40 Sales Meeting Energizers

40 Sales Meeting Energizers

To help you create an engaging and dynamic sales meeting environment, we have compiled a list of 40 sales meeting energizers. 


These activities are designed to boost productivity, encourage teamwork, and stimulate creative thinking.


 Incorporating these energizers can overcome online meeting challenges, keep your team members actively involved, and help build a stronger and more cohesive team.


Why are Energizers Important for Sales Meetings?


Sales meetings can often become dull and uninteresting, but these energizers are effective tips for online meetings or in the office, leading to a loss of focus and engagement among team members. 


These short and interactive activities act as a break from the routine agenda, providing a refreshing change of pace.


 They are a great way to get everyone involved, promote teamwork, and creativity, and resolve common business problems


Energizers also help reduce stress and keep the energy level high throughout the meeting.

How to Incorporate Energizers into your Sales Meetings

 If the focus of your meeting is on team building, choose activities that promote collaboration and communication.




Here are a few tips for incorporating energizers into your sales meetings:


Keep them short

Energizers should not take up a lot of time, as the main purpose is to break the monotony and get everyone involved. 


Aim for activities that can be completed within 5-10 minutes.

Mix it up

 It’s important to have a range of energizers.


Try to incorporate different types of activities such as icebreakers, team challenges, or creative thinking exercises


This will keep things interesting and cater to different personalities and preferences.


Align with meeting goals



 Choose energizers that support the overall objective of your sales meeting. 


This will help in reinforcing key messages and keeping participants focused on the main agenda.


­Sales Meeting Energizers

1. Two Truths and a Lie

Each team member takes turns stating two true statements and one false statement about themselves.

The other people on the team have to figure out which quote is not true.

2. Pictionary

Divide the team into pairs. One person from each pair must draw a word or phrase related to your business while the other person guesses what it is.

3. Team Charades

Similar to Pictionary, but with actions instead of drawings.

4. Memory Game

Place a tray of items related to your business in front of the team for 10 seconds. Have them write down as many items as they can recall after removing the tray.

5. Scavenger Hunt

 Hide clues around the office or meeting room that lead to a prize.

6. Human Knot

Have team members stand in a circle and hold hands with someone across from them. Without letting go, they must work together to untangle themselves.

7. Name That Tune

 Play short clips of songs and have the team guess the titles or artists.

8. Team Storytelling

 One person starts a story with one sentence and each member adds on, creating a collaborative tale.

9. The Perfect Pitch

 Have team members create a sales pitch on the spot for a random object.

10. Guess Who?

Each person writes down three personal facts and places them in a hat. One person reads off the facts and the rest of the team must guess who it belongs to.

11. Puzzle Race

Divide into teams and see who can complete a puzzle the fastest.

12. Balloon Stomp

 Each team member ties a balloon to their ankle and tries to pop everyone else’s while protecting their own.

13. Blindfolded Obstacle Course

 One person is blindfolded and must navigate through an obstacle course with the help of their teammates’ instructions.

14. Mime It Out

Similar to charades, but without speaking.

15. Never Have I Ever

One person starts by saying “Never have I ever…” and finishes with something they have never done. 

Anyone who has done it must put a finger down. The last person standing wins.

16. Bucket List Brainstorm

Each team member shares one item on their bucket list and the team works together to come up with a plan to make it happen.

17. Tower Building

 Using random office supplies, teams must build the tallest tower within a time limit.

18. Office Olympics

Create mini-games using office supplies or furniture.

19. Out of This World Ideas

Each team member shares one crazy idea related to your business and the team discusses its potential feasibility.

20. Who Am I?

 Write down the name of a famous person or fictional character and place it on each person’s back. They must figure out who they are by asking yes or no questions.

21. Back-to-Back Drawing

 One person describes a simple image while their partner draws it without seeing it.

22. The Great Debate

Teams argue for or against a random topic, such as “Pineapple on pizza”.

23. Memory Lane

Recall a funny or memorable company experience.


24. Mind Map

Have the team brainstorm ideas and create a visual representation of their thought process.

25. Collaborative Art Project

 Each person adds one element to a piece of artwork, creating a unique and collaborative masterpiece.

26. Song Lyric Mashup

 Each person takes turns saying a random line from a song until it becomes a jumbled mess. Then, try to recreate the original lyrics.

27. Impromptu Speeches

 Give each team member a random topic and have them give a one-minute speech about it.

28. Mime Your Job

Similar to charades, but with job-specific tasks and responsibilities.

29. Create a Jingle

Teams create a catchy jingle for your company or a specific product.

30. Would You Rather?

 Pose two bizarre scenarios and have team members choose which one they would rather do.

31. Office Trivia

Test the team’s knowledge about the company, industry or co-workers.

32. App Pitch

Each person creates an app and presents a pitch to the rest of the team.

33. Quote Interpretation

Share a quote and have each person interpret its meaning in relation to your business.

34. Build-A-Sentence

 Each person contributes one word at a time to create a sentence related to your business.

35. Subtle Differences

 Show two similar photos or objects and have the team point out the differences.

36. Word Association

 One person says a word and the next person must say a word associated with it, continuing on until someone is stumped.

37. Human Pyramid

 Teams work together to create a human pyramid without breaking form.

38. Movie Pitch

Teams create a movie plot based on random elements chosen by the facilitator.

39. What’s That Smell?

 Place different scents in containers and have the team guess what they are.

40. Sales Rap

Create a rap about your business or a specific product and perform it for the rest of the team.


Energizing sales meetings can boost team performance and company success.


Not only do they increase engagement and motivation, but they also foster a positive and collaborative team environment.


As seen in this article, there are numerous energizers that can be easily incorporated into any sales meeting. From physical activities to quick mental exercises, there are options for every team and meeting style.

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