Outsource 3D Modeling Services

Outsource 3D Modeling Services | Save 70%

As businesses look to leverage the power of 3D mapping and modeling, the demand for skilled services is skyrocketing. 


The services segment of the 3D mapping and modeling market is expected to see the fastest growth, boasting a CAGR of 15.4% over the forecast period. 


This growth points to an increasing reliance on external experts to enhance visualization, design, and planning in various fields.


In this article, we’ll discuss 3D modeling outsourcing, where to outsource these services, and their benefits.


Let’s begin!

What is Outsourcing 3D Modeling?

Outsourcing 3D modeling is hiring someone outside your company to create three-dimensional representations of objects for you.


This is often done when a business needs expert help to bring ideas to life in a visual form but doesn’t have the skills or resources to do it in-house.


It’s a way to get quality 3D models for things like video games, movies, product designs, or architectural projects.

Where to Outsource 3D Modeling Services?

Stealth Agents has emerged as a top contender for outsourcing 3D modeling services. Their team of professionals is not only skilled but also deeply committed to understanding and executing client visions with precision.




The quality of work they deliver, with each project reflecting a keen eye for detail and an understanding of the latest 3D modeling techniques.


Their streamlined communication process ensures that you’re kept in the loop, making collaboration smooth and efficient. 

How Do We Work?

Step 1 – Project Overview

Our process for beginning work as a 3D modeling outsourcing service is straightforward and efficient. 

First, we discuss the client’s specific needs and project requirements in detail. This step ensures we fully understand what our clients expect from us. 

Step 2 – Onboarding Process

Initially, we schedule a meeting to understand your project requirements, goals, and timelines.

During this phase, we focus on gathering all necessary information, including any specific design preferences or standards you might have. 

Following this, we outline a clear project plan, detailing milestones, deliverables, and communication protocols. 

We also introduce our team, who will be responsible for turning your ideas into detailed 3D models. 

Step 3 – Our Agents Start The Work

Upon receiving your project details and requirements, our team of skilled 3D modeling agents promptly begins the work. 

The first step involves thoroughly reviewing the project instructions and any provided materials.



Next, we assign the task to the most suitable agent or team, who possesses the specific skill set required for your project. 

What are Different Types of 3D Modeling?

3D Product Modeling

3D product modeling is a digital creation technique that lets designers and engineers create realistic, three-dimensional representations of products before they’re made.


This approach is super useful for visualizing how a new product will look and function in the real world. 


By using specialized software, creators can tweak and perfect every little detail of the product, from its shape and size to the textures and colors.

3D Visualization

It serves a big role in various types of 3D modeling. For instance, solid modeling helps in creating objects that look and feel so real. 


Then there’s surface modeling, where 3D visualization shines by showing how smooth or bumpy surfaces are, making designs pop with realism.


In wireframe modeling, it works like sketching in 3D, outlining shapes and forms so you can understand an object’s structure at a glance.

3D Furniture Modeling

Artists and designers use various 3D software to craft models of chairs, tables, sofas, and other furnishings.


This process involves designing the shape, texture, and color of furniture, making it possible for clients and customers to see and interact with the item before it exists in real life.


It’s widely used in interior design, advertising, and even in the development of virtual and augmented reality applications.

Asset 3D Modeling

This type of modeling is common in video games, movies, and architectural visualization, where accurate and realistic models of items like furniture, vehicles, and buildings are needed. 


Each model starts as a simple shape and then is refined to add complexity and detail, ensuring it looks as close to the real thing as possible.

AR/VR Modeling

AR/VR modeling is used to create interactive experiences in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) environments.


It helps build models that users can explore and interact with within a simulated world. 


This technology is often used in video games, simulations for training, and educational tools, making it possible to create lifelike scenarios.

3D Architectural Rendering

This method uses computers to make buildings look real on screen. It helps architects and clients see what a finished project will look like.


There are different types of 3D modeling used in making these images. Some models focus on the outside look of a building, showing textures and colors. 


Others show the inside, including furniture and decor. Some models detail how light and shadows fall on the building at different times of day.

What are the Benefits of Outsourced 3D Modeling Services?

1. Time

One of the primary benefits of outsourcing 3D modeling services is the significant savings in time it offers.


When businesses choose to outsource, they can eliminate the lengthy process of recruiting, training, and managing an in-house team.


It allows companies to meet deadlines and bring their products or projects to market or implementation stages faster. 


This efficiency streamlines operations and also provides a competitive edge in rapidly evolving industries.

2. Cost

These companies also avoid the expenses associated with hiring full-time professionals, such as salaries, benefits, and training costs. 


And allows businesses to pay only for the services they need, when they need them, providing flexibility and reducing the overhead. 


This approach lowers operational costs and allows companies to allocate their resources more efficiently.

3. Flexibility

On the other hand, it offers unmatched flexibility, allowing companies to scale their projects up or down based on current needs without the hassle of hiring new employees or purchasing expensive software. 


This adaptability means that businesses can respond quickly to market changes or client demands, ensuring they remain competitive and efficient. 


It also allows for the allocation of resources to other critical areas, optimizing overall business performance.

How to Outsource 3D Modeling?

Firstly, outline the specifics of your project, including the size, scope, and desired quality of the 3D models.


Next, search for reputable outsourcing companies or freelance 3D artists with a portfolio that matches your requirements.


Once you’ve found a few candidates, reach out to them with your project details and ask for a quote. 


Discuss deadlines, revisions, and any other important aspects upfront. Finally, choose the partner that offers the best balance between quality, cost, and communication.


Before starting the project, ensure to sign a contract that covers all the details you’ve agreed upon.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource 3D Modeling?

The cost of outsourcing 3D modeling depends on several factors; like project type, and industry type.


These are some factors and prices to outsource 3D modeling:


Pricing Type Description Cost Range
Hourly Rate Charged per hour based on the modeler’s time $25 to $200 per hour
Project-Based Rate Fixed cost per project depending on complexity and duration $300 to $2,000+
Cost by Industry Varies by the technical and artistic demands of the industry Starts at $50 per hour
3D Character Modeling Cost for stylized to photorealistic characters $500 to $5,000+
In-House Costs Costs for equipment, software, and training in-house Significant initial investments
Outsourcing Costs Service fees may include lower overhead costs Depends on the provider and project


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