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Leveraging Phoenix's Potential: Maximize Every Moment with Stealth Agents Supporting You

Leveraging Phoenix's Potential: Premium Task Management Starting at $10/Hour with Stealth Agents

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Phoenix Virtual Assistant - Hire Top 1% Today

Enjoy the comfort of having an extra support right here in Phoenix, dedicated to overseeing your scheduling, bookkeeping, research, customer service, and more.


Our virtual assistants from the Philippines are prepared to optimize your operations and boost your efficiency, giving you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business or tackling personal tasks.


Wave farewell to the burden of an ever-expanding to-do list. Access tailor-made virtual assistant services precisely when you need them, crafted specifically for Phoenix-based entrepreneurs.

Stealth Agents
Virtual Assistant

Data Entry | SMM | Research | Admin | Outreach | Customer Support | General VA Work | Appointment Setting | Inbound/Outbound | AI Tools
$ 400 Per Week
  • $10 Per Hour
  • 40 Hours Per week
  • Daily Reports
  • Unlimited Work
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Top 1% Virtual Assistants
  • Use AI Tools & Software

Stealth EA
Operations Assistant

Manage Your Business | Projects | Employees | Finances | CRM | Create SOPs | Systems & Processes | Execute New Strategies | High Level Skills
$ 600 Per Week
  • $15 Per Hour
  • 40 Hours Per Week
  • Daily Reports
  • Unlimited Work
  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • Top 1% Virtual Assistants
  • Use AI Tools & Software

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Client Management


Customer Service

data entry

Data Entry

graphic design

Graphic Design

email support

E-mail Support

order fulfillment

Order Fulfilment


Administrative Tasks

social media

Social Media

travel arrangement

Travel Arrangement

personal assisting

Personal Assisting

phone support

Phone Support


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Why Hire Stealth Agents For
Your Phoenix Business

Welcome to your next business upgrade! Based in Phoenix and fueled by the vibrant spirit of the Philippines, our Virtual Assistant Services are designed to deliver high-level support that takes your business operations from overwhelming to outstanding.



Why Choose Us?

  • Offshore Support, Local Impact: Our team in the Philippines brings global expertise right to your doorstep in Phoenix. Enjoy the cost benefits of offshore support without compromising on the quality and understanding of local business needs.
  • Premium Task Management: Delegate with confidence. Our virtual assistants handle everything from inbox management to complex project coordination, so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Conversational, Genuine Engagement: We believe in building relationships, not just task lists. Our assistants become an integral part of your team, ensuring every interaction is positive and productive.

For You, The Innovators


Small business owners, startups, entrepreneurs… You are the backbone of innovation. But even visionaries need support. That’s where we come in. Our tailored virtual assistant services are built to scale with your dreams, offering the right level of support at each stage of your business growth.




Real Stories from Real Clients


“A Game-Changer for Our Startup”


“Bringing on a virtual assistant from the team was a game-changer. The attention to detail and proactive approach meant that tasks were completed before I even had to think about them. It’s like they read my mind!” – Jamie K., Tech Startup Owner


“More Than Just Support; They’re Part of the Family”


“What amazed me wasn’t just the level of professional support but the warmth and care in every interaction. Our virtual assistant truly feels like a part of our business family.” – Alex R., Boutique Shop Owner



Ready to Transform Your Workday?


Say goodbye to the endless to-do list and hello to strategic growth and newfound freedom. Our Virtual Assistant Services are more than just an extra pair of hands; they’re your ticket to focusing on what matters most.


Curious to see how we can tailor our support to your unique needs?


Contact Us Today for a personalized consultation. Phoenix, get ready to meet your business’s new best friend.



Remember, with premium task management and high-level support just an email or call away, the sky’s the limit. Unlock your potential now!

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