Order Management Outsourcing

Order Management Outsourcing | Starting at $7 Per Hour

Order management outsourcing helps businesses to handle their orders more efficiently by letting another company take care of them.


This helps them focus on other important parts of their business while ensuring customers get their products without any problems.


So, in this article, we’ll discuss the best order management outsourcing companies, their benefits, and their common challenges.


Let’s begin!

What is Order Management Outsourcing?

Order Management Outsourcing to hand over the tasks of receiving, processing, and fulfilling orders to another company that specializes in these services. 


This helps the original company focus on other key areas like product development or customer service. 


For example; an online bookstore asks another company to take care of handling online orders, shipping books, and managing returns themselves. 


This way, the bookstore can concentrate on selecting great books and providing excellent in-store service.

Best Order Management Outsourcing Company

Stealth Agents excel in handling all aspects of order management, from taking orders, processing them, and ensuring they are fulfilled accurately and on time.




Their team of professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service, they are always ready to go the extra mile to meet your business needs.


By partnering with them you can expect a significant improvement in efficiency, reduced errors, and a smoother, more reliable order management process. 


This helps you streamline your operations and enhances customer satisfaction, which is crucial for business growth and success.


What is our order management process?

  1. Tracking orders
  2. Coordinating with vendors
  3. Handling customer inquiries
  4. Ensuring order accuracy
  5. Processing payments
  6. Managing returns
  7. Monitoring inventory



– Fast response times

– Accurate order processing

– Scalable solutions

– Exceptional customer service

What are the Benefits of Order Management Outsourcing?

1. Save Time

By handing over tasks such as processing orders, handling customer inquiries, and managing inventory to an external expert, your team can focus on core business strategies and growth.




This streamlines operations and allows your business to operate more efficiently, ensuring that orders are processed quickly and accurately.


This time-saving aspect is crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction and staying competitive in the market.

2. Reduce Risk

Outsourcing your order management can significantly cut down the risks involved in fulfilling orders.


When you have a team of experts handling this aspect, mistakes like sending out the wrong item or late shipments become less likely.


These professionals use advanced systems to track and manage orders efficiently, ensuring that your customers receive their purchases on time.


This reliability keeps your customers happy and saves you from potential losses and headaches down the line.

3. Reduce Abandonment of Shopping Cart

When customers have a smooth and reliable checkout process, they are less likely to leave their carts behind. 


The professional team will ensure that the payment process is straightforward, inventory is accurately reflected, and shipping options meet customer expectations. 


This reliability and efficiency build trust, encouraging customers to complete their purchases, directly impacting your sales positively.

4. Retain customers

Retaining customers is another benefit of order management outsourcing that can play a significant role in this area.


This allows you to bring on a team of experts who are focused on ensuring that every order is handled efficiently and accurately. 


So, your customers get their products on time and with less hassle. Happy customers are more likely to come back and buy from you again.


Moreover, a smooth order process reduces the likelihood of errors and returns, which can be a big frustration for customers.

5. Customer Data Collection

This data, which spans purchase history, preferences, and feedback, acts as a treasure trove for improving your business.


It allows you to analyze trends, understand what your customers truly want, and how they interact with your brand.


Armed with this insight, you can tailor your products, services, and customer interactions to meet their needs effectively.


This approach helps in identifying areas for innovation and improvement, ensuring your business stays ahead of the curve.

What are the Challenges of Order Management? How Do We Help You?

1. Inaccurate Data Capture

Accurate data capture is crucial in order management, yet it remains a common challenge for many businesses.


Errors in order data can lead to various problems, from incorrect order fulfillment to inventory discrepancies.


Our team excels at ensuring data accuracy, employing state-of-the-art technology and rigorous verification processes.


You can partner with us, to reduce errors and a smoother, more reliable order processing workflow. 

2. Poor Inventory Visibility

On the other hand, poor inventory visibility refers to not having a clear view of your stock levels at all times.


This leads to overstocking, which ties up your capital in excess inventory, or understocking, which results in missed sales opportunities and dissatisfied customers. 


Our outsourcing services tackle this challenge head-on by implementing real-time tracking tools and systems. 


This way, we help keep your inventory balanced, reducing costs and boosting customer satisfaction.

3. Poor Integration between Sales Channels

One big headache in managing orders is when your sales channels aren’t talking to each other properly.


This can lead to orders being mixed up, stock levels being inaccurate, and customers getting frustrated.


However, we ensure that all your sales channels are perfectly integrated, so information flows seamlessly between them.


This means your stock is always up to date, orders are processed efficiently, and your customers are happy.

4. Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse efficiency means to ensure everything in a warehouse runs smoothly and quickly, from grabbing products to packing them up for shipping. 


It’s about organizing the space so workers can easily find what they need and move things around without delays. 


When warehouses are set up smartly, it helps get orders out the door faster and keeps customers happy. 

5. Changing Demand

Lastly, a big challenges in managing orders is dealing with how customers’ wants and needs can change pretty often.


Sometimes, what’s popular and selling like hotcakes one day might not be what people want the next week. 


So, businesses have to be really good at guessing what their customers will want in the future, which isn’t always easy. 


They need to have a plan to quickly adjust what they have in stock so they don’t end up with lots of products nobody wants to buy.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Order Management?

Here is how much you can expect to pay for order management outsourcing:


Fee Type Cost Range
Setup Fees $100 – $1,000
Intake Fees $20 – $50 per hour / $0.25 per unit / $5 – $15 per pallet
Storage Fees $5 – $40 per pallet monthly / $1 – $250 per bin monthly 
Fulfillment Fees $0.25 – $3 per item or as a percentage of retail value 
Shipping Fees $2 – $25+ per shipment, varies by size, weight, destination 
Return Processing Fees $30 – $50 per hour 
Account Management Fees $75 – $200 monthly 


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