50 Low-Investment Online Startups

50 Low-Investment Online Startups

Starting your entrepreneurial journey doesn’t need to break the bank. Thanks to the internet, the barriers to entry have been lowered, allowing creative minds to turn their ideas into flourishing businesses with little upfront investment.

We’ve compiled a list of 50 online startups that are perfect for those looking to invest minimally but aim for significant growth. From dropshipping and blogging to freelance consulting, there’s an opportunity here that could mark the start of your successful venture.

Additionally, explore our suggestions on business ideas for ladies with low investment, which are tailored to empower women entrepreneurs and also travel agency ideas that is popular at the moment.

The Empowerment of Low-Investment Online Startups

Low-investment startups are not just beginner-friendly; they are the foundation of many successful businesses. These ventures are often about your time, talent, and creativity more than they are about seed money. With so many success stories starting out on a shoestring budget, it’s evident that the real capital is your drive and commitment.


Here’s a rundown of 50 unique low-investment online startups for you to dig into. Don’t worry if some seem a bit outside your comfort zone. The best entrepreneurs are always learning and adapting, and you might be surprised where your journey leads.


The List: 50 Low-Investment Online Startup Ideas



  1. Virtual Assistant Services: Offer your administrative help to companies remotely.

  2. Language Tutoring: Teach your native tongue to students globally through platforms like iTalki or Verbling.

  3. Homemade Crafts and Goods: Etsy is your playground to sell those handmade or vintage pieces.

  4. Affiliate Marketing: Start a niche blog and earn commissions by promoting other people’s products.

  5. Event Planning Consulting: Guide clients in planning events, weddings, and corporate engagements.

  6. Content Writing: Pen blog articles, website content, and more for digital publications and websites.

  7. Social Media Management: Help businesses grow their online presence.

  8. YouTube Channel: Share your expertise or passion through video content which youtube entrepreneurs take advantage of this platfrom.

  9. Podcasting: Engage with a community passionate about the topics you discuss.

  10. Online Bookkeeping: Keep the numbers in check for small online or local businesses.

  11. Niche E-commerce Store: Set up a dedicated store around a specific category like sustainable living or pet accessories.

  12. Teaching Online Courses: Platforms like Udemy allow you to monetize your knowledge.

  13. Graphic Design: Create logos, website templates, and branding materials for clients.

  14. Dropshipping: Sell products to customers without holding inventory.

  15. E-book Writing & Publishing: Share your insights through e-books on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing.

  16. Online Fitness Coaching: Help others achieve their fitness goals without the traditional gym settings.

  17. Instagram Influencer: Grow a following and work with brands to promote their products or services.

  18. SEO Consulting: Optimize websites to improve their visibility on search engines.

  19. Online Language Translation: Translate languages for websites or documents.

  20. Stock Photography: Sell your high-quality photos to stock image websites.

  21. Freelance Web Development: Create websites for individuals or small businesses.

  22. Travel Consulting: Share tips and advice on destinations for a fee.

  23. Sell Print-on-Demand Apparel and Items: No need for inventory – create designs and sell through platforms like Printful.

  24. E-commerce Marketing: Market and sell products for brands or small shops online.

  25. Etsy Printables: Sell digital prints and planners for instant downloads on Etsy.

  26. Life Coaching: Guide clients in various life aspects for a better, motivated life.

  27. Software Development: Start with simple apps or programs and grow your portfolio.

  28. eLearning Content Creation: Create interactive content for educational websites or platforms.

  29. Freelance Photography: Offer photography services for websites, publications, or events.

  30. Virtual Tech Support: Help individuals and businesses troubleshoot technical issues.

  31. WordPress Theme Designer: Custom-design WordPress themes for bloggers and businesses.

  32. Music Instructor: Teach an instrument or offer voice lessons through Skype or Zoom.

  33. Remote HR Services: Assist businesses with hiring and employee management from a distance.

  34. Stock Trading: Use an online trading platform to invest in stocks and build a portfolio.

  35. Professional Organizing: Help clients declutter and organize their homes or offices, virtually.

  36. Social Media Marketing: Create and manage social media campaigns for brands or individuals.

  37. Etsy SEO Services: Optimize Etsy shops to increase visibility and sales.

  38. Start a Niche Blog: Blogging about specific interests can grow into a rewarding venture over time.

  39. Translation Services: Offer your translation skills for various media and documents.

  40. Online Interior Design: Assist clients with interior design concepts from a distance.

  41. Video Editing Services: Edit videos for weddings, businesses, or YouTube content creators.

  42. Virtual Yoga or Meditation Instructor: Lead classes online via live streaming platforms.

  43. Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon): Source products and let Amazon handle the logistics and customer service.

  44. Resume Writing Services: Assist job seekers in crafting winning resumes and cover letters.

  45. Technical Writing: Create manuals, guides, and instructional documents for various industries.

  46. Consulting for Startups: Share your expertise and advice in starting and scaling businesses.

  47. Online Marketing Agency: Assemble a virtual team to offer comprehensive marketing services.

  48. Career Counselling: Aid individuals in job searching, resume building, and career growth.

  49. Virtual Nutritionist: Offer diet and nutrition advice to clients through email or online sessions.

  50. Membership Sites and Subscriptions: Offer exclusive content, deals, or a community through a membership platform.





The horizon of the internet is vast and filled with opportunities for those willing to explore it. Remember, success rarely comes overnight, but perseverance and dedication to your chosen venture can yield remarkable results.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let this list be your compass as you navigate the exciting path of online entrepreneurship. Take that first step, adjust your course as you learn, and you may find yourself running a successful business that you started with nothing more than a laptop, an idea, and a whole lot of passion.

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