ClickCease Facebook Ads Marketing: 4 Reasons Why It Is Not Effective
Reasons why your Facebook ads marketing is not working

Facebook Ads Marketing: 4 Reasons Why It Is Not Effective

Are you using Facebook ads marketing and wonder why it’s not working on your business?

Given the large pull Facebook has over its general user base, the advertising giant presents a world of opportunity for marketers. The total number of monthly active users on Facebook has grown beyond 2 billion. This growth has been attributed in large part to mobile internet access around the world. Growth-oriented SMEs are jumping the Facebook Ad bandwagon, but in their attempts at connecting with their potential audiences, many marketers are missing the entire point of the platform.

4 things you might miss in doing Facebook ads marketing

Below are the following reasons why your ads on Facebook is not working for your business:

Not getting in touch with the right audience

Facebook Ad is not a magical solution to all your marketing problems. Like other services, it requires thought and proper strategic planning before one could expect the marketing campaign to produce good results. Marketing to a wider audience does not convert leads to sales, in fact, it doesn’t even achieve the basic purpose of reaching leads. The trick with Facebook Ads is to reach specific audiences that will connect more appropriately with your advertisements.
Before you begin to create your ideal campaign, you should first narrow down what your ideal customer really is. Include small details such as age, gender, income, and other useful information that is pertinent to your brand’s success.

The image isn’t all that eye-popping

Appropriate images for your Facebook Ads make all the difference between higher engagement levels and lower ones. Choosing the right image can be a matter of trial and error, and is a highly subjective experience. It is always a good idea to get a second opinion about your image and whether it fits in with the whole narrative. There are always certain elements you can include to make your image stand out, items such as Easter eggs and borders can work wonders for your marketing campaign.

The headline doesn’t have enough oomph

Because people are flooded with so much information on a daily basis, their brains have adapted by filtering out useless information from the more useful ones. Because of this perceived difference, they tend to develop extremely short and narrow attention spans. This limits a marketer’s opportunity of grabbing their audience’s attention. Your only shot at grabbing attention is a strong and irresistible headline that summarizes your product or service in a few short words. But don’t go too overboard in your attempts to appear humorous and witty, instead, work with numbers and short sentences that make sense in a 10-second time frame.

The lack of call to action

Now that you have made your point across, you shouldn’t let it all devolve into nothingness by not following it up with a suitable call to action. Once your customer has been roped into accepting your product or service, they need ‘positive reinforcement’ before they finally decide to take the plunge and shell out a few bucks on your product. For instance, once you have described that particularly awesome benefit about your product, you should close it by adding a sense of urgency at the bottom to encourage action. You could even include information like, “Buy now before the sale runs out!” to emphasize the illusion of limitation.

It’s time to start working smarter!

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