Pace morby - how virtual assistants help close more deals

Pace Morby – How Virtual Assistants Help Close More Deals

Pace Morby is an investor in real estate, a business strategist, a community builder, and an entrepreneur. He has built a successful career by investing in various real estates assets, such as single-family homes, multifamily properties, and commercial properties. Pace Morby is known for in the real estate investing industry for his inventive ideas and original approaches to the business. In addition in his book Wealth Without Cash, which provides leveraging the potential of innovative financing solutions, real estate transactions can be completed in LESS time and for LESS money. You can purchase them on Pace Morby’s page to learn more about his books.


Furthermore, Pace Morby benefits from using virtual assistants in the real estate industry. So, how did he do it to close more deals? Let us introduce how a virtual assistant could benefit real estate. Before anything else, here are some of his strategies used in succeeding real estate.

Two strategies of Pace Morby 

Before going forward, it is important to get professional help and think carefully about all the terms and conditions of the deal.

Pace morby - how virtual assistants help close more deals

Subject to 

It is buying a property ” subject to ” the existing mortgage. It explains that the buyer takes over the mortgage payments from the seller but does not assume liability for the loan. The current mortgage remains in place, and the buyer makes payments to the lender on behalf of the seller.


How Pace Morby explains what is “Subject to”

A seller has a mortgage on their house; most of the scenarios in a “subject to” are those sellers don’t have equity or are in a challenging position, so they need a specific number to sell. So to buy their house, Hell takes over the payments on an existing mortgage. He explains that instead of getting a loan to pay off your loan, Pace Morby will make payments on clients’ loans. They went to a title company to transfer the deed to him so he could fully control the asset, and the mortgage stayed in the client’s name. 


Like he did his current home, he bought Jerry Norton’s three million dollar home. As he said in the podcast, they didn’t even check his bank records and tax returns before selling it to him. They just went to the title company to transfer the deeds to Pace Morby, which cost only $2500 for closing. 


No need for new financing

Since the existing mortgage remains in place, the buyer does not need to secure new financing or undergo a credit check.


Lower closing costs

Since the buyer is not getting a new mortgage, they may be able to save money on closing costs.


Lower interest rates

Pace morby explains if the current mortgage has a low interest rate, the buyer can save money on their monthly payments instead of getting a latest mortgage with a higher interest rate.


Risk of Foreclosure

Always remember this even if the buyer is up to date on their payments, the lender can take back the property if the seller doesn’t pay their debt.


Potential for due-on-sale clause

 Some mortgages include a due-on-sale clause, Pace Morby explains that this means if the property is sold to a new owner, the lender can ask for the full amount of the loan to be paid off.


Legal and ethical considerations

 Using the subject-to strategy can raise legal and ethical concerns, especially if the seller is in financial distress and may not fully understand the risks involved.

Seller finance deal

Seller of a property providing financing to the buyer. Instead of the buyer obtaining a loan from a bank or other lender, the seller agrees to finance the purchase directly. This can be a good choice for buyers that are not able to get traditional loans and sellers who want to sell their property quickly and make money from the sale. Pace Morby said it is the most straightforward strategy because you give the seller exactly what they want.


More potential buyers

Offering seller financing will surely attract a broader range of potential buyers who may be unable to obtain traditional financing.


Higher sale price

With seller financing, you can sell the property for a higher price because buyers often pay more to avoid going to a bank for a loan.


Passive income

If you decide to pay for the sale out of your own pocket. Then, there’s no doubt that you can make passive income from the buyer’s payments of interest and capital.


Risk of default

There are circumstances that buyers won’t pay back the loan. If that happens, the sale process could take a long while time and cost a lot of money.


Potential legal issues

Seller financing can be complex, and ensure always to secure all legal and regulatory requirements are met.


Loss of liquidity

By financing the sale, You may be tying up your capital in the property and may not have access to that cash for other investments or opportunities.

10 Tasks of real estate Virtual Assistant

Pace Morby reveal that you need help to virtual assistant close more deals in real estate investment.

Pace morby - how virtual assistants help close more deals

  1. Customer relationship management

 A virtual assistant can help Pace Morby manage customer relationships by organizing and tracking client information, scheduling appointments, and sending follow-up emails or messages.

2. Research and analysis

 Pace Morby can use a virtual assistant to conduct market research, analyze data, and provide insights on trends and opportunities in the real estate industry.

3. Marketing and promotion

 A virtual assistant can assist with marketing and promotional activities by creating and scheduling Pace Morby’s social media posts, designing marketing materials, and managing advertising campaigns.

4. Administrative tasks

A virtual assistant help Pace Morby with administrative tasks such as scheduling meetings, answering emails, and managing calendars, freeing up time for Pace Morby to focus on higher-level tasks.

5. Data entry and management

A virtual assistant can help Pace Morby keep a record of and organize information about properties, clients, and transactions. He use virtual assistant to be easier for him to find and use information.

6. Personal assistance

Pace Morby can focus on his business by having a virtual assistant scheduling assistant his trips, procuring supplies, and managing appointments.

7. Virtual tours

A virtual assistant can provide virtual tours of properties to potential buyers, saving time and money on in-person showings.

8. Training and development

Virtual assistants can organize training sessions, provide instructional resources, and track progress.

9. Property management

Pace Morby can manage his businesses remotely by using a virtual assistant for maintenance scheduling, rent collecting, and tenant communication.

10. Lead generation

Use a virtual assistant to find new leads and potential deals. The assistant can search for properties in specific areas, analyze market data, and provide contact information for potential sellers or buyers.


If your team needs help, you need to hire a virtual assistant, but at the back of your mind, how to hire a virtual assistant then? Does it benefit me? It has many benefits to hiring a virtual assistant as a solopreneur. For busy professionals and entrepreneurs like Pace Morby, it saves money, boosts productivity, and improves work-life balance. Remote virtual assistant services let companies outsource time-consuming administrative activities like data entry, scheduling, and customer care to skilled specialists. Anyone who hires a virtual assistant focuses on their core competencies and strategic goals while saving time and money.


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