15 Outsourcing Consideration Questions

15 Outsourcing Consideration Questions

Outsourcing can be like finding the perfect pair of shoes online—exciting, economical, and a little bit daunting.

You’re not just ordering a product; you’re entrusting a part of your business to experts who can hopefully take your operations from a steady jog to a full-out sprint.

But before you click that ‘Order Now’ button, there are some crucial questions to consider.

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Outsourcing Consideration Questions


  1. What are my core business activities and should they be outsourced?

Reflect on your business’s heart and soul activities. Keep them close or share the load?

  1. Which tasks require specialized knowledge and can be outsourced?

Think about the tasks that make you go, “Huh?”—those could be prime outsourcing material.

  1. How will outsourcing impact my current workforce?

Consider your incredible team. Will this move empower them or overshadow their talents?

  1. What quality control measures will be in place?

Ask about the safety net that catches any slips and keeps your standards sky-high.

  1. Will the outsourcing provider offer scalability?

Like your favorite stretchy pants, can your outsourcing service grow with you?

  1. What are the cost implications of outsourcing?

Crack open the piggy bank and figure out if outsourcing fits your financial footprint.

  1. How will communication work with the outsourcing partner?

Discuss how you’ll stay connected. Expect a Bat-Signal level of communication—clear and always on!

  1. What is the projected turnaround time for tasks?

Timing is everything. Will you be waiting weeks or will it be a case of ‘blink and it’s done’?

  1. Can I expect innovation from my outsourcing provider?

Look for a partner who brings fresh ideas to the table, not just reheated leftovers.

  1. What is the level of expertise of the outsourcing firm’s employees?

Delve into who’s at the helm. It’s like checking the pilot’s resume before takeoff.

  1. What are the terms and conditions in the contract?

Get cozy with the fine print because that’s where the real story lies.

  1. How secure will my data and intellectual property be?

Lock it down tight. You wouldn’t hand your diary over to just anyone, would you?

  1. What’s the success rate with other clients?

Look for testimonials that feel like a high five—full of enthusiasm and success stories!

  1. How does the outsourcing provider handle conflict resolution?

In the rare case that things go south, make sure there’s a compass for finding north again.

  1. What are the exit strategies if the relationship doesn’t work out?

Like any relationship, sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Know your out before you’re in.




Outsourcing doesn’t have to feel like you’re sending your business on a solo flight to an unknown destination.

Like any savvy traveler, you pack your essentials—in this case, good, solid questions—and prepare for a journey toward growth and efficiency.


Think of these questions as your GPS, guiding you through the outsourcing landscape. With the right considerations and a clear map, you’ll find a partner that not only meets your needs but also enhances your vision.

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