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30 Successful Business Meeting Conduct Phrases

30 Successful Business Meeting Conduct Phrases

30 Successful Business Meeting Conduct Phrases


Welcome to our guide on successful business meeting conduct phrases!

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, having effective communication skills is crucial for any successful business meeting. In this guide, we’ll cover thirty phrases that can help you navigate and lead a productive and engaging meeting.

  1. “Good morning/afternoon everyone, thank you for joining us today.”


  1. “Let’s begin by reviewing the agenda for this meeting.”


  1. “I’d like to introduce our team members who will be presenting today.”


  1. “Before we dive into our discussion, does anyone have any questions or comments?”


  1. “Moving on to the first item on our agenda…”


  1. “Let’s discuss the current progress/status of this project.”



  1. “Are there any obstacles or challenges that we need to address?”


  1. “I appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication towards achieving our goals.”


  1. “We need to come up with a solution/action plan for this issue.”


  1. “Let’s brainstorm ideas for improving our productivity/efficiency.”


  1. “I’d like to hear everyone’s input on this matter.”


  1. “Can we assign specific tasks and deadlines for each team member?”


  1. “Let’s assess the potential risks and come up with a contingency plan.”


  1. “Is there anything else that should be added to the agenda before we move on?”




  1. “Let’s take a moment to review the key points/decisions made in this meeting.”


  1. “I want to thank everyone for their valuable contributions and ideas.”


  1. “We will follow up on the action items discussed in this meeting within the next week/month.”


  1. “If anyone has any concerns or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.”


  1. “Let’s set realistic and achievable goals for the next quarter/year.”


  1. “I’d like to schedule a follow-up meeting to track our progress on the action items.”


  1. “We need to prioritize our tasks and focus on what’s most important.”


  1. “Can we delegate responsibilities and create a timeline for completing them?”


  1. “Let’s review the budget and make any necessary adjustments for the upcoming period.”


  1. “I appreciate everyone’s contributions and teamwork towards reaching our goals.”


  1. “We should regularly communicate updates and progress on this project to ensure we stay on track.”


  1. “Are there any other ideas or suggestions that we haven’t considered yet?”


  1. “Let’s discuss potential opportunities for growth and expansion.”


  1. “I’d like to recognize and commend the team for their hard work and achievements so far.”


  1. “We need to analyze our competitors’ strategies and see how we can differentiate ourselves in the market.”


  1. “Thank you for your time and participation, let’s continue to work together towards success.”





Congratulations, you now have 30 successful business meeting conduct phrases at your disposal!


By using these conversational, persuasive and positive phrases, you can build a strong rapport with your clients or colleagues during meetings. Remember to always maintain an informal tone and use direct address to make the conversation more relatable.

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