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Outsourcing tax preparation services is handing over the complex, time-consuming task of managing taxes to experts outside your company.


This way, you can focus more on what you do best, whether that’s growing your business, developing new products, or having more free time. 


Tax preparation companies are equipped with the latest knowledge of tax laws and regulations to ensure taxes are done accurately and efficiently.


Let’s deep dive!

Best Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services

Stealth Agents offers tax preparation services great for companies wanting to improve efficiency and concentrate on what they do best.


We offer various services such as appointment setting, e-commerce support, and payroll management.


So, we hire the top 1% of virtual assistant talent, to ensure that you’ll get high-quality service. 


We’ve specialists in accounting outsourcing, covering bookkeeping, tax preparation and filing, financial reporting, and managing compliance.




Using our services will allow you to save 80%, a big plus for small to medium-sized companies wanting professional services at lower costs.


You can explore our testimonials and success stories that show good client experiences and effectiveness.


What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of tax preparation services including:


  • Preparation of various types of tax returns such as Individual (1040), Partnerships (1065), and Corporate (1120, 1120S).
  • Handling of specialized tax forms like Estate & Gift Tax Returns (706) and various IRS forms (433-A, 433-B, Form 433-F).
  • Comprehensive services for Payroll and Sales/Use Tax Returns, ensuring compliance across different state regulations.


What are deliverables?

We offer comprehensive tax return services, ensuring detail-oriented preparation and compliance with tax laws. 

You’ll receive all necessary documentation, including e-file confirmations. Advanced software ensures efficiency and accuracy, aiding in penalty avoidance and compliance.



  • A wide range of services
  • Significant cost savings
  • Access to expert talent

What are the Benefits of Tax Preparation Outsourcing?

1. Cost Efficiency

A major benefit of tax preparation outsourcing is cost efficiency. It means spending less money to get your taxes done without compromising on quality.




When you outsource, you don’t have to hire a full-time tax professional or invest in expensive tax software. 


Instead, you pay a fee to experts who handle everything for you. 


This saves a lot of money, especially for small businesses or individuals who need to be mindful of their expenses. 

2. Access to Expertise

These aren’t just any professionals; they are experts who eat, sleep, and breathe tax codes and laws. 


This is their arena, and they stay up to date on all the latest changes, ensuring you get the most accurate and beneficial tax filing. 


With their expertise, you can dodge common mistakes that might cost you money or get you in trouble with tax authorities. 

3. Enhanced Accuracy

On the other hand, you get a team of experts who are up-to-date with the latest tax laws, ensuring your tax filings are accurate and comply with current regulations. 


It is a must to partner with a virtual assistant with audit and reduce the risk of errors and the potential for penalties.


Tax professionals have the tools and knowledge to handle complex tax situations, and they ensure every detail is correct. 


Their focused approach helps in identifying possible tax deductions and credits, ensuring you pay no more than what you owe.

What are Tax Preparation Outsourcing Challenges?

1. Data Security and Privacy

One of the main challenges in tax preparation outsourcing is ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data.


The risk of data breaches and unauthorized access can lead to devastating consequences, both for individuals and tax preparation firms.


So, we prioritize the security of your data above all else. We employ state-of-the-art encryption methods and robust cybersecurity protocols. 


Our team is trained in the latest data privacy regulations to ensure compliance and protect your data from any potential threats.

2. Managing Outsourcing Relationships

These challenges often arise from misunderstandings, misaligned expectations, and communication gaps.


However, by focusing on clear, open communication and setting precise, agreed-upon goals, these challenges can be reduced. 


We ensure a smooth outsourcing experience by establishing a dedicated point of contact for each client. 


This approach facilitates easy communication and quick resolution of any issues, fostering a strong, productive relationship.

3. Communication Barriers

This can be due to time zone differences, language nuances, or just the complex nature of tax laws that are hard to explain over emails and calls.


We understand how frustrating it can be and we’ve put in place a system that minimizes these barriers.


For starters, we ensure that our team is available during a window of time that overlaps with your working hours. 


We take advantage of the latest collaboration software, so documents can be shared, reviewed, and approved with ease.

How to Choose the Right Partner for Tax Preparation?

1. Experience

Firstly, you should look for a tax preparer who has worked with tax situations similar to yours.


It’s important they understand the unique challenges and opportunities your financial situation presents.


Look for professionals with a proven track record in handling tax matters for clients who have similar profiles to your own.

2. Security Standards

On the other hand, you should also focus on their commitment to security standards.


This means ensuring they protect your sensitive financial information with up-to-date security measures.


A trustworthy partner will have strong safeguards in place, such as encryption for your data, and policies.

3. Industry Specialization

Different sectors have unique tax codes, exemptions, and potential deductions. A partner with specialized knowledge in your field can identify opportunities to save money and avoid common pitfalls. 


They’re familiar with the financial nuances and regulations that apply specifically to your business.

4. Evaluation Techniques

Moreover, assess their expertise by checking qualifications and certifications, such as being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or having other relevant credentials.

Check out our Virtual Assistant For CPA here.


Next, consider their approach to customer service. You want someone who communicates clearly and responds promptly to your inquiries.


References can be incredibly helpful here; talk to their current or past clients to get a sense of their satisfaction levels.


Ensure your tax partner uses up-to-date software that can integrate smoothly with your financial systems. 


Lastly, take a close look at their pricing structure. You need transparency and fairness in costs, without hidden fees.

How Much Does US Tax Preparation Cost?

The cost of tax preparation in the US varies significantly depending on the complexity of the tax return, the professional’s qualifications, and the region.


Here’s what you can expect to pay in 2024:


Type of Service Average Cost
Basic Tax Filing (Form 1040, no itemize) $220
Moderate Complexity Tax Filing $300 – $600
High Complexity/Specialized Service $733 – $913 (and more)
CPA/Attorney Services $150 – $180 per hour
Enrolled Agents Varies by service
Tax Preparation Software/Online Free – $200
Additional Services (e.g., state return) Additional fees apply


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