50 Online Personal Development Platforms

50 Online Personal Development Platforms

50 Online Personal Development Platforms




Do you ever lie awake at night, wondering if there’s more to life than the daily grind? Maybe you have a dream that’s gathering dust, and the idea of shaking things up to pursue it alternates between thrilling and terrifying. The good news is, you’re not alone—and you’re not stuck. There’s an entire digital universe out there designed to help you grow, tap into your potential, and scratch that persistent personal development itch.


Whether you’re itching to advance your career, seeking to sharpen your soft skills, or looking to master a new hobby, online personal development platforms are the roadmap showing you how to get to where you want to be. For those taking the leap into unknown waters or those just looking to refine their existing expertise, here’s a list of 50 top personal development platforms that could be the launchpad for your next chapter.


Before we get into this diverse catalog of growth engines, it’s essential to note that personal development isn’t about massive, overnight changes. It’s those small, steady steps forward that, before you know it, have brought you to the top of a mountain you once thought was insurmountable. It’s about reflecting on where you are and where you want to be—and then choosing to do something about it. Without further ado, here are 50 platforms that can set you on that very path.


Navigating Your Personal Course

The first quarter of the list will focus on platforms designed to help you understand your goals and offer support in navigating the path to reaching them.



Remember your gym rat days? sets that focus and drive into personal development. You can set goals, create habits, and receive the support of the community or, if you prefer, hire a professional coach to guide you. This platform will not only hold you accountable but cheer on your progress, too.

2. The Path of Mindfulness

The popular platform believes that meditation and mindfulness create a foundation for expanding potential. With a scientific approach and a dash of humor, they aim to make meditation playful, approachable, and personal.

3. Fiona Harrold Coaching

Fiona delivers personal and professional breakthroughs – focusing on career and confidence building. This is a one-to-one approach with a personalized touch.

4. LifeBook

LifeBook is designed to help you set your vision across multiple areas of your life, from career to health to spirituality. It’s like a personal professional-development plan that covers the whole spectrum of life.



5. Listen To Lead

Here’s your opportunity to turn dead time into development time. Listen to Lead provides audio lessons and interviews with leading business experts to help you live and work smarter, along with bonus upskilling content.

Skill- and Learning-Focused Platforms

The next segment is for those who are keen on leveling up their knowledge and skills, whether it’s learning a new language, mastering a musical instrument, or securing top-tier professional capabilities.

6. Coursera

It’s an oldie, but a goodie—an online learning hub that partners with universities and organizations around the world to offer hundreds of courses online. Whether you want to analyze Big Data or appreciate the subtleties of poetry, Coursera has a course for you.

7. LinkedIn Learning

Rebranded from, LinkedIn Learning offers a vast library of updated instructional videos, covering everything from creative skills to business strategies. The beauty of LinkedIn Learning is that it offers course recommendations that are tailored to the career you aspire to.

8. Rosetta Stone

Have you dreamed of becoming multilingual? Rosetta Stone’s approach immerses you in the language, so you pick it up as naturally as you did your mother tongue. The interactive language-learning software has a good track record for getting results.

9. Skillshare

Skillshare opens up a world of creative and entrepreneurial skills—from photography to design to marketing. With a subscription, you can take as many classes as you like, all taught by industry professionals.

10. Duolingo

Are you saying to yourself, “I should pick up Spanish again,” or “Wouldn’t Russian be cool?” Duolingo turns language-learning into a game, making the whole process addictive and fun.

Harnessing Platforms for Professional Growth

In this section, platforms focus specifically on professional development, from coding bootcamps to leadership courses.

11. Codecademy

Looking to break into the tech world? Codecademy teaches coding skills through interactive exercises, which is perfect for beginners and those looking to refine their skills.

12. Pluralsight

If you’re serious about advancing in a technical career, Pluralsight provides an extensive library that covers IT, management, and creative topics—all with an angle for tech mastery.

13. General Assembly

General Assembly offers both online and in-person classes in fields like coding, design, and marketing. They are particularly lauded for their up-to-date curriculums that reflect current job market needs.

