45 New Product/Service Launch Questions

45 New Product/Service Launch Questions

45 New Product/Service Launch Questions



Launching a new product or service is like stepping onto a thrilling rollercoaster, with the exhilarating climb and the anticipation of the wild ride ahead. But while the rush of newness is undeniable, the devil is in the details. From pinpointing your target audience to selecting the perfect tagline, there are countless steps you need to get right to ensure a smooth and successful take-off.


To make sure your next launch doesn’t just get off the ground but soars to new heights, I’ve compiled 45 essential questions to guide you through the process.



Launching a new product or service is a monumental moment for any business, no matter the size or industry. It’s an opportunity to innovate, create, and connect with your audience. But with every launch comes a unique set of challenges and considerations. Are you fine-tuning your social media strategy? Do you understand your product-market fit? Let’s dig in and answer these important questions together.


The Big List of Questions

Without further ado, here’s the comprehensive checklist of 45 must-answer questions for your next product or service launch. Each is designed to help you think critically about the process and ensure there are no missed opportunities.


Audience Research and Positioning

  1. Who is our primary audience for this launch?
  2. What are the demographics of our target audience?
  3. How does our product or service fulfill a specific need or desire for this audience?
  4. What are the current trends in the industry that may impact their perception of our launch?
  5. How do our competitors position similar products or services, and how can we differentiate ourselves?

Goal Setting and Timelines

  1. What does success look like for this launch, and how can we measure it?
  2. What key performance indicators (KPIs) are we using to track our progress?
  3. Have we set a concrete timeline for the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities?
  4. How do our sales and marketing goals reflect our larger business objectives?
  5. Are there any external events, holidays, or industry milestones that may affect our launch timeline?

Branding and Marketing

  1. Is our brand messaging aligned with the value proposition of our new product or service?
  2. What’s our unique selling proposition (USP), and how are we communicating it to our audience?
  3. How does our visual branding, including logos and color schemes, reflect the nature of the new launch?
  4. What are the key channels we’ll use to reach our target audience?
  5. Have we identified key influencers or strategic partners that can amplify our message?

Product Development and Innovation

  1. At what stage of development is our product or service, and is it ready for launch?
  2. What feedback have we received during development, and how are we addressing it?
  3. Does our product/service solve a problem, and is it validated by consumer insights?
  4. How does it compare to existing offerings, and what are its advantages?
  5. What intellectual property concerns do we need to address before launch?

Pricing and Revenue Model

  1. Have we conducted a competitive analysis to determine our pricing strategy?
  2. Is our pricing model simple and easy to understand for our customers?
  3. How do our pricing and revenue models align with our product’s value and the expectations of our target market?
  4. Are there opportunities for bundling, discounts, or subscriptions that could appeal to our customers?
  5. What is our strategy for handling price objections and communicating value?

Distribution and Sales Strategy

  1. What is our distribution plan, and how are we ensuring product availability?
  2. Have we trained our sales team or partners to effectively sell the new product or service?
  3. How are we reaching customers in different markets and geographic locations?
  4. What are our key sales messages, and how do they relate to our marketing efforts?
  5. Do we have a return strategy in place, and how will it affect sales?

Legal and Compliance

  1. Have we completed all necessary legal and regulatory requirements for this launch?
  2. Are there any intellectual property issues we need to resolve before launch?
  3. How are we handling any data privacy considerations for this product or service?
  4. Is our advertising content, including claims and disclosures, compliant with all relevant laws and industry standards?
  5. Are we prepared to handle any potential litigation or disputes that may arise from the launch?

Customer Experience and Service

  1. How can we improve the customer experience with our new product or service?
  2. Have we prepared a comprehensive service plan, including customer support and warranties?
  3. Is our online and offline customer experience integrated and consistent with our brand promise?
  4. How are we gathering and using customer feedback to improve our offering?
  5. What’s our strategy for handling an influx of customer inquiries or support requests after the launch?

Employee and Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Have all employees and stakeholders been informed about the new product or service?
  2. Have we created an internal launch plan to ensure everyone is aligned with our external messaging and goals?
  3. Are there training or resources we need to provide to our team to support the launch?
  4. How are we recognizing and celebrating the efforts of everyone involved in bringing the new product or service to market?
  5. How do we plan to sustain the momentum generated by the launch and keep our team motivated for the long term?





Launching a new product or service is a complex endeavor that requires thorough preparation and thoughtful execution. By considering the 45 questions detailed above, you can create a roadmap for success that takes into account every aspect of the process.




Remember, a successful launch is not just about the day it happens but the planning and follow-through that go into making it a memorable and profitable experience for your business and your customers. With this list as your guide, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get ready to launch something truly remarkable!

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