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Helping clients like Horizon Pacific 8.3X In 3 Months!

“We went from 300 hours a month in her staffing agency to over 2,500 hours with Stealth Agents”

Erika Giron
CEO of Horizon Pacific Staffing


Matt came to us backed up with over 6 months of 15,000 tickets. Overwhelmed, he couldn’t find any other company that can help him clear all of his tickets in a timely manner and manage the customer support. Stealth Agents was able to help Matt clear everything up so that he can catch up with improved customer experience.


Natasha used to spend 14 hours a day doing customer support and handling inquiries. Stealth Agents stepped in and helped her take back her life. Tears flowed down her face when she was finally able to spend more time with her family than being in front of a computer screen all day.


Angel Thacker runs a network for psychics and also has a podcast.  She needed what everyone in business needs which are LEADS and SALES. We were able to help Angel bring in sales consistently through our outreach efforts fully automated and hands off, so she can focus on scaling her business.

Happy Customers

Feedback from these happy customers 

helps us in reaching the heights

"This is an incredible company. I was able to quickly get all the answers to my questions. As this was my first time ever hiring help outside of the office, I didn't know what to expect and was very worried about how an agent can assist us here in Los Angeles, remotely. My concerns and doubts were put to rest quickly and the team at Stealth Agents explained everything and how it all works. My other concern was that we have a very unique, niche product, and customer service requires a lot of knowledge about this business, but the girl, Jessica, who was chosen learned quickly and has been with us on a consistent basis since we hired Stealth Agents. We are extremely happy with them and are going to add more assistance as we grow. Their prices are great and their help is tremendous. We highly recommend this company if you guys need outside help."

"I have used Stealth Agents for the past several months and we are very happy with their service. The team has always been very helpful, polite and accommodating to our needs. We've flexed our services up and down depending on seasonal volume and we have never incurred any issues. The customer service agents we have utilized in our business have been fantastic and very professional. We have expanded their services to handle both inbound customer service and outbound sales calls. Overall, they are a great organization with excellent people. I highly recommend them."

Life becomes easier with Stealth Agents