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30 Leadership Qualities in Managers Questions

30 Leadership Qualities in Managers Questions

30 Leadership Qualities in Managers Questions



Leadership is an artform, a symphony of skills that can inspire teams to achieve greatness. Whether it’s the quiet confidence of knowing your direction or the infectious enthusiasm for shared goals, the qualities of a leader can lift an entire organization. And as we chat, like old friends across a cafe table, we’re going to explore those traits that make managers not just good, but truly great.


Before we leap into our list, let’s whisper a little secret: each quality is a question because the best leaders are always seeking, always questioning. Let’s embark on this journey together and ask ourselves, “Do I have what it takes?” Remember, it’s not just about having these traits, but nurturing them—watering them daily like the plants in your garden so that they may flourish. Get ready to bookmark this one, because these nuggets of leadership gold are worth revisiting.


Leadership Qualities in Managers Questions



  1. Vision: Do I have a clear vision and can I share it with my team enthusiastically?


  2. Empathy: Am I able to put myself in other’s shoes and lead with understanding?


  3. Integrity: Do I practice what I preach and build trust through honesty?


  4. Inclusivity: Can I create a work environment where everyone feels valued and included?


  5. Resilience: Am I strong in the face of adversity, bouncing back with even more resolve?


  6. Communication: Do I communicate clearly, concisely, and openly?


  7. Compassion: Is my managerial style considerate of people’s personal and professional needs?


  8. Adaptability: Can I pivot effectively when unexpected situations arise?


  9. Decisiveness: Am I able to make tough decisions swiftly and confidently?


  10. Inspiration: Do I encourage others to aim high and achieve their potential?


  11. Accountability: Do I take ownership of my actions and their outcomes?


  12. Courage: Am I brave enough to challenge the status quo and take risks?


  13. Humility: Can I admit mistakes and learn from them without ego getting in the way?


  14. Positivity: Do I maintain a positive attitude, even under stress?


  15. Collaboration: Am I fostering a team spirit that celebrates collective success?


  16. Innovation: Do I value creativity and motivate my team to bring fresh ideas to the table?


  17. Commitment: Am I fully dedicated to the mission and to achieving excellence?


  18. Passion: Do I exhibit zeal for my work that sparks others to feel the same?


  19. Fairness: Do I treat everyone with equal respect and justice?


  20. Patience: Am I patient in developing others, recognizing that growth takes time?


  21. Trustworthiness: Do people trust me to lead them with their best interests at heart?


  22. Sensitivity to Detail: Can I balance the big picture with a keen eye on the little things?


  23. Generosity: Do I give credit where it’s due and share in the successes?


  24. Strategic Thinking: Am I good at planning for the future with foresight?


  25. Emotional Intelligence: Do I understand and manage not just my emotions but also perceive others’?


  26. Self-awareness: Am I conscious of my strengths and areas for improvement?


  27. Listening: Do I actually listen to understand, not just to respond?


  28. Cultural Competence: Do I appreciate diversity and foster an inclusive global mindset?


  29. Reliability: Can my team depend on me to be there for them, come rain or shine?


  30. Lead by Example: Do I set a powerful example for my team to follow?


Imagine if every manager asked themselves these questions every day. Picture the incredible workplaces we’d create—full of trust, brimming with innovation, and resonating with the joy of collective achievement. That’s the world we want to live in, isn’t it? One where every morning your team walks into the office, inspired and ready to conquer the day’s challenges.


So, as you close this tab and carry on with your day, tuck these questions in your pocket like a treasure map, full of X’s that mark the spot of your potential. Reflect on them, share them over coffee with a colleague, and remember – the quest for great leadership is ongoing, but oh, is it worth the journey!

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