A guide to facebook ads metric

Facebook Ads Metric: The Complete Guide

Facebook has revolutionized the term “communication”. Considering its origins as a simple forum meant for students of the Harvard dorm to rate one another, it seems not only extraordinary but at times unbelievable that it has gone on to become a service, a brand that is used by more than a quarter of the world’s population and is considered to be perhaps the most popular method of communication among different demographic groups around the world.

Having so many people on one platform presents a golden opportunity for industries that crave an audience with a high attention span. One of those industries is marketing. In pure numbers, there’s nothing else that can rival the kind of access that marketers have on Facebook. Not only is it easy for marketers to use Facebook to create their ads, but also monitor the kind of results these ads deliver and whether they match the kind of outcomes they were expecting. 

Despite all these benefits of using Facebook, specifically Facebook Ads Metric, there’s still a fair bit of confusion among them about how to properly use these features. So here’s a definitive guide on how to use this feature effectively:

Facebook Ads Metric: The basics

Facebook ads are considered the most effective and efficient way to ensure that you build a considerable audience, customer base as well as create significant conversion in terms of customers. But to extract the maximum benefits from this feature, you’ll need to be clear about what Facebook Ad metrics you need to keep a closer eye on. These metrics are described below along with a description of how they can help you and your brand.

Privacy updates

Facebook Ads operated in a different manner not long ago. The entire Cambridge Analytica fiasco led to an overhaul in Facebook data privacy policies. As a result of that, customers now have greater access to what ads they see, and can now opt-out of receiving any sort of ads. Not only are your ads going to be scrutinized more thoroughly, but you’ll also have to make sure you target the right audiences.

Targeting strategy

This includes the strategies that you’re using to reach the target audience. This includes having specific demographic traits such as age, gender, and location. This will depend a great deal on how your target audience has set their ad preference. If they’ve opted out of your ads, you won’t reach them anyway.


This will allow you to look at the audiences that are viewing your ad and what impression you’re leaving on them. Things like how many users clicked on the link, how many of them went to your website, and more importantly whether any of them bought your product/service. It’ll also help you keep track of which demographic group shows the most promise.

Optimizing ads

This is probably the best way to ensure you extract the maximum ROI from your expenses. Facebook has a fantastic ad optimization option that generates the best preferences for your ad in order to reach as many people as possible and convert those leads into solid conversions.

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