5 Miami Virtual Assistants (Affordable Services)

5 Miami Virtual Assistants (Affordable Services)

Miami Virtual Assistants are changing the way businesses operate, offering a helping hand from miles away.


This kind of support is efficient and adds a lot of value to companies looking for cheap virtual assistants


It’s an exciting shift, showing us how technology and talent can come together to make work easier and more productive.


Let’s deep dive!

Miami Affordable Virtual Assistants

1.  Stealth Agents

Stealth Agents

Is a cool company that helps businesses by doing repetitive work for them with their virtual assistant services or a web designer from Miami.


They charge about $7 an hour, which is affordable for virtual assistant services, and they promise you’ll get some of the best helpers


For businesses in Miami looking for some extra hands to help with daily tasks, this could be a great fit.


Lots of customers have said good things about them, especially about how well they communicate and the top-notch work their virtual assistants do. 


How I Hired My First Virtual Assistants



Whether it’s keeping up with day-to-day operations, managing social media, or working with CRM systems, they have people dedicated and good at what they do. 


This makes them sound like a smart choice for Miami companies that want to do more and grow.


What’s special about Stealth Agents is that they pick their virtual assistant Philippines-based talented resources. 


This means businesses get to work with really skilled individuals, which can help a lot with getting more done, being more efficient, and being successful.


Book a free discussion of your preference and pricing information.

2. Miami Assistants

Miami Assistants

Miami Assistants is based in Miami, Florida, and is a pro at providing remote executive assistants to help your business grow and handle all sorts of tasks.


They cover lots of business needs like bookkeeping, data entry, taking calls, research, managing your social media, booking travel, email marketing, scheduling, managing documents, and even personal tasks. 




They’ve got loads of experience in industries like real estate, legal, insurance, finance, and tourism, especially in sales and admin roles.


The service costs $995.00 a month for a full-time assistant, plus a one-time setup fee of $250.00. 


You get an assistant working 40 hours a week just for your business. They’re bilingual in English and Spanish, which is great for reaching more people. 


Each assistant works with just one client at a time, so you get their full attention. They’ve got high-speed internet and IT support to keep things running smoothly.


A cool thing about Miami Assistants is that you get to pick your assistant happily in their coworking spaces in Miami after a professional assessment during the interview. 

3. Office Edge

Office Edge

Office Edge provides an excellent virtual assistant service that supports businesses big and small. 


They have a team of full-time, bilingual administrative professionals who are carefully picked, trained, and managed to ensure top-notch and efficient support. 


These virtual assistants can handle various tasks, from everyday business needs to more complex projects like increasing the visibility of your websites, so hire a virtual assistant blog to do that. 


Virtual assistants at Office Edge work Monday to Friday during regular business hours and can assist clients in person, on the phone, or online. 


Virtual assistant services at Office Edge have a billing system that charges by the minute, starting at $48 per hour, allowing for plans that suit different budgets and needs. 

4. Sarah P

Sarah P

Sarah P. is a super skilled pro in Miami, with loads of know-how in handling projects, operations, and making customers happy. 


She charges $50/hr and has over 10 years of experience with big names like Apple and Facebook, plus startups. 


Sarah is all about using her skills to help businesses do better and loves the freedom of freelancing on Upwork to balance work and family life. 


She’s open for more than 30-hour weeks and even contract-to-hire gigs. 


With skills in everything from scheduling to social media marketing, she’s a top pick for anyone in Miami looking for a do-it-all virtual assistant or project manager.

5. Rachael H

Rachael H

Rachael H is amazing at customer success, sales, and being an executive assistant. With a 100% job success rate on Upwork, over 1,095 hours worked, and 13 jobs under her belt, she’s top-notch. 


What’s cool is that she’s got over nine years of experience working with health leaders and ed-tech companies. 


Moreover, she’s super smart, holding an MBA and a Bachelor’s in Science from Penn State. 


Rachael’s not just about the serious stuff; she can also teach yoga and meditation, which is pretty unique. 


So, if you’re looking for someone to add some magic to your Miami business, Rachael H. is your go-to.

What to Look for When Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

When hiring a VA in Miami, you should consider several key factors to ensure you get the best match for your needs. 


First, look for someone with strong communication skills, as clear and effective communication is crucial for remote work. 


They should be able to understand your tasks and provide updates without constant supervision.


Depending on your requirements, you should ensure VA has related experience, and skills; like email management, social media, or other specific tasks.


You should check their work history and ask for references to gauge their expertise. Another factor is their understanding of technology. 


A VA should be comfortable using the necessary software and tools for your projects, such as Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, or any specialized software.


A VA who can take initiative and handle issues independently can be a great asset to your team.


Lastly, you should consider their availability and time zone. Even though they are a virtual assistant in Miami, ensure their work hours align with your needs.

What to Look for When Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Miami Virtual Assistant Salaries

According to ZipRecruiter, as of March 19, 2024, a Remote Virtual Assistant working in Miami typically earns about $22.73 per hour.

Miami Virtual Assistant Salaries



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