How hiring a virtual assistant helps your business

Do More Of What You Love: Hiring A Virtual Assistant

With the emerging concept of eCommerce, the idea of hiring a virtual assistant is growing to manage and handle the workload most effectively. There is numerous online course that offers the course for the virtual assistant job however what you need to know to hire a virtual assistant is what we aim to deliver through this piece of writing.

Virtual assistant

As explained itself, a virtual assistant is someone who assists you in your business operation without necessarily being with you physically. When hiring a virtual assistant, you hand over your work responsibilities to him and put those efforts and time into the growth of your business. The services of a virtual assistant vary depending upon the needs and nature of a company and on your budget. Some people often hire more than one virtual assistant to avail different expertise for them.

Work responsibilities of a virtual assistant may include scheduling your work commitments, digital marketing of your products, administrative tasks, financials, graphic designing, developing, writing, setting appointments for your clients, etc. When your virtual assistant looks after those repetitive and routine tasks, you can then work toward the growth of the business.

How the concept of virtual assistant initiated

It was from the 90s when technological advancement made internet connection available for everyone. Businesses then realize that now they can execute their business activities without bringing the employee to the office, i.e., through a virtual assistant.

Today, entrepreneurs with small and online businesses demand virtual assistants for the required skills and expertise at the least possible costs. This demand is simultaneously created opportunities for jobs for those service providers as well. There are certain limitations involved in the scope of virtual assistants; however, the solution to address limitations has also been introduced over time.

For example, your virtual assistant cannot serve you with refreshments or Hi-Tea although, he can place an order and get you with those treats right on your venue.

Why hire a virtual assistant and how they help in business growth

Let’s discuss the reasons briefly as to why virtual assistants are good in your business.


Hiring virtual assistants is cost-effective than hiring a regular employee. Apart from the fee employee charge, you also have to incur an additional cost involving rentals of office, employee benefits, office utilities, supplies, etc. So comparatively, hiring and managing a virtual assistant is a cost-friendly way, and you can then use those saved money for expanding your work or on more productive tasks.

Managing expansions

As a company or entrepreneur, working to increase revenues is what you aim for. However, with increased work, you need to have grown resources which eventually means an increased cost. Hiring a virtual assistant to scale up your business at the least cost possible without compromising on the expertise and quality of services you require by your hired human resources.


Organizing and streamlining a business is essential when planning and executing expansion for business growth. Failing to organize leads to mismanagement, eventually resulting in wastage of both time and resources. Your virtual assistant may handle these organizing tasks for you, enabling you to be more productive. Additionally, you overcome any of your shortcomings of skills or experience through these virtual assistants that may hurdle in reaching your business targets.

The organization also means managing daily routine tasks that are essential but not involved in business growth, like attending phone calls, CRM updates, social media management, Payroll preparation, bookkeeping, filtering emails, etc.

Fabricating strategies

When you hire a virtual assistant, you aim to put the time saved from those routinely work into planning, drafting, and implementation of strategies that will expand your business along with having a competitive edge that is essential to survive in today’s challenging market. Your virtual assistant will undoubtedly be familiar with those challenges and help you fabricate a strategy according to those concerns of the market.

Acquiring specialization

Virtual assistants are different than those assistants who are hired for handling secretarial tasks. The virtual marketplace has enabled the business to expand on a global level and has dramatically made it possible to acquire specialized skills or services. A virtual assistant can be found and hired based on those technical skills that contribute to any business growth.

Building collaborations

Unlike an employee, a virtual assistant is hired for a specific time and particular tasks. They leave and look for other people to hire them for the service they are offering. They aim to build the brand out of their skills and services. You are one of their clients, who they aim to provide with the best of service. Building collaboration with them will help you grow your business along with having a competent partner.

Where and how to find a virtual assistant

After the outburst of the COVID19 pandemic since 2020, the scope and demand for virtual assistants have increased.



Having virtual support for a newly started business provides you with mental peace and helps address challenges that you not have thought of. For specific reasons, it’s not possible to manage everything timely alone, even on having the capacity to do so. Virtual assistants are experts in their job to assist you and provide added knowledge that may add to the growth of your business.

Here at Stealth Agents, we only provide skilled and dedicated virtual assistants that help businesses grow.

How virtual assistant execute work

Usually, virtual assistants work as contractors as their work scope varies from client to client or business to business. They execute their work responsibilities from home by signing a contract for a defined period with a client or company. As for the hirers, they are remote employees. 

Tips in hiring a virtual assistant

Apart from the particular skills to look for in a virtual assistant, there are certain essentials you must consider before hiring.

Communication skill

Communication is one of those critical skills an employer looks for. Even during the hiring process, the way prospect communicates matters a lot. Mainly its communication skill surpasses the knowledge, expertise, and experiences of an employee. The same goes when hiring a virtual assistant when transparency of communication is the basis of trust. It is recommended to discuss the standard way of communication on the initial level and to have a smooth start with your hiring.

Communication with your virtual assistant will include a written one where you can analyze his basic writing skills with grammar. Deciding on communication also consists of the medium of communication, i.e., email, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc.

Handling cloud-based

Your communication will mostly depend on the cloud with a virtual assistant, making it essential for you to analyze how he shares information that may be case-sensitive. An ample knowledge for sharing cloud-based knowledge is necessary for the smooth functioning of the job, which might include sharing files, voice notes, password manager, etc.

Meeting deadlines

Time management skills are crucial when working with remote employees or clients. Making your virtual assistant deliver projects on time can be a task, and failing to manage time is synonymous with losing a client, i.e., business. For this time managing and productive purposes, you will have to draft a schedule for meeting the deadline and making your virtual accountable for working hours for which you are paying him.

There are various software available today to serve the same purpose, i.e., keeping a check on employee activity and productivity during the committed working hours.


Check your hired virtual assistant for those professional working attitudes. It is easier to keep an eye on the employee when he is sitting right in front of you within the office; however, keeping a check on remote employees would be a task to be addressed as far as companies’ security is concerned. Make an effort during the hiring stage to know if your prospect has a proper workstation or not. Enquire about their background and flexible work schedules to know how productive they can work towards keeping the security of a particular project.


To summarize, we would say that it’s not only passion required to sustain yourself in the business. Be it your family business or the one you have started as an entrepreneur to pursue what you love doing; you will need some support in the process of its growth and success. And one effective and modern way is to hire a virtual assistant for the same. You will hand over routine but unproductive tasks to your virtual assistant, but he may help you grow the business through his expert knowledge and experience in the virtual world.

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