70 Online Art Sales Ideas

70 Online Art Sales Ideas

Selling art online is more than posting a picture on a website and waiting for bids.

It’s an art form in itself, a canvas of marketing, customer attraction, and digital presence.

Moreover, selling online must consider questions for revenue to succeed in your online selling business.

Buckle up—we’re about to unleash a palette of online art sales tactics that will have your e-gallery bustling with patrons.



Before responding to the call of the online art market, it’s essential to understand its evolution and dynamics. The world wide web is a sprawling art bazaar, where sellers have to be as creative with their marketing as they are with their canvases. This is your brainstorming session on steroids – 70 ways to bolster your online art sales, engage with patrons, and establish a burgeoning art empire from the comfort of your digital studio.


Overview Online Art Sales

The online art sales landscape is a vibrant meadow teeming with potential – if you know how to pick the right flowers. Online platforms have democratized art by making it accessible, discoverable, and purchasable by anyone with an internet connection. But, this broad market also demands sellers to be authentic, engaging, and strategic.


List 70 Online Art Sales Ideas



1. Art as an Experience

Sell not just art, but experiences. Package your art pieces with immersive content – stories behind the creation, live videos of painting sessions, or virtual walkthroughs of your art studio.

2. Instagram Stories

Leverage the ‘FOMO’ effect by teasing upcoming pieces and sales through Instagram Stories. Create a buzz around exclusivity and limited availability.



3. VR Exhibitions

Invest in virtual reality technology to host online art exhibitions. This modern approach offers an almost ‘in real life’ gallery experience to patrons across the globe.

4. Crowdsourced Art

Host online events where you work on a piece collaboratively with your audience, allowing them to dictate decisions like color palettes and themes, which can then be bought as prints or originals.

5. Behind the Scenes Patreon

Create a Patreon account where interested patrons can subscribe for exclusive behind-the-scenes content, keeping a loyal fanbase involved in your artistic journey.

6. Interactive Website

Design an interactive website where visitors can customize artwork before purchase, giving them the ownership of a piece that’s uniquely ‘theirs.’

7. NFT Listings

Explore NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and list your digital art on platforms like OpenSea or Rarible, tapping into the latest craze in the art and tech world.

8. Art in AR

Use augmented reality to allow customers to visualize your artwork in their own spaces before buying, overcoming the ‘Will it match my decor?’ hurdle.

9. Art Subscription Boxes

Curate monthly art subscription boxes featuring prints, small originals, and art-related goodies, delivering joy to your subscribers’ doorsteps.

10. Mail Art Campaigns



Occasionally host snail-mail art campaigns – surprise your patrons with a free painting, transporting them back to a traditional, personal connection with art.

11. Gallery on Wheels

Transform a vehicle into a roving art gallery for mobile art exhibits, reaching people in unexpected places with temporary art installations.

12. AI Collaboration

Collaborate with AI artists to create pieces that fuse human artistry with machine creativity, tapping into a burgeoning niche within the art community.

13. Celebrity Endorsements

Get your art endorsed by influencers and celebrities who align with your niche, exposing your work to a wider audience with more influence.

14. Art Auctions

Host online art auctions with a dedicated auctioneer to infuse excitement into high-stakes bidding wars, adding a touch of drama to your sales strategy.

15. Art on Pinterest

Pin your art on Pinterest with direct links to purchase, leveraging the platform’s visual appeal and converting pins into profit.

16. Art Contests

Attract attention with periodic art contests, where the winner’s piece is displayed prominently and other participants’ work is celebrated, fostering goodwill and engagement.

17. Online Art Markets

Participate in curated online art markets like Saatchi Art or Artsy, which can bring credibility and exposure to your brand.

18. Artful Ad Campaigns

Create beautiful ad campaigns that are not just about selling but also about storytelling, where the art takes center stage and the sale is the natural conclusion.

19. Charity Art Sales

Host charity art sales with a percentage of profits donated to a cause, resonating with patrons who wish to make a difference through their art purchases.

20. SEO-Optimized Art Descriptions

Craft compelling and SEO-friendly descriptions for your art, improving search visibility and attracting art collectors who are ready to buy.

21. Interactive Social Media Feed

Foster community by maintaining an inclusive and interactive social media feed where your audience’s love for art is celebrated and encouraged.

22. Limited Edition Prints

Release limited edition prints to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging a faster buy-in from scarce-loving patrons.

23. Art on Wearables

Diversify your product line with art on apparel, accessories, or homeware – think custom t-shirts, art-embellished furniture, and designer bags.

24. Bundled Art Sales

Bundle related art pieces together for a themed sale, giving buyers the opportunity to furnish their spaces with cohesive artwork.

25. Newsletter Blasts

Regularly send out newsletters with sneak peeks, artist interviews, and collector spotlight stories to maintain engagement with your growing audience.

26. Art Live Streams

Host live art streams where you paint, answer questions, and maybe even sell on the spot, creating a dynamic and real-time interaction with potential customers.

27. Holiday Art Sales

Tap into seasonal sales by creating holiday-themed collections or offerings to coincide with festive moods and gifting traditions.

28. Educational Art Content

Break down art techniques or provide art history lessons through blogs, videos, and podcasts, positioning yourself as an authority and attracting an educational market.

29. Art on Commission

Offer commission works, personalizing art to match individual tastes and spaces, guaranteeing clients the exclusivity they seek.

30. Influencer Collaborations

Collaborate with influencers to create limited edition lines, leveraging their brand and their audience to give your art wings.

31. Art Tutorials

Host online art tutorials and further entice those keen on learning the craft to purchase your materials or artwork inspired by their newfound skills.

32. Artist Meet-and-Greets

Plan virtual or real-world artist meet-and-greets where potential customers can connect with the creator directly, fostering personal relationships that can lead to sales.

