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How To Attract More Clients With Less Effort

Did you know that over 80% of customers will check out a businesses social media before making a buying decision?

Are you up to date on your social media content and could you be losing customers because you’re missing out on promoting & keeping up with your social media?

What if you could automate all of your social media content and even client acquisition on a daily basis without having to worry about remembering to post and engage daily on social media?

Let’s face it … You’re a business owner … Not a social media specialist!

You want to focus on what matters most … which is YOUR BUSINESS and not worry about posting content on social media daily.

Our Social Media Management
Packages Include

Some Things Your Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Do

Go Over Your Vision

  1. Expertly tailored and
  2. crafted creative images
  3. Well researched niche content
  4. Memes / Testimonials / Quotes / Industry Facts / More
  5. Replies to comments
  6. Increase brand awareness
  7. Updates your current clients on social media
  8. Increases trust with your customers
  9. Reach out to your customers on a DAILY basis

Social Media Management



Per Hour Virtual Assistant

Unlimited Social Media Work
(Includes graphics, images & researched content)

This is exactly what we do & let me show you how we do this!

FB Client Acquisition Outreach Package

Did you know that your customers are probably waiting for you on Facebook? We have spent the last 4+ years crafting our Facebook outreach package to acquiring customers through this platform on a daily basis!

What if you could increase your customers booking on your calendar by reaching out to them on Facebook?


We actively scour FB for active and engaging FB groups to join. These groups are where your customers hang out!


We join these groups and find your ideal customers posting / engaging inside these communities


We engage in meaningful conversation with your ideal customers & pitch them on your products / services


We give your ideal customers a call to action and get them to book a call or click on a link to take next steps 


We give your ideal customers a call to action and get them to book a call or click on a link to take next steps 

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FB Client Acquisition Outreach Package

FB Client Acquisition Outreach Package



Per Hour Virtual Assistant

Engage in customer acquisition
Send 50-100 messages to new potential customers per day

Happy Customers

Feedback from these happy customers 

helps us in reaching the heights

An outstanding service!

Stealth Agents have been outstanding to work with. After first connecting with them I needed 2 VA's for my business of which potential candidates for the position I was hiring for were arranged and presented to me, and then hired, with a less than 24 hour turnaround. Since then, I've hired multiple team members using their services, and have had several of our clients happily use their services as well. Simple, fast and high quality. Highly recommend!

Before Stealth Agents I could not see…

Before Stealth Agents I could not see the light as to how I would be able to create space for my business so that it could grow. The team at Stealth Agents took the time to learn my brand and my business goals. I not only have a team now, I have a DREAM TEAM and I cannot imagine my life without them. Best decision I've ever made for my business. So happy!

Excellent service

Excellent service! I get responses right away and receive great solutions to my challenges immediately. This has helped me grow my business quickly. I highly recommend Stealth Agents!

Building up my stealth army of agents!

I have been very pleased with the service from the Virtual Assistants, to the team leader, to the original hiring director I have dealt with. Everyone is professional, pleasant, and supportive of helping me and my business. If you need a VA, Stealth Agents is the way to go.

After signing up with this campaign everything was doing great! I continued my travel around here in Canada and continue to explore things around here. Everything is under control and everything is in progress, I have few websites to manage and I am so glad that they helped me out of its busyness. I am looking forward to continuing the great teamwork with StealthAgents. Thank you very much!

Top notch company. I love having a team of folks helping my companies look good. Love, love my VA. Extremely creative and helpful. You can't wrong with Stealth!!

Reporting Package

We include a team to do this for you

Audits & KPIs



Per Hour Virtual Assistant

Customer Acquisition

Reporting Package


How much would this cost you if you did this by yourself or if you hired some other freelancers on another website?   The biggest problem with other freelancers is that they’re also working for 5-10 other clients. So you won’t be the only one they’re concerned with. Here at Stealth Agents, we ensure that our agents are focused on just your business!

We’ve created a system where we could offer these services at an affordable rate … and here’s why!

What’s Included

You’re getting a TEAM to work on your social media management, not just a single individual!   

Graphic Designer

Content Developer

Reporting Person

Client Acquisition

FB Client Acquisition Outreach Package



Per Hour Virtual Assistant

Up To 120 Posts Per Month

Outreach To Potential Clients Daily

Book Clients Onto Calendar

Follow Up With Clients Daily

Weekly & Monthly Reporting

Unlimited Work With Your Agent

Dedicated Account Manager

Happy Customers

Feedback from these happy customers 

helps us in reaching the heights


Stealth Agents Helps Small To Large Businesses Scale