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30 E-commerce Strategy Evaluation Questions

30 E-commerce Strategy Evaluation Questions

30 E-commerce Strategy Evaluation Questions



E-commerce is like a wild digital market where everyone is selling, and the buyers’ journey is fueled by a smorgasbord of choices. As a business owner, you don’t just need to survive in this digital jungle — you need to thrive. So how do you stand out? With a solid e-commerce strategy. But building one is no cakewalk. It requires a mix of innovation, know-how, risk-taking, and most importantly — fine-tuning.


It’s time for the e-commerce strategy evaluation — where you peel back the layers of your business plan to review, analyze, and kick-up your online operations. This isn’t a solo reflection; it’s a checklist you can use to ensure your e-commerce strategy is firing on all cylinders. Let’s dive right into 30 potent questions that will supercharge your e-commerce prowess.



E-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop. With over 2 billion people worldwide buying goods online, and sales projected to reach $6.2 trillion annually by 2027, it’s a market too gargantuan to ignore.


Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur dipping your toes into the e-commerce waters or a seasoned merchant navigating the choppy digital tides, evaluating your e-commerce strategy is pivotal. It’s your blueprint for navigating the bustling web, and to succeed, that plan must be air-tight.


Here, we guide you through thirty key questions designed to sharpen your understanding, refine your approach, and enhance your e-commerce strategy.


Why E-commerce Strategy Evaluation Is So Important

Regularly assessing your e-commerce strategy is like tuning an instrument before every performance — it ensures your offering is top-notch. With competitors just a click away, there’s no room for error or mediocrity.


An effective e-commerce strategy isn’t static; it’s dynamic, evolving to meet market needs and consumer expectations. Evaluation shines a light on what’s working, what needs tweaking, and what must change.




List of 30 E-commerce Strategy Evaluation Questions

Let’s unfurl the 30 crucial questions that will lead you to e-commerce excellence. Remember, the goal isn’t just to answer these questions, it’s to take action on the insights they reveal.


1. Is Our Site User-Friendly?

Think like a customer navigating your site for the first time. Is everything intuitive, from the layout to the checkout process?

2. Do We Have a Mobile-Optimized Site?

In a mobile-centric world, the answer better be ‘Yes.’ If it’s not, mobile conversion rates won’t be either.

3. Is Our Website Loading Time Acceptable?

Three seconds or less. That’s the benchmark. Any longer, expect a substantial bounce rate.

4. Are Our Product Descriptions Compelling and Clear?

Features and benefits should be highlighted. Grammatically correct, engaging copy is non-negotiable.

5. Do Our Product Images Tell the Whole Story?

Quality, zoom features, and multiple angles are pivotal for conversion.

6. Is Our Site Navigation Streamlined?

Cluttered navigation confuses. Use clear categories and search functions to guide customers.

7. What Is Our Current Abandoned Cart Rate?

High rates signal friction in the buying process. Investigate and remedy.

8. How Fast Do We Ship?

Fast shipping means happy customers. Review your shipping times and consider options like next-day delivery.

9. What Is Our Current Return Rate?

Low return rates indicate satisfied customers. If your numbers are high, look into product quality and customer service.

10. Are We Utilizing Data Analytics to Their Full Potential?

Analytics are your eyes and ears in the digital landscape. Leverage them to make informed strategy decisions.

11. Are Our Prices Competitive?

Keep an eye on the market and competitors. If you’re too high, justify with added value. If you’re too low, ensure it’s a strategic decision.

12. Do We Have a Solid Social Media Presence?

It’s not just about sales but engagement. Social media should be a dialogue, not a monologue.

13. Are We Taking Advantage of E-mail Marketing?

The money is in the list. Email campaigns are direct, personalized, and often provide a higher ROI.

14. How Is Our Customer Service?

First impressions are lasting. Make sure your customer service is prompt, friendly, and helpful.

15. How Effective Are Our Live Chat and Support Features?

Customers love a quick answer. Real-time support can turn a maybe into a yes.

16. Are We Incorporating Upselling and Cross-Selling?

It’s easier to sell more to a current customer than to find a new one. Use these techniques effectively.

17. What Is Our Average Order Value (AOV)?

A high AOV can support and enhance profitability. If it’s low, explore tactics to increase it.

18. How Is Our Conversion Rate Overall?

If your visitors aren’t converting, your strategy needs serious rethinking.

19. How Well Do We Perform in Local Searches?

Local SEO can lead nearby customers straight to your digital doorstep.

20. Are Our Product Pages SEO-Optimized?

Product pages should be found, and found easily. Solid SEO is your ticket to visibility.

21. Are We Leveraging the Power of Product Reviews?

Customers trust other customers. Positive product reviews can be your best salespeople.

22. Is Our Content Marketing Strategy Aligned With Our Sells Strategy?

Educate, inform, and inspire with your content. It’s a soft touchpoint that makes the hard sell easier.

23. What Is the Lifespan of Our Product Lines?

Stay ahead by tracking sales performance by product line over time.

24. Are We Providing a Timely and Appropriate Response to Market Trends?

The e-commerce landscape is ever-changing. Adaptation is key. Stay tuned in to trends and pivot.

25. Do We Offer Multiple Payment Options?

To cater to all customers, offer a variety of payment methods.

26. What Is Our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)?

High e-commerce acquisition costs can eat into your profits. Evaluate and refine your acquisition strategy.

27. Is Our Content Marketed Across Various Channels?

Content should be widespread, not scattered. Market it where your audience is.

28. How Do Our Shipping Costs Compare?

Shipping can make or break a good deal. Compare your costs to industry standards and optimize.

29. How Are We Handling Personalization?

Mass customization is the future. Tailor your offerings to individual preferences.

30. What’s Our Plan for Sustainable Growth?

Sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s a business imperative. Consider your long-term impact and growth plans.





Your e-commerce strategy is the compass that guides your customers on a journey from browsing to buying. By evaluating it regularly and rigorously, you ensure your North Star never wavers. Use the 30 questions as waypoints, and remember that in this digital adventure, your e-commerce strategy will always be a work in progress. With each adjustment, you get closer to the ultimate destination — e-commerce supremacy.


So go ahead, dive into these questions, scrutinize your e-commerce strategy, and watch your online business flourish. After all, in the ever-changing digital landscape, being static isn’t just boring – it’s bad for business.

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