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30 Corporate Culture Phrases

30 Corporate Culture Phrases

30 Corporate Culture Phrases



Corporate culture is not just a buzzword, but an integral part of any successful organization. It encompasses the shared values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that define a company’s identity. A strong corporate culture leads to increased employee engagement, improved productivity and ultimately, a positive impact on the bottom line.





  1. Culture eats strategy for breakfast” – This phrase highlights the importance of a company’s culture in driving its success, often more so than its strategic plans.


  1. “People are our greatest asset” – A reminder that employees are at the core of a company’s success and should be valued as such.


  1. Work hard, play hard” – Encourages a balance between putting in effort and enjoying life outside of work.


  1. “Innovate or die” – Emphasizes the need for companies to continually evolve and innovate in order to stay ahead in the market.


  1. “One team, one dream” – Encourages cooperation and teamwork towards achieving a common goal.


  1. “Fail fast, fail often” – Encourages taking risks and learning from failures.


  1. “Work smarter, not harder” – Emphasizes the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in work.


  1. “Lead by example” – A reminder that leaders should set a positive example for their employees to follow.



  1. “Culture is what happens when no one is looking” – Highlights the importance of ingrained values and behaviors in a company’s culture.


  1. “Keep the customer satisfied” – Reminds employees to prioritize customer satisfaction in all aspects of their work.


  1. “Our people are our brand” – Emphasizes the role that employees play in shaping a company’s reputation and image.


  1. “Think big, act small” – Encourages companies to maintain a startup mentality even as they grow.


  1. “Diversity is our strength” – Recognizes the value of having a diverse workforce and fostering inclusivity.


  1. “Honesty is the best policy” – Encourages transparency and trust within the company.


  1. “Walk the talk” – A reminder to follow through on promises and actions.


  1. “Culture is not a perk, it’s a priority” – Highlights the importance of actively cultivating and maintaining a company’s culture.


  1. “Do good, do well” – Encourages companies to prioritize both financial success and making a positive impact on society.


  1. Think outside the box” – Encourages employees to think creatively and outside of traditional norms.


  1. “Stay hungry, stay humble” – Reminds employees to continuously strive for success while remaining grounded and appreciative.


  1. “Lead with empathy” – Encourages leaders to understand and consider the perspectives of their team members.


  1. “Company culture starts from the top” – Recognizes that leadership’s actions and values greatly influence a company’s culture.


  1. “Culture is not stagnant, it evolves” – Acknowledges that a company’s culture should adapt and evolve over time.


  1. “Celebrate successes, learn from failures” – Encourages reflection and growth from both achievements and setbacks.



  1. Work-life integration” – Recognizes the importance of work-life balance and finding harmony between the two.


  1. Culture is a journey, not a destination” – Emphasizes that building and maintaining a positive culture is an ongoing process.


  1. Lead, don’t manage” – Encourages leaders to empower and guide their team rather than micromanage.


  1. Accountability breeds success” – Reminds employees to take ownership of their work and responsibilities.


  1. Culture is the glue that holds us together” – Recognizes the role of a strong culture in uniting and aligning employees towards common goals.


  1. “Mission over money” – Emphasizes the importance of fulfilling a company’s purpose and mission rather than solely focusing on profits.


  1. It takes a village” – Acknowledges the collective effort and collaboration of employees in achieving success.





In conclusion, understanding and implementing corporate culture phrases is an essential aspect of creating a positive and productive work environment. These phrases serve as a reminder to employees of the company’s values and beliefs, promoting a sense of belonging and teamwork. Moreover, incorporating these phrases into daily communication can improve employee morale, motivation, and overall job satisfaction.

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