30 New Business Technology Investment Questions

30 New Business Technology Investment Questions

30 New Business Technology Investment Questions



If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the helm of business is being steered by one universal truth: technology reigns supreme. But this isn’t a piece about stating the obvious. It’s about transforming your business by digging deep into tech waters. Welcome to the ultimate guide to new tech investments.


Considering New Business Technology? Start Here

Technology investment feels like standing at a crossroads – thrilling, yet a bit daunting. There’s a myriad of options out there, from the latest AI-driven tools to blockchain applications. Amongst these choices lies the future of your business, and it’s crucial to chart a path that resonates with your unique journey.


Whether you are at the cusp of your entrepreneurial odyssey or steering an established ship through digital transformation, these thirty questions are your compass, navigational map, and the stars that guide you through the sky of technological advancements.


A Paradigm Shift in Business Tech

We’re not tinkering around the edges; we’re talking about the kind of potential transformations that redefine industries. This piece isn’t filled with techno-jargon; it’s a human look at technology’s crossroads with business. It’s about transformation – yours, and your business’s.



Chapter 1: Strategy at the Core

To dive deeper into the ocean of technology, you must start with a comprehensive strategy. This means aligning your business goals with your tech investments. Let’s navigate through the following questions:

  1. Has my business conducted a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis in the context of technology?
  2. What specific business goals can technology help achieve? Is it efficiency, innovation, or perhaps a better customer experience?
  3. How does the proposed technology investment fit within the larger strategic plan of my company?
  4. What are the potential growth opportunities this technology could open, and how scalable is it?
  5. How will this tech investment affect our competitive edge?

Crafting Your Tech Narrative

Your business’s tech story should be more than a footnote in your annual reports. It is the narrative that intertwines with your business’s tale of growth and resilience.

Chapter 2: The Customer Centric Tech

Technology can be the cornerstone of superior customer service. It enables personalization, real-time interactions, and a customer journey that’s more custom-tailored. As you ponder over the following, keep your clients at the heart of your deliberation:

  1. How can technology be employed to enhance the customer experience? Is chatbot technology the answer, or will it be a more intuitive CRM system?
  2. Will this technology make us more accessible to clients and prospects?
  3. Are there any privacy or security concerns that customers could raise regarding the tech we’re considering?

Building Digital Relationships

Understanding how to leverage technology to build and sustain relationships might be what separates a good business from a great one. It’s about understanding your customer’s language, which is increasingly digital.

Chapter 3: Operational Excellence Tech

Efficiency and excellence are the watchwords for operational technology investments. They aim to streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies. The following questions will determine if your next investment is a step closer to operational utopia:

  1. What are the main inefficiencies in my business operations that technology can address?
  2. Will this technology investment lead to reduced overheads or increased productivity?
  3. How will employee training and adaptation to the technology be managed?
  4. What are the risks associated with adopting this technology in terms of workflow disruptions and how can they be best mitigated?

The Art of Streamlining

In the realm of operations, the art isn’t in finding technology for technology’s sake but finding the right tech to harmonize different parts into the symphony of efficiency.

Chapter 4: Tech for Business Growth

As the business world evolves, technology becomes an enabler and a driver of growth. The right innovation can lead to market insights, growth strategies, or even pioneering new products or services. Let’s assess the prospective potency within these queries:

  1. How can this technology investment improve decision-making, specifically in terms of business growth strategies?
  2. Can technology help my business better understand market trends and customer behavior?
  3. Is there potential for this investment to lead to the development of new products or services?
  4. What are the data requirements for a technology like this, and do we currently have or can we acquire such data?
  5. How will the technology integrate with other systems, and how will data flow be managed?

The Growth Engine

The fine line between investing for growth and investing in growth is where many businesses stall. Avoid the pitfalls by understanding the full scope of your technology’s growth potential.

Chapter 5: Financial Friend or Foe?

Technology investments can be game-changers for your business’s financial landscape. Whether it’s through cost reductions, income growth, or cash flow management, they have a significant role to play. Consider the following to ensure that your tech spends don’t become tech costs:

  1. What is the ROI potential of this technology investment?
  2. Can we expect direct cost savings, or is the benefit more indirect through, for instance, employee time savings?
  3. How will this investment affect our funding needs, financial statements, and financial ratios?
  4. Can this technology investment make our business more attractive to investors or lenders?
  5. Are there tax implications or incentives to consider in this investment that could alter its financial viability?

Dollars and Data

It’s a numbers game, but one that could very well redefine your business’s financial identity.

Chapter 6: Tech and Talent

The right technology investment can enhance your team’s capabilities, provide them with tools that empower and might even define your company culture. As you contemplate tech tools, also consider the following:

  1. What are the technological skills our current team possesses, and what would be the learning curve associated with this investment?
  2. Will this technology investment attract new talent or act as a retention tool for our existing employees?
  3. How can this technology investment support and enhance our company culture or values?
  4. Does this investment align with our human resource strategy, and if so, how?

Empowering the Human Element

Technology should not replace but empower. Reimagining roles can be as important as reimagining processes.

Chapter 7: Governance and Ethics in Tech

With every new technology comes questions of governance and ethics. Organizations need to be proactive in addressing these concerns. Here’s what you should be asking:

  1. What sort of governance measures will need to be in place to manage the use and potential risks of this technology?
  2. Are there industry or government standards that we must adhere to with this technology?
  3. How transparent can our organization be about the application and impact of this technology on stakeholders?
  4. Can this technology investment inadvertently lead to biases, discrimination, or unethical practices, and if so, how can we prevent it?

Guiding in the Grey

Sometimes the lines are clear; sometimes, they’re quite ambiguous. Your approach to technology should reflect an understanding of these nuances.




Conclusion: A Continuous Tech Voyage

The journey doesn’t end with this article – in fact, it’s just beginning. Technology is a living, breathing extension of your business, and like any living thing, it requires nurture and growth. It’s a venture that encompasses strategy, services, and security, talent, and time – yours and, most importantly, that of your customers.




Embrace the change, steer toward a tech-infused future, and your business could very well set sail for new horizons. So arm yourself with knowledge, chart your course, and let these 30 questions be the stars that guide you to a brighter, tech-tinctured tomorrow

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