14. Coursera for Business

The business world is constantly evolving. Coursera for Business offers company-tailored learning paths designed to keep your organization competitive and agile.

15. MasterClass

Imagine learning negotiation skills from a former FBI hostage negotiator or creativity from Anna Wintour. That’s the caliber of educator you get with MasterClass, which provides insights and wisdom from the best in their fields.

Health and Wellness Platforms

When improving your life, taking care of your body and mind is key. The following platforms help you maintain a healthy balance in daily living.

16. Headspace

If you want to dip a toe into meditation, Headspace’s guided sessions will gently ease you into the practice. Their soothing app is a constant presence in the endeavors to start—and keep—a meditation habit.



17. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is like a food diary, exercise tracker, and health coach all in one. It’s a fantastic app for anyone looking to lose weight, stay fit, or monitor their nutrition with an impressive database of food and exercise.

18. Fitbit

Fitbit brings technology into your health game, giving you real-time stats on your runs, rides, or gym workouts. With Fitbit, the numbers are a powerful motivator to keep moving and stay committed to your fitness regimen.

19. Calm

Anxiety about meditating? Calm’s goal to make the concept of mindfulness and stress reduction more accessible is evident in their user-friendly app and varied content—think sleep stories narrated by A-list celebrities.

20. Noom

Noom uses psychology and cognitive-behavioral therapy to help you build healthy habits that stick. It distinguishes itself by providing support for the mental aspects of health, not just the physical.

Creativity and Passion-Based Learning Platforms

Personal growth often hinges on the pursuit of passions. This next set of platforms emphasizes the enrichment one receives from exploring creative or passion-driven lessons.

21. Udemy

For folks who love to paint, dance, or write, Udemy has a vast pool of creative lessons. Learn to tango, master the art of watercolor, or hone your blogging skills.

22. MasterClass

The artist in you rejoices at MasterClass, which delivers high-quality video lessons across creative categories. Expect insider guidance from legends such as Martin Scorsese, Margaret Atwood, and Annie Leibovitz.

23. Skillshare

Unlock your creative potential with Skillshare and explore classes on everything from graphic design to music production and everything in between.

24. The School of Life

Ever feel like there’s a class missing in traditional schooling? The School of Life shares philosophical discussions and emotional education to help you live wisely and well.

25. Udacity

Whether you’re a data enthusiast, a designer, or looking to land your dream job, Udacity offers a curated list of courses in partnership with experts and top companies to ensure you’re at the cutting edge.

Personal Growth and Lifestyle Platforms

The following platforms provide a range of content to improve various aspects of your well-being and lifestyle.

26. TED Talks

Stuck in a motivation rut? Nothing like a TED Talk to pull you out of it. Each of these short, powerful presentations has the potential to shift your perspective and inspire change.

27. Blinkist

If time is your most precious commodity, Blinkist condenses non-fiction book into their key points, allowing you to consume new ideas and advice in just 15 minutes. It’s a cheat-sheet for personal and professional development.

28. Lifehack

Lifehack is the community you wish you had. It’s a mix of tips, advice, and life hacks to tackle the complexities of modern life and become your best self.

29. Tony Robbins

The name is synonymous with personal development, and for good reason. Tony Robbins’ platform offers courses in personal finance and investing, coaching, leadership, and even relationship advice, drawing on the wisdom accumulated over decades of career success.

30. Audible

For the reader on the go or someone who simply prefers listening, Audible’s audiobook service democratizes education and inspiration. The library is vast, and it’s an excellent way to maximize your learning during commutes or workouts.

Social Development and Worldview Platforms

The ability to understand and engage with the world around you is integral to personal growth. The platforms in this segment focus on social engagement and broadening your perspectives.

31. Khan Academy

A non-profit educational organization, Khan Academy offers free classes for students, teachers, and learners of all ages. Their mission is to provide a world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

32. Coursera for Refugees

Committed to the mission, “No one should be left behind,” Coursera for Refugees is a powerful tool in providing education for individuals affected by crisis and conflict around the world.

