45 Online Personal Shopping Services

45 Online Personal Shopping Services

45 Online Personal Shopping Services




Personal shopping has transformed from a luxury into an internet-accessible convenience for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the perfect outfit or a carefully curated selection of groceries, personal shopping services are changing the way we browse, buy, and cherish our purchases.


These digital saviors aren’t just about saving time—they’re about saving you from the uphill battle of endless choices and crowded shopping trips. With a human touch and some algorithmic magic, personal shopping services dedicate themselves to selecting items just for you—tailored to your style, needs, and even your favorite colors.



Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the endless shopping options online? No worries! Here’s a list of 45 personal shopping services you should check out now.


Online shopping has never been more personal. The following list includes a mix of established names and emerging startups. From high-end fashion to groceries, their mission is simple: to make shopping feel like a breeze whilst nailing your personal style—both in fashion and function.


The List: 45 Online Personal Shopping Services



  1. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix takes personal styling a notch higher by combining data with the insights of a real personal stylist. After you fill out an in-depth style quiz, they send a personalized selection to your door. Just pick what you want to keep or return, and your feedback helps them learn to style you better each time.

  1. Trunk Club

This Nordstrom-owned service offers high-quality clothes curated by your personal stylist. It’s particularly helpful for those who want to step up their fashion game without leaving the comfort of their homes.



  1. Keeps

Male-pattern baldness? Keeps offers personalized treatment plans with FDA-approved hair loss medication right to your door, monthly.

  1. Frank And Oak

Known for their sustainability efforts, Frank And Oak delivers customized boxes of up to four items you can try on at home. Return what you don’t like and keep what you do.

  1. Rocksbox

If you’re a jewelry fanatic, you’ll love Rocksbox. Members can rent three pieces at a time with the option to buy. It’s a great way to try trends without the commitment.

  1. Le Tote

Unlimited clothing rental for $79 a month. Le Tote ships a box of clothes and accessories to you and you can play the fashion field as frequently as your social calendar demands.

  1. Dia & Co.

Dia & Co. is the go-to for curvy girls wanting to keep up with trends. Personal styling services for sizes 14-32, ranging from casualwear to special occasions.

  1. Bombfell

Bombfell connects you with a personal stylist who handpicks pieces from leading men’s clothing brands. There’s a $20 styling fee, but that gets credited towards anything you keep.

  1. Prime Wardrobe

Part of the Amazon experience, Prime Wardrobe lets you try up to eight items at home, including shoes and accessories. Pay only for what you keep.

  1. The MSB Men

Another men’s service, The MSB Men provides high-end fashion with a variety of tiers for subscription preferences.

  1. Wantable

With a tagline of ‘frustration-free fashion,’ Wantable offers unending deliveries of styles they think you’ll love.

  1. Dia Stylist by Stitch Fix

Dia Stylist provides the Stitch Fix experience tailored to the unique needs of plus-size women.

  1. Your Closet

Your Closet is a women’s luxury dress rental service. Choose from over 1500 designer dresses and have them delivered to your door.

  1. Sydney’s Closet

If you need a special event dress in a plus size, Sydney’s Closet can help. Take a style quiz and get a plus-size dress selected by their stylists.

  1. Thread

UK-based Thread zeroes in on men’s fashion with an algorithm that learns your tastes the more you shop.

  1. Tailor Store

Tailor-made shirts & suits designed by you. Tailor Store does the custom clothing experience with a simple online tool.

  1. Armoire

A subscription service using a blend of machine learning and real stylists to curate a wardrobe that’s genuinely you.


  1. Cocoon

Having a baby? Cocoon curates maternity styles tailored to your preferences, whichever size you’re currently growing into.

  1. Fabletics

Co-founded by Kate Hudson, Fabletics is a monthly activewear subscription that suggests outfits based on your lifestyle.

  1. Birchbox

Monthly personalized beauty or grooming box for women and men. Birchbox lets you try out new products before you commit.

  1. Ipsy

Ipsy sends a stylish Glam Bag that’s loaded with color, and personalized for your tastes every month.

  1. FabFitFun

A seasonal subscription box that curates a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, and home products.

  1. The Farmer’s Dog

Fresh pet food tailored to your dog’s needs, made with human-grade ingredients. A tailored diet to keep your furry friend bouncing with health.

  1. Wagmo

A pet wellness plan that covers your dog or cat’s routine care with pet insurance, and personalized pet health care.

  1. Little Spoon

Organic baby food, personalized for your little one’s nutritional and development needs.

  1. Yumble Kids

Need some help with kids’ dinners? Yumble offers personalized meals for kids, delivered weekly.

  1. Daily Harvest

A great solution when you’re too busy to make healthy food choices. Daily Harvest delivers superfoods ready to enjoy in minutes.

  1. Purple Carrot

A plant-based meal delivery service that provides mouthwatering recipes and ingredients matched to your needs.

  1. Marley Spoon

Choose from a weekly menu and Marley Spoon delivers fresh, pre-portioned ingredients with a simple recipe, ready in around 30 minutes.

  1. SunBasket

SunBasket makes cooking easy and delicious with personalized healthy recipes and fresh organic produce.

  1. HelloFresh

Get a meal plan based on your needs and HelloFresh delivers a great variety of recipes with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

  1. Home Chef

Another meal kit service, Home Chef allows you to customize your meals, from vegetarian to calorie-conscious, and more.

  1. Blue Apron

Personalized meal options for a variety of dietary preferences, personalized to match your food preferences.

  1. Splendid Spoon

A plant-based meal plan that keeps food simple and wholesome. No shopping. No chopping. Just heat and eat.

  1. Misfits Market

A subscription box to reduce food waste that offers discounts on organic produce that’s not perfect enough for the grocery shelf, but is still great for you.

  1. Imperfect Foods

A grocery delivery service that’s designed to reduce food waste and fight climate change by helping you save good food from going to waste.

  1. Thrive Market

A membership-based market that delivers the highest-quality, healthy and sustainable products at member-only prices.

  1. Don’t Go Nuts

Don’t Go Nuts provides a selection of nut-free, school-safe snacks tailored to your child’s tastes.

  1. Purple Mattress

Find your perfect mattress match with Purple’s personalized comfort system.

  1. Sleep Number

Sleep Number beds adjust on each side to your ideal firmness, comfort and support. A personalized sleep solution for you and your partner.

  1. Nido

Nido is a personalized graphic t-shirt subscription service that fills your wardrobe with designs sure to make a statement.

  1. Shirt of the Month Club

A monthly shirt subscription service offering unique, professionally-designed shirts based on your interests and personality.

  1. GrandBox

A subscription box for your grandparents, filled with personalized photos, games, snacks, and fun activities.

  1. Book of the Month Club

Get a new hardcover book of your choice delivered to your door every month.

  1. Lolli

Once a browser extension for finding discounts, Lolli extends personalized Bitcoin rewards for your buying needs.





With personal shopping services enlarging the array of your daily convenience, the digital world is your fashion runway, tech lab, and the door to a healthier lifestyle. These services not only offer a break from the monotonous cycle of everyday shopping but also tailor it to your specific needs, tastes, and lifestyle. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, a casual shopper, or a busy professional, the right, personalized shopping service could be a click away, ready to make your life a little less complicated and a lot more stylish.

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