10 Famous Entrepreneurs from Georgia (In 2024)

10 Famous Entrepreneurs from Georgia (In 2024)

Georgia, a state known for its rich culture, southern charm, and peaches, is also the birthplace of some of the most influential entrepreneurs of our time.


These business leaders have made a name for themselves not just locally, but globally, inspiring countless individuals with their characteristics of an entrepreneur.


In this article, we’ll take a look at ten of Georgia’s most famous business titans who have innovative ideas. 


Let’s dive in!

Famous Entrepreneurs from Georgia

These are famous entrepreneurs from Georgia:

  1. Cathy Wooten
  2. Joseph Bojanowski
  3. Susan Chavez
  4. Christian Fischer
  5. René Díaz

1. Cathy Wooten (Chick-fil-A)

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Fast Food Restaurants


Cathy Wooten, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is well-known in the fast-food industry as the CEO of Chick-fil-A. 


Following in her father Truett Cathy’s footsteps, she assumed the role in 2018, focusing on both the growth and preservation of the brand’s core values.




Cathy’s leadership emphasizes a blend of tradition and innovation, making her a standout figure among famous entrepreneurs from Georgia.

2. Joseph Bojanowski (BlackRock)

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Financial Services


Joseph Bojanowski, born in Atlanta, Georgia, is a notable figure in the financial services industry. 


He holds a key role as the Atlanta Innovation Hub leader at BlackRock, where he focuses on driving innovation and utilizing technology to improve investment strategies.


Bojanowski’s contributions exemplify the intersection of finance and technology, showcasing how advancements can shape modern investment practices.

3. Susan Chavez (Turner Enterprises)

Birth Place: Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Media and Entertainment


Susan Chavez serves as the president and CEO of Turner Enterprises, overseeing Ted Turner’s business interests, including philanthropic endeavors and real estate holdings. 


Her leadership in the media and entertainment industry showcases how dedication and strategic management contribute to business success. 




Susan’s role highlights the importance of effective stewardship in handling diverse entrepreneurial ventures.

4. Christian Fischer (Georgia-Pacific)

Birth Place: Germany

Industry: Consumer Products


Christian Fischer, who hails from Germany, is a notable figure in the Consumer Products industry.


Taking on the role of president and CEO of Georgia-Pacific in 2017, Fischer’s long-standing career at the company since 1989 showcases his wealth of international experience. 


His leadership and expertise have significantly contributed to the success and growth of Georgia-Pacific, making him a key entrepreneur to watch from Georgia.

5. René Díaz (Diaz Foods)

Birth Place: Cuba

Industry: Specialty Food Distribution


René Díaz, originally from Cuba, is a notable entrepreneur in Georgia’s specialty food distribution industry. He founded Diaz Foods in 1980 after moving to the U.S. at the age of six. 


His journey from a young immigrant to a successful business owner showcases the opportunities for growth and achievement in Georgia’s entrepreneurial landscape. 


René’s story inspires others to pursue their dreams and highlights the importance of hard work and innovation in the business world.

6. Ayanna Howard 

Dr. Ayanna Howard is a remarkable entrepreneur from Georgia who has made significant strides in the field of robotics.


She is the founder of Zyrobotics, a company that creates interactive robotic products to help make learning fun and accessible for children, especially those with special needs.


As a female leader in a technology-driven industry, Dr. Howard serves as an inspiring role model, demonstrating dedication and innovation in her work.


Her pioneering efforts have not only advanced robotic technologies but have also opened doors to education and interaction.

7. James Jones

James Jones is making a big impact in the world of car safety. He’s working on RaceIQ, a project that helps protect cars from hackers.


Like computers, today’s cars use lots of technology, and that means they can be at risk of cyber attacks. 


What James is doing is important; he’s making sure that people can drive without worrying about digital threats. 

8. Barry Givens

Barry Givens is an enterprising individual best known for co-founding Monsieur, an innovative company that revolutionizes the bartending experience.


Monsieur developed an automated system that serves drinks, making it easier and faster to enjoy a cocktail without the stress of making it yourself.


This creative solution blends technology with the art of mixology, providing a sleek and modern approach to serving beverages.

9. Jewel Burks 

Jewel Burks is an entrepreneur who made her mark with a company called Partpic.


She started this company in 2013 alongside Jason Crain, and together they worked on changing the way we use visual technology.


Partpic made it easier for people to find and identify spare parts just by taking a picture, which was a big step forward in visual recognition technology.


Her innovation has inspired many and shows the kind of impact smart ideas can have in the business world.

10. Bea Dixon

Bea Dixon is a noteworthy entrepreneur from Georgia who started a revolutionary feminine care line using natural plant-based ingredients.


Her company began in her kitchen, a humble start to what would become a game-changing endeavor.


She’s dedicated to providing women with healthier, accessible options for their personal care needs.

Who are some famous entrepreneurs from Georgia?

Some of the most renowned include Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A; Ted Turner, the media mogul behind CNN and Turner Broadcasting System; and Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, a revolutionary women’s apparel company.

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