dedicated employees, showcasing a remarkable blend of talent, innovation, and commitment to excellence.


With a keen focus on developing scalable web applications and offering top-tier technical support, the company has carved a niche for itself in the tech industry, which you can rely on.

5 Responsibilities of the Technical Support Team

  • Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution:

The responsibility involves identifying, diagnosing, and resolving technical problems faced by users. 

The team has problem-solving strategies to ensure that issues are effectively addressed and solved.

  • Providing Customer Assistance & Guidance:

This role is assisting customers with the setup, maintenance, and configuration of hardware and software products.

It involves offering clear, understandable guidance to enhance the user’s experience and fully utilize the product’s capabilities.

  • Incident & Service Request Management: 

Technical support teams manage incidents and service requests, ensuring they are logged, tracked, and handled according to priority to maintain transparency and efficiency in handling user inquiries.

  • Knowledge Management & Documentation: 

The creation, updating, and maintenance of knowledge bases and documentation are vital resources that aid in resolving future issues more efficiently and promoting information sharing within the team.

  • Collaboration & Communication:

Effective collaboration and communication within the team and with other departments are critical for resolving complex issues. Sharing insights and solutions not only fosters a culture of continuous learning but also helps in providing consistent support to users.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing for Businesses

  • Cost-Effectiveness: 

Outsourcing enables businesses to reduce their operational and labor costs significantly. By leveraging the cost advantages of different geographical locations, companies can get the same quality of work for a fraction of the price.

  • 24/7 Availability:

With a global workforce, businesses can operate around the clock. Outsourcing work to countries in different time zones ensures that your business is continuously up and running.

  • Strategic Resource Allocation:

It allows companies to focus their in-house resources on core business activities while outsourcing non-core functions. This strategic allocation improves efficiency and productivity.

  • Easy Scaling Your Businesses: 

Outsourcing offers the flexibility to easily scale your operations up or down based on current business needs without the necessity of hiring or firing employees.

  • Access to Professionals:

It provides businesses access to a pool of professionals from around the world, enhancing the quality of services and bringing in fresh perspectives and innovation.

How to Choose a Technical Support Outsourcing Company?

When looking for a technical support outsourcing company, several critical factors must be considered to ensure that your choice aligns with your business needs and quality expectations.

  • Reputation & Reviews

Look for reviews and testimonials from past clients to get insights into their reliability, responsiveness, and the quality of support provided. Positive feedback from companies in similar industries or with comparable needs can be especially valuable.

  • Local vs. Global Capabilities

Consider whether you need a local company that understands your regional market and can provide support in the same time zone or a global company with the ability to offer round-the-clock support and multilingual capabilities.

  • Quality Assessment

Evaluate the outsourcing company’s quality assurance practices. Understanding their training programs for technical support representatives can also provide insight into the level of service offered.

  • Compare Rates

While cost should not be the sole deciding factor, you still need to compare rates. Look for a balance between cost and value, ensuring the outsourcing company’s pricing model aligns with your budget and expectations for service quality.

  • Data Security & Privacy

With increasing concerns about data security and privacy, it’s imperative to choose a company that adheres to stringent data protection laws and has robust security measures in place.

  • Processes & Infrastructure:

Investigate the company’s processes and infrastructure to ensure they can effectively support your technical needs. This includes their use of the latest technology software and their ability to scale services up or down based on your demand.


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