25 Business Online Presence Evaluation Questions

25 Business Online Presence Evaluation Questions

25 Business Online Presence Evaluation Questions



Hey there, savvy business owner! We bet you’re acing the brick-and-mortar scene, but how’s your digital handshake? That’s right, we’re talking about your online presence. It’s the digital front door to your business and trust us, first impressions count online, just as much as offline. So, let’s do a little sleuthing together to make sure your online presence is as robust as your handshake.


Ready? Roll up your sleeves, and let’s dive into the 25 questions you need to answer to evaluate your business’s online footprint. It’s like a health check-up for your digital strategy!


Business Online Presence Evaluation Questions



  1. Is your website mobile-friendly? Because, hey, who isn’t on their phone these days?


  2. Does your website load faster than your morning coffee? We all know patience is a rare virtue online.


  3. Are your contact details harder to find than Waldo? Make sure they’re front and center.


  4. Got testimonials? They’re like personal recommendations from your digital besties.


  5. How’s your SEO game? Are you a search engine’s BFF or just another face in the crowd?


  6. Is your “About Us” page more like a mystery novel? Unravel the story of your brand.


  7. Is your content fresher than your competitors’ morning doughnuts? Stay current and relevant.


  8. Do you speak ‘blog’? Share valuable insights with your audience (and yes, they care).


  9. Are your social media profiles picture perfect? Polish them ’til they shine!


  10. Do you engage online as well as you do at networking events? Digital schmoozing counts.


  11. Newsletter? Or is it gathering virtual dust in inboxes?


  12. Is your branding consistent as your morning routine? Keep it familiar across all platforms.


  13. Online reviews – are you loved or loathed? Either way, respond with grace.


  14. Got a Google My Business profile? It’s like your digital billboard on the internet superhighway.


  15. Can customers buy your product on their lunch break without leaving their desk? E-commerce is your friend.


  16. Pay Per Click ads – Are they working as hard as you? Track their performance.


  17. How easily can the press mention you in their next piece? Think press kits and easy-to-find media contacts.


  18. Are your photos stock or shock? Original imagery tells your unique story.


  19. Do you monitor what the world says about you online? Keep your ears open.


  20. How’s your YouTube presence