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11 Tips To Follow On How To Generate Website Traffic Like Wikipedia

Your website is your portal to the world. What you say, how you say it, how you present whatever it is you have – that is what determines how it will be perceived by everyone else and, as a result of that, how much income you could potentially make from your website. That’s why you need to know how to generate website traffic.

The key people should understand that attention is the currency of the internet. Information is the bait, and attention in traffic is what converts to dollar signs at the end of the equation. How you secure that attention is the matter of a growing science today called Search Engine Optimization (i.e., SEO). Many companies big and small pay big bucks for consultation on their websites for SEO.

If you are one of those who want to generate traffic for a website like Wikipedia, it will be quite impressive for you that it doesn’t spend a dime on SEO, and then how Wikipedia ranks on page one from 50 to 99% in SERPs. If you are a small business, then generating traffic like Wikipedia can be hard to achieve but you can follow the below tips to match its scale.

Using Yahoo answers for more website traffic

An important thing in blogging is an authority in your niche. What better way to show that you are by answering questions in that niche? ‘Yahoo answers’ is perfect for that.

Yahoo Answers has great searchability where you can enter keywords to find questions to answer. You can search between answers that have or haven’t been answered yet. You can also leave your “source” when answering a question. This is basically asking for a plug of your own website. 

Promote your pages with a lot of vigor

If you desire to receive increased organic traffic from search engines, creating highly compelling content is just a fraction of what you need to do. It also includes creating backlinks and promoting the pages like someone who means it. Besides leveraging on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, guest posting is another strategy you can use to promote your pages. If there are any meaningful online forums, participate too, and you will significantly popularize your pages to increase the amount that you make from AdSense.

Use ads where they are more likely to be seen

Do you know when or where your ads are more likely to be seen and eventually earn more clicks? The secret is placing them adjacent to something that the user is more likely to click on. A user’s eyes mostly follow the mouse, and if they spot an attractive ad close to what they are about to open, it increases their likelihood of clicking on your ad. Whether it is a share button or a social link button, find out what your users like and place your ads next to such.

Use Facebook to generate traffic

Keywords are still essential when working online because they will be used from time to time to find content over the internet. Generate a good list by using the savviest tools available or by simply observing and accurately speculating what users are likely to look for. Once you have such keywords, never use them the spam way. Spread them naturally and reasonably as though you are a skilled writer trying to share meaningful content relating to that particular subject. For an article that has 500 words, using the keywords at least 4 or 5 times will be reasonable. Be careful to spread them evenly such that your content looks natural.

Use SEO strategies

Search engine optimization is how Google, Yahoo, and other search engines point info seekers to your blog. However, if you don’t have the right SEO techniques, these search engines are going to skim right past your blog and move on to another one that addresses things in the right way. However, you don’t want to make it obvious that you are building SEO into your blog — you still want your blog to be authentic. By using different phrases to describe the same thing, you are optimizing your site’s ability to be picked up by search engines. If you are talking about running in New York City, try using phrases like “New York City running” and “NYC running” in addition to the obvious.

Make friends with other bloggers

The blogging community is tight-knit. Many bloggers spend a lot of time reading other blogs. Find blogger friends by posting comments on other blog posts. Avoid making comments that don’t seem authentic — truly spend time reading a blog post and answer a blogger’s question or offer some insight. It’s best to comment on blogs that talk about the same topics as you; after all, these will be more interesting to you.

Create a standing post and theme

Whether it’s Thankful Thursday or Tasty Tuesday, create a standing weekly post that people can look forward to and come back to your blog to enjoy. For instance, if you post a recipe on your site and deem it “Tasty Tuesday,” people who enjoyed reading the recipe will be more likely to come back the next week if they know that a similar post will be there.

Engage your readers

Part of blogging is sharing your experiences and telling your story to the world, but the other part of blogging is building relationships with your readers. If your readers comment on a post, respond to them. Ask your readers to share comments at the end of every post — this gives them something to think about and an opportunity to share their insight.

Be patient

Unfortunately, it sometimes just takes time for people to find your blog. The more that you post, the more likely you are to find followers. Most blogs get a following based on word of mouth. Other bloggers love your site and tell their blogging friends. Or, someone does a web search and comes across a page and finds it interesting. It takes a few months, but you will start to develop a following — as long as your content is interesting.

Increase traffic with google images

Ranking high in Google’s image search can increase your traffic considerably. This is especially true if you can rank in the top three for search results that show images above the organic search results.

There are much fewer variables to consider with image search than with organic search. Some of them are:

· Filename



· Image Alt tags

· Image Title tags

· Size of the image

· Text around the image

· Title tag, meta tags, header tags, and the relevancy of the content on the page

· Links coming into the image

· Links coming into the page the image is on

· Authority or Page Rank of the page the image is on

· How old the image, page, and site are

Try the following to improve your Google image search rankings

Make your images large 

Large images tend to rank higher than smaller images. We recommend making images you want to rank high in searches at least 10,000 square pixels. An image that is larger than 333 pixels wide by 334 pixels tall would work.

Make sure to specify the width and the height of the image in your html.

Put your keywords in the file name 

If you want your image to rank high for the term ‘internet marketing,’ name it ‘internet-marketing.jpg. ‘

Put your keywords in the Alt tags 

This is probably the most obvious thing to do. Alt tags are designed to provide alternative text when images cannot be displayed. They should describe what the image is about.

Example: <img src=”internet-marketing.jpg” width =”400″ height =”400″ alt=”Internet Marketing”>

Put your keywords in the image title tag 

Many people don’t realize that there is a title tag associated with images. The text in the title tag is shown when the user scrolls the mouse over the image. Put the same text in the title tag that you put in the Alt tag.



Example: <img src =”internet-marketing.jpg” width =”400″ height =”400″ alt =”Internet Marketing” title =”Internet Marketing “>

Optimize your page for the keywords 

Include the keywords in the title tags, Meta tags, header tags, and the body copy of your page. The keyword density of the page that the image is on is very important.


If you want to generate website traffic like Wikipedia – there are many ways today in the “search engine optimization” world that you can do some research on. To increase website traffic is to increase your potential for income. The internet is based on attention and raffling that attention off to the highest bidder. That’s what it is all about. So, if your site is attention-grabbing, then you know what to do. The rest is easy. So, if you want to make some money – stop worrying about the money and start worrying about how to generate website traffic.

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