45 Competitive Landscape Evaluation Questions

45 Competitive Landscape Evaluation Questions

45 Competitive Landscape Evaluation Questions




You’ve set sail on the business seas, and while the wind is at your back, it’s essential to navigate wisely if you want to reach your desired destination. In this fluid marketplace, understanding your competitive landscape isn’t just a strategic advantage—it’s your roadmap to success. However, you might wonder, where do I even begin charting this vast territory? It starts with the right questions.


You know the old saying: “There are no dumb questions, just the ones you don’t ask.” So, let’s dive deep into the competitive waters with 45 questions that will help you evaluate, strategize, and ultimately outmaneuver your rivals.


Introduction: Navigating Your Competitive Space

The importance of understanding your competitive landscape cannot be overstated. Knowledge truly is power; and in the high-octane world of business, being in the know can spell the difference between winning big and going back to the drawing board. This unique process is an ongoing venture, much like polishing a prize-worthy ship. It’s about analyzing your competitors while cultivating a keen sense of where the currents are taking you.


45 Competitive Landscape Evaluation Questions



Understanding Market Positioning

  1. What are the unique selling points (USPs) of my business compared to others?
  2. Who are the market leaders, and what puts them ahead of the pack?
  3. By what margins are competitor prices set, and how do they reflect product differentiation?

Objective Analysis of Competitors

  1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my main competitors?
  2. How do they approach customer service, and is there a gap for my business to fill?
  3. Have they recently expanded or downsized, and what implications might that have for my operations?

Consumer Insights and Trends

  1. What demographics do my competitors appeal to, and how does that profile compare with my ideal customer?
  2. What are the prevailing customer complaints about my competition, and can I learn from these?
  3. Are there any market trends that my rivals have successfully tapped into, or even sparked?

Technological Advancements and Adaptations

  1. How technically savvy are my competitors, and what digital platforms are they utilizing?
  2. Are there any tech tools that could give my business an edge?
  3. How quickly do my competitors adopt new technology?

Industry-Specific Questions

  1. Who are the disruptors in my industry, and how can we use (or combat) their innovations?
  2. What regulations or legal issues have impacted my competitors’ operations, and could they affect mine?
  3. How do my rivals handle environmental or social responsibilities, and what could we do differently (or similarly) to enhance our reputation?

Financial Standing and Growth

  1. What are my competitors’ revenue streams, and are they diversifying more effectively than mine?
  2. How does my capital expenditure compare to industry rivals, and is it time to rethink investments?
  3. Have any of my competitors recently secured significant funding, and how has that been utilized?

Marketing and Branding Strategies

  1. How do my competitors communicate their brand messages, and what tone do they use?
  2. What kind of marketing channels and budgets do they maintain?
  3. What brand partnerships or sponsorships do my competitors have, and how do they benefit their market image?

Sales and Distribution Networks

  1. How does my competitor manage their distribution and logistics?
  2. What sales channels have they opened up, and which ones might be untapped opportunities for my business?
  3. Are there spaces where my product or service is not currently available in my competitors’ networks?

Customer Loyalty and Retention

  1. What loyalty programs or retention strategies are used by my competitors, and how effective are they?
  2. Can I identify recurring complaints or praises about my competitors, and how does this relate to customer loyalty?
  3. How do my rivals handle negative social media or online reviews, and what can I learn from their approach?

Staffing and Human Resource Management

  1. What talent are my competitors hiring, and how does that affect their innovation and service?
  2. Are there training programs or employee development initiatives that have yielded success for my rivals?
  3. How does the company culture of my competitors affect staff productivity and retention?

Research and Development

  1. What investments do my competitors make in R&D, and how does it reflect in their product pipeline?
  2. Are there specific areas where my competition seems to be putting more effort into innovation?
  3. How long do my rivals take to bring a product from the concept stage to market, and can I expedite that process?

Distribution Channels and Logistics

  1. What kind of partnerships do my competitors have with distributors or logistics companies?
  2. Can I identify any inefficiencies or bottlenecks in their supply chain that my business could resolve?
  3. How do my rivals handle out-of-stock situations, and what keeps their customers loyal despite it?

Digital Presence

  1. What is the online presence of my competition, and how effectively do they engage with their audience?
  2. Are there any digital platforms or strategies they seem to be neglecting?
  3. How do they handle online feedback, and could I improve upon this to win over more customers?

Growth Strategies

  1. Are my competitors expanding geographically, and what can I learn from their approach?
  2. Have they recently acquired or merged with another company, and what were the outcomes?
  3. How do they set targets for growth, and how do they measure success?

The Team Behind the Curtain

  1. Who are the key decision-makers in my competitors’ operations?
  2. What are their backgrounds, and what can those reveal about their approach to business?
  3. Can I find any patterns or insights in how my competition operates that might help me predict their next strategic move?





Your expedition into business’s competitive waters is far from over; these 45 questions are just the beginning of a dynamic process, one where adaptability and insight are your compass. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mapping the perfect strategy, but with diligence, thoughtful observation, and a willingness to act on what you learn, you’ll be far more likely to ride the waves of the marketplace with confidence. May the journey of competitive landscape evaluation be as enlightening as it is rewarding. Happy sailing!

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