Best 10 ways to create a store window display

Best 10 Ways To Create A Store Window Display

Amongst many things to do in having a physical store, one of the tasks that come along with it is having a store window display. The preparation that goes along with it is no laughing matter. The more frequently you plan to have the collection changed, the more difficult it is. Although many people prefer to shop online during the pandemic, physical shops have already started to go back into their entire operation after the pandemic. On the other hand, store window displays will be essential to entice potential customers to visit your shop and convert them into sales.

Ways to create a store window display

Without proper planning and execution, your efforts can go down the drain. Here are a few things to help make this task more manageable. 

1. Know your audience and your location

The best way to start with creating a concept is to make sure you design for your audience.  You should ask yourself these questions: what kind of people usually passes by your store, and how do they get there? These factors are crucial since they always pass by and see your store. While considering a specific audience, please be careful not to isolate other groups. For example, if walking corporate people are your usual viewers. In that case, you also see some of them with children or students passing by. The same goes for other viewers who may be in vehicles and only have a few seconds to check your store window display. Consider how many seconds it will take to absorb the store window display.

Best 10 ways to create a store window display

2. Avoid clutter

The collection must be as transparent as possible when creating a store window display. Avoid unnecessary distractions to ensure a focal point should connect to the first factor. Once you know how long your audience has, you should be able to create a store window display to match that. So, avoiding unnecessary objects to showcase them is a good start. Channel did an excellent job exactly doing that.

Best 10 ways to create a store window display

3. Tell a story

It is not enough to just put everything at an eye level where people can see your products. It will be an ideal store window display if you can tell a story people can relate to. Using your products, come up with a clean presentation that tells your audience how amazing it is to have your products included in their life. Use a specific activity or event to tell a story. This will entice them more to make that purchase. Just look at this Prada display window, which lets you imagine that you are wearing that dress.

Best 10 ways to create a store window display

4. Keep your display relevant

Your store window display design must be relevant to the latest holiday, event, or occasion. Be careful not to turn your store display window into a political statement, which can draw unwanted attention. You would always want to show empathy, not sympathy. Another thing is to level up your game when celebrating a holiday or occasion. Be different and creative, and stir away from the usual stuff you see from other displays to stand out.

Use vibrant visuals, complementary music, and subtle scents to engage multiple senses in window displays. Incorporate tactile elements like touchable textures or interactive components. Offer product samples for tasting or smelling and integrate digital features for immersive experiences. Seasonal themes add excitement. These strategies create memorable displays that draw customers in and boost sales.

5. Feature a variety of your products

Showcase a variety of your products to your audience. Create a store window display that tells a story of how all your products correlate to each other while keeping it clean. Just make sure that all products on display are neatly arranged to strike a connection with the viewer. This allows your audience to picture themselves with your product in their lives. 

6. Be creative

Be it an occasion, season, or event, one way to stand out is to show you are connected with everyone but in a creative way. To spark ideas for new retail window displays, keep an eye on industry trends through publications and social media, and study competitors’ displays for inspiration. Utilize seasonal themes and customer feedback to create timely and appealing setups. Look beyond retail to art, design, and other industries for innovative concepts. Collaborate with local talents for fresh and engaging displays. These approaches ensure your window displays remain captivating and relevant to your audience.

Don’t put up just Christmas trees to say you celebrate Christmas or include trees to say it’s summer. Use your products creatively to tell your story about the event through your store window display, just like Papelaria used its products to create an event.

Best 10 ways to create a store window display

7. Keep track of what works

For every new store window display design, you need to keep track of your sales and see how this is helping your store. In a storefront setting, a QR code is a type of barcode that can store various information and is easily scanned by smartphones. Retailers can use QR codes to provide product details, facilitate mobile payments, enroll customers in loyalty programs, offer virtual try-on experiences, link to curated content, and drive social media engagement.



QR codes enhance the shopping experience, streamline transactions, and engage customers in-store and online. Check how many people are coming in and how busy your store is for each new display. Coordinate with your staff to keep track of the store’s business. Check your CCTV if you have one. Over time, you can identify patterns of what works and what doesn’t.

8. Keep yourself updated 

It’s important always to seek inspiration. Try to check the latest designs by following other designers and checking other competitors’ store window displays. Join communities on social media or sign up for free membership with to check other visual design trends and creatives. Check how your competitor’s performance. Pick up what they are doing right and eliminate the ones that aren’t helpful.

9. Use a short statement when necessary

Remember that lengthy opinions aren’t efficient to place on display. If you must put one, ensure the eyes can read and take it in 3-5 seconds. Let your store window display speak more through your design, although the statement as an addition can summarize your plan.

10. Take advantage of social media and show off your work

Nowadays, everyone is on social media. So, advertising your store by photographing the latest design of your window display and uploading it to your social media accounts will help increase exposure. It will also help improve your brand awareness. To ensure your window displays look appealing on camera, focus on lighting, composition, and cleanliness.

Use natural or artificial lighting to highlight displays without glare, arrange elements thoughtfully, and maintain a clean backdrop. Ensure the camera captures the main elements sharply and select props that complement the theme without overcrowding. Take test shots to adjust lighting and composition before finalizing images or footage. These steps will help your displays stand out effectively when viewed through the lens.

Best 10 ways to create a store window display


Store window displays can be a lot of work and benefit your business.  Putting up a store window display takes a lot of planning, research, and strategy. Think of it as another way of advertising your business.  It cannot be easy initially, but it can improve once you find the process that works for you.  Most importantly, expand your knowledge of managing your business, not just designing your store window display. Check out our other articles, such as “Entrepreneurial Top 10 Skills To Be Successful”, “Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Businessmen,” and “Best 15 Leadership Skills For Results”.

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