33. Upworthy

If you’re looking to stay informed on social issues and the good happening in the world, Upworthy curates positive content, guaranteeing that you’ll leave each day motivated and with a restored faith in humanity.

34. The Great Courses Plus

Want to learn about the Egyptian pyramids or the geological factors that create Hawaii’s landscapes? The Great Courses Plus offers engaging video lectures led by experts.

35. FutureLearn

Owned by The Open University, FutureLearn offers a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world. Their social courses cover a wide range of topics to spark change and personal growth.

Personal Evolution and Transformation Platforms

Finally, we spotlight platforms dedicated to deep, personal transformation. These resources challenge you to dig deep and redefine what is possible for you.

36. Landmark Forum

The Landmark Forum is about transformation, pure and simple. They offer a curriculum of programs that are aimed at producing extraordinary, permanent, positive results.

37. John Maxwell Team

For leadership development that shapes your influence and impact, the John Maxwell Leadership Team offers courses and events to fine-tune your leadership skills or begin your leadership transformation.

38. Mindvalley

Mindvalley’s mission is “Becoming the No. 1 platform in the world for human transformation,” and it has a lineup of programs to support that goal, from public speaking to weight loss and spiritual development.

39. The Shift Network

If you’ve felt a pull toward engaging with the world in a deeper, more meaningful way, The Shift Network hosts online and in-person workshops, courses, and trainings to support personal growth and social transformation.

40. Creators Club

Creators Club is a catalyst for transformation – providing personal, professional, and organizational growth through various systems and programs focused on future-ready skills.

Personal Development through Entertainment Platforms

For those who enjoy the more informal training of ‘learning while doing’ in their personal development, these entertainment or life-simulating platforms provide just that in an enjoyable format.

41. Sims

Wait, what? The Sims? Trust me on this one. Managing a Sim’s life is a lot like managing your own—with the added benefit of being able to bulldoze the house when it’s all just too much.

42. Stardew Valley

This award-winning game provides not just an escape but a way to learn time management, finance, and community building—all while maintaining a farm.

43. Cooking Classes

With the rise of digital cooking classes by celebrity chefs, mastering culinary arts from the comfort of your kitchen has never been more pleasurable and informative.

44. Art and Craft Classes

Many artists and crafters have moved their ateliers to online platforms, providing step-by-step video instructions that can turn a novice into an artisan.

45. Fitness Apps

Apps like 7 Minute Workout, Yoga Workout, or even Dance Workout allow you to get your exercise in as you would if you were in a gym or studio, without ever leaving your living room.

Personal Mentorship and Guidance Platforms

For the more hands-on learning approach, these platforms offer personal connections with mentors who guide and advise on a one-to-one basis.

46. MentorCruise

Through MentorCruise, you can find personal mentors to guide you through your learning and development process, offering industry insights and career advice.

47. The Accountability Matching Service

This platform pairs you with a likeminded individual to hold each other accountable for the goals you’ve set. It’s a powerful tool for those who need external motivation.


Stuck in a career rut? A life coach from CoachReady could be the answer. They offer personal guidance and support to help you clarify and achieve your personal and professional goals.

49. BetterUp

BetterUp combines personalized coaching with interactive technology to help employees reach their full potential. It’s like having a personal trainer for your professional life.

50. Your Personal Network

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of your personal network. Friends, family members, and colleagues are often untapped wellsprings of advice, support, and sometimes, the reality check you need.



In Conclusion


In the vast digital toolkit for personal development, remember that each platform is just that—a tool. The real work happens in how you wield them, the consistency you bring to your effort, and most importantly, the growth mindset you adopt along the way. Whether you’re preparing to take the reins of your career, polishing the canvas of your artistic side, or ironing out the lumps in your personal relationships, the platforms listed here can be the launchpad for a more fulfilled, successful you. Take that first step—it’s the most important one you’ll make. Now, which platform are you signing up for first?

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