33. Art for a Cause

Create art with a message, aligning with social or environmental causes, making the purchase not just about aesthetics but also about support for a shared belief.

34. Local Art Events

Participate in or host local art events, connecting with the community and allowing buyers to experience your art in person.

35. Interactive Online Galleries

Develop an interactive online gallery where patrons can change lighting or background to see how your art looks in various settings, improving their buying experience.

36. Art Collaboration

Collaborate with other artists or makers for cross-promotion, introducing your individual fan bases to each other’s work and expanding your reach.

37. Art Community Partnerships

Forge partnerships with art communities or clubs, becoming a regular part of their discussions, events, and sales initiatives.

38. YouTube Vlogging

Create a YouTube channel where you document your art-making process, studio life, and art education, giving a human face that invites engagement and support.

39. Art in Film and TV

Get your art placed in films, television, or commercials, catapulting it into the mainstream consciousness and potentially driving up demand.

40. High-End Online Art Journal

Curate and send out high-quality art journals featuring exclusive art content to premium customers, keeping your brand top-of-mind and exclusive.

41. Mobile-Optimized Art Pages

Ensure all your art pages are mobile-optimized, recognizing the significant portion of users who shop through their smartphones or tablets.

42. Curated Galleries

Curate online galleries, bringing together artworks under a theme, period, or style, enhancing buyers’ experience by making suggestions aligned with their interests.

43. Art Giveaways

Run occasional art giveaways to stir up excitement and reward your audience, potentially building good-will and anticipation for your art.

44. Professional Art Photography

Invest in high-quality professional photography for your art pieces, letting the imagery sell the art on its own merit, enticing buyers with quality and detail.

45. The Art of Collaboration

Collaborate with brands in other sectors by providing art for packaging, designs, or limited editions, opening up new markets and creating hybrid products.

46. User-Generated Content

Encourage your buyers to share their art purchases in their homes on social media, creating an organic testimonial effect and free marketing for your brand.

47. Art Sponsorship

Sponsor art-related events or spaces, cementing your place in the art community and increasing brand visibility among your target audience.

48. Quirky Product Offers

Offer offbeat and quirky products alongside your art, doubling down on the unique and eclectic tastes of your target buyer.

49. Story-Driven Art Blogs

Share personal stories or inspirations behind each artwork through an engaging blog, adding emotional depth that can resonate with potential buyers.

50. Membership Programs

Offer membership programs with exclusive perks like early access to new art, discounts, and invitations to member-only events, building a devoted fan base.

51. Artistic Collaborations

Pair your art with other creative products – a custom scented candle range that complements your paintings, perhaps?

52. Art in Video Games

Partner with video game developers to integrate your art into the virtual worlds, offering a new canvas for your selling potential.

53. Tailored Art Shopping Experiences

Create personalized shopping experiences for high-value clients, such as virtual one-on-one showroom visits, with art specifically selected to their tastes.

54. Civic Art Commissions

Pursue art commissions for public spaces in your city, enhancing your reputation and giving residents a taste of what your brand embodies.

55. Crypto Art Investments

Educate potential buyers about investing in art using cryptocurrencies, offering a new, tech-savvy perspective to an age-old investment.

56. Art Showcases in Tech Hubs

Host or participate in art showcases in tech hubs to introduce your work to audiences known for early adoption and higher disposable incomes.

57. Art in the Metaverse

Start selling or showcasing your art in the virtual world, appealing to tech-savvy art lovers who find traditional digital platforms passé.

58. Art Influencer Ambassador Program

Establish an ambassador program where art influencers market and review your pieces online, tapping into their credibility and reach.

59. Custom Art Avatars

Offer custom art avatars for digital use sourced from your portfolio, catching the trend of personalization and online identity.

60. Sensory Art Experiences

Create installations or online experiences that include sound, smell, or touch, seeking to engage multiple senses and create a more profound connection with your audience.

61. Art-Inspired Content

Create or sponsor content that features or is inspired by your art, such as playlists, short films, or podcasts, offering more ways for art lovers to engage with your brand.

62. Conversational AI Interfaces

Program a conversational AI to handle queries and assist with purchases, making the customer journey smoother and more personalized.

63. Online Peri-Art Sales

Host sporadic ‘peri-arts’, sales that coincide with significant personal, cultural, or global events, offering emotional connections to your online patrons.

64. Art Consulting Services

Add an art consultancy branch to your website, providing advice to customers looking to buy art for their homes or businesses.

65. Artwork Bundles for Gifting

Curate bundles of smaller artworks for easy gifting, providing a thoughtful and accessible option for those new to art shopping.

66. Art Finance or Payment Plans

Offer finance options or payment plans for higher-priced pieces, making art more accessible to a broader audience and tapping into the psychology of smaller, more manageable payments.

67. Artistic Twitch Streams

Host regular art streams on Twitch, known for its community and supportive user base, potentially creating a new sales channel while building an audience of fans.

68. Art-Related Courses

Design courses around your art style or artistic journey, generating a new, education-centric revenue stream from budding artists and aficionados alike.

69. Online Personal Shopping

Offer online personal shopping sessions for patrons who need assistance in creating their art collection, reinforcing customer service and trust.

70. Feedback-Driven Art Evolution

Encourage and act upon feedback from your audience, letting the collective voice guide the evolution of your art and its place in the market.





Now that you’re armed with these 70 strategic strokes, it’s time to select the hues that match the palette of your online art business. Whether you’re running a digital gallery or bringing your independent hustle to the online realm, these ideas are catalysts for creativity and commerce that can turn a hobby into a thriving enterprise. So pick the stars that align with your vision, mix your media, and wrap your digital canvas with the allure of the art world. Your masterpiece awaits.

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