ClickCease How To Increase Your Blog Traffic: The Easy Steps
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic_ The Easy Steps

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic: The Easy Steps

In the recent past, getting quality traffic was as easy as buying a cup of coffee.


This was due to less Google stringent rules on blogs.


Due to vast completion, getting traffic is a big task, and now you have to be smart to get the real targeted traffic to your blog.


There are some easy steps to getting high-value traffic for your blog. Let’s look at the ways on how to increase your blog traffic.

Tips on How To Increase Your Blog Traffic

These methods may result in higher amounts of temporary traffic with the help of a virtual assistant blogger

1. An advertising campaigns

This can be done via emails, leaflets, posters, TV, radio, etc. It drives lots of traffic for a short period of time whilst the adverts are running.

2. A PPC campaign

This is a program where you pay to have people look at your blog. Your adverts run on other blogs and search engines. When someone clicks on your advert and looks at your blog, you will have to pay the person who hosts your advert. This will gain you more temporary traffic whilst the campaign is running.

3. Black Hat SEO

This involves things such as spamming links that point to your site. It involves keyword stuffing, posting duplicate content as your own, etc. It has an initial positive effect, but this effect is removed when you are caught by the search engines.

4.A viral campaign

Some content/emails/adverts may go viral online and be passed around by a lot of people. As they are being passed around, they will attract attention to the original blog (if you are smart enough to have put your web address in the viral content).

5.A social media campaign

Some people are going to take note if you run a good social media campaign. Your traffic will increase as you gain support online, but it will only last for as long as your profile is the more current trendy, or new thing. Often a social media campaign is a flash in the pan exercise.

Ways of getting a more consistent flow of traffic

1. Time

If you keep your blog online for a long time and update it frequently throughout that time, the search engines will view you in a better light and will start raising your blog through the search engine results.

2. Updates

Keeping the blog updated is a good way of rising through the SERPs. The updates are viewed as good things by search engines, and older information and web tools are not as useful to blog visitors. A blog that is kept up to date is more useful to viewers.



3. Strong links

These are links from blogs and content that is related to the page it points towards. They are also links that are not going to break after a few months. The longer a link points to your blog, the better off you will be.

4. Consistently high quality

This helps you to rise through the SERPs and keep people coming back since they will not return to a low-quality blog on mass.

5. Easy to use 

The harder your blog is to use, then the more people you are going to scare away. This does not mean that you need to host a blog for the dumb portion of the population. You can make your blog as complex as you like, but you will need to make it easy to learn, and therefore easy to use.

Blogs that are well internally and externally linked

You can let your SEO VA or even your virtual assistant for writers find you good internal links that will help people stay on your blog for longer so that they bond with it more. It will also help the search engines index your blog correctly. Linking out to other people will help your SEO and usability if the links are to related sites/content. Links pointing to your blog will drive direct traffic to you and will increase your blog’s SEO value.

A good on-page SEO foundation

Every part of your on-page SEO must be completed. This includes keywords and descriptions in meta tags, good quality content, easy-to-read links with keywords, etc. Your blog’s traffic growth will be forever stunted if you fail with your on-page SEO.

How to increase your blog traffic

Some simple SEO tactics will skyrocket your blog traffic. The following are straightforward and easy-to-do tactics you can do to increase and generate traffic to your site.

Press release

The press release is an in-form traffic system that can populate your web around the globe. If done correctly, your blog can be as popular as a celebrity blog. Truth be told, Google loves press release sites; this is because of the high-value content that is being generated.

The best way to use the press release is to write a newsworthy story that will generate buzz within your niche. After you have written the release, the next step is to use a submission service that will distribute your story to your audience. The best press release service is the PRWEB.COM period.

This is because; it will announce your release to almost every site that is within your niche. Even bloggers and the affiliate can use it as long as you approach it naturally. Make sure to take advantage of writing and distributing your release to the masses.

Guest blogging

Another way of getting high-value traffic is through guest blogging. Since the Google Panda update and the latest penguin update, more sites are in the thirst for good quality content. Guest blogging is a win-win situation. In fact, guest blogging is one of the most ethical link-building strategies that is recognized by Google.

How do you approach guest blogging? Below are the best ways to maximize your guest blogging:

  • Write an epic title that will attract your potential readers
  • When writing your guest post, link it to your landing page
  • Use an anchor-text for SEO purposes
  • Your guest post should be from 750-2000 words
  • Mention the big blogs within your niche

If you follow the above strategies, we can assure you that you will positively maximize your search engine traffic.

Linking internally

A quick example can be seen on sites like and Link to your most popular pages on every page you have on your blog. This can be having a sidebar that displays the most popular posts.

The other way to go about it is to link to it in your new blog post via a word in the paragraph and a “recommended link to post” insert.

Getting featured snippets on Google

Moz wrote a post on how to rank #0. Ranking #0 means having the contents of your page featured on the first page of people above everyone else.



To increase your chances of success, make sure your header tag is exactly what the user would search for (e.g., what digital marketing is).

After your header tag, have concise / feature-worthy answers, i.e., for “what is digital marketing” – “digital marketing is…”

CTRs & title tags

If more people click on the 2nd result than the 1st result, what this tells Google is that the 1st result isn’t something people want to read, and hence it will rank lower over time.

To avoid this happening to you, make sure to edit your title tags (a.k.a. headers) and make them appealing for people to click on.

Long-form blog posts

Why does Wikipedia get ranked high? Among other factors is that the information available on their site is detailed and long-form.

When you write blog posts, aim to write at least 3000 words and above for maximum effect. This will give you two advantages:

  • The more words on your page, the more keywords you can rank for.
  • The more detailed your page, the more people will refer to it or stay on to read further.

Transcribe your videos

Google can’t crawl videos yet, but it can crawl text. There are two ways to go about it:

  • Transcribe your videos and give them captioned subtitles on YouTube
  • Transcribe your videos and turn them into blog posts with the video embedded like this.

Google image searches

Have you ever wondered how you can rank for images? Optimize your images for image search by editing the alt tags of your images with detailed descriptions and keywords.

For example, if you have a car site and are ranking for a silver Toyota Vios, edit your alt tags to be just that “silver Toyota Vios” and name all your images.

In conclusion, simple SEO tactics you can use to skyrocket your traffic are:

  • Press release
  • Guest blogging
  • Linking internally
  • Getting ranked #0
  • Optimizing your title tags
  • Long-form blog posts
  • Transcribing your videos
  • Optimizing your image alt tags.

Based on the above tips, we would encourage you to implement both strategies in your blog, and you will see how fast you can be popular.

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