ClickCease 17 Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs Possess
Top common traits of successful entrepreneurs

17 Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

Many people dream of being an entrepreneur.


It can be rewarding but takes a lot of hard work,  and there is no instant magic formula to becoming a successful one.


However, there are characteristics of an entrepreneur that can add up to becoming successful. Here are what business experts and owners believe are the common traits of successful entrepreneurs. Let’s dive into it!


Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

Here are what business experts and owners believe are the common traits of successful entrepreneurs. Let’s dive into it!



One of the most important and common traits of successful entrepreneurs is empathy. Although a lot of people think emotions are an obstacle to development, I realized that business owners who don’t understand how people feel cannot succeed.


There is no successful product without a team behind it and if a leader doesn’t know how his teammates are feeling, it will be hard to manage them properly. As a result, people can get very unsatisfied and leave easily, which causes a lot of problems and impacts business’ success.

Nick Chernets, CEO of Data for SEO

Have the desire to learn

No one, in my opinion, knows everything. Due to a lack of funds, a fledgling business may not have workers in every department. Building a team takes time and money. This implies that businesses must learn everything from accounting to marketing from the ground up. This type of experience is what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs. They’ve seen it all before, been through it, and learned from it.

Samuel DeCroes, President of Stock Trend Alerts


It can feel impossible to get your business off the ground when you’re just starting out. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, do not think in this manner. They have a positive outlook on the future and are continuously looking forward. Entrepreneurs have a vision that they want to share with the rest of the world. Their team is aware of why they do what they do, what the aim is, and what part they play in achieving success. You must be goal-oriented to be a successful entrepreneur. Setting goals, though, isn’t enough. Make a strategy and do everything you can to achieve your objectives. There must be a reason for everything you do.



Gavin Johnson, Managing Director at Evking


Bumps on the road are unavoidable for any company, no matter how successful it is. The ability to bounce back from adversity is one of the common traits of successful entrepreneurs. In the face of failure, they see it as a chance to learn and develop. They have come to terms with the fact that they will fail from time to time.

Ricardo Pina, Money Expert at  The Modest Wallet


Being goal-oriented is one of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs. What are your hopes and aspirations for the company you’re establishing and how will the world be transformed as a result of your offering? You may use a vision statement to keep your company and its employees focused on the most important things by communicating your goals and dreams to your audience. Once you’ve crafted your big goal, it’s time to lay out a strategy for achieving it.

Benjamin Stenson, CEO of Norsemen Home Remodeling

The desire to be the best version of yourself

Much of a successful person’s motivation stems from a desire to be the greatest version of themselves, which naturally flows over into business. The ambition is to make your company the greatest or biggest it can be. Just about all entrepreneurs are actually self-improvement addicts because they understand that the better they are, the better the world around them will be.

Abe Breuer, CEO and Owner of VIP To Go


While they may not all be creative in the traditional sense, they are creative in the ways that they think about their ideas and come up with solutions. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to be presented with a variety of different unprecedented and complicated scenarios, and often the only way to figure out what to do to proceed is to think creatively. One of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs is being creative themselves, and they welcome creativity from others.

Larry Snider, VP of Operations of Casago Vacation Rentals

Knows when to seek assistance

Sales, marketing, and operations are just a handful of the many facets of a firm. An entrepreneur may have a broad understanding of various fields, but he or she is unlikely to be well-versed in any of them. The most successful entrepreneurs are aware of their flaws and seek out professionals who can compensate for them.

Matthew Dailly, Managing Director at Tiger Financial


Successful entrepreneurs are great innovators, allowing them to identify and embrace trends and adapt to emerging technologies. In the workplace, they create environments where employees are equipped with the resources needed to step out of their comfort zone. And with the business leader’s guidance, the team works to develop fresh and creative ways of doing things, break barriers, and continuously drive the business forward.

Jonathan Ben Zvi, CEO of All Forward


Discipline tops my list of the common traits of successful entrepreneurs.  As an entrepreneur, you should always stay disciplined and hold yourself accountable. To be successful, disciplined entrepreneurs work harder than anyone else. They understand that they have to go the extra mile to get the desired outcome.

Miro Nikolov, CEO at Super Betting Sites




When entrepreneurs are prepared to take chances, they can acquire vital business lessons that can benefit their company in the long run. Taking chances also aids firms in discovering new methods to set themselves apart from the competition, which is especially beneficial in saturated marketplaces. Even if the risk does not provide the desired outcome, the entrepreneur can apply the valuable lessons to future company decisions.

Steven Walker, CEO of Spylix


For a company to make money, it must make sales. Entrepreneurs who are persuasive are not only able to convince customers to buy but are able to connect with the people around them. Confident, persuasive, entrepreneurs get others excited and motivated to their cause. This allows them to build out a strong team that complements their strengths and scales the business.

Jeffrey Lusczynski,  Founder of Convert Factor


Resourcefulness is one of the common traits of successful entrepreneurs. It can help entrepreneurs find creative solutions to problems and overcome obstacles. It also enables them to be efficient with their time and money, which is important in starting a business. In addition, being resourceful helps entrepreneurs stay optimistic to persevere through challenging times.

Craig Anderson Founder of Express Dentist

To lead by example

Through the hours of work we put in each week, and the effort we instill into doing the best work possible, our peers and employees see the dedication. I believe the ability to lead by example is one of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs. It is contagious and can help in building the company’s work culture in a positive way. An entrepreneur who is not afraid of getting their hands dirty doing a variety of tasks and is right there to help their employees when things are busy or we hit a roadblock is an entrepreneur ready to succeed.

Brent Thurman, Owner of Bear River Mutual Insurance


If you don’t believe in yourself, your company, or your product why should anyone else? And, no matter what anyone thinks or tells you – your own confidence will carry you a long way. And, it’s not something others can give or teach you.

Nikki Webster, Owner and Founder of Brit On The Move


To begin a new venture, you must possess the intellectual curiosity to ask questions that have not yet occurred to others. You then have to continue to learn as your enterprise evolves and not be afraid to grow and change as needed.

Trish Stukbauer, Principal of IE Marketing, LLC


You’ve certainly heard it before, but it’s because it’s true: the most vital attribute of a successful entrepreneur is passion. When you enjoy what you do, you’re willing to put in extra work to make your firm a success since the enjoyment you get outweighs the financial advantages.

Dean Lee, Head of Marketing at Sealions


Being an entrepreneur is not that simple. It is both a challenge and a great opportunity, and it takes certain qualities and traits to become successful. But if you possess the common traits of successful entrepreneurs mentioned above, it is not impossible for you to seize opportunities and overcome challenges throughout your journey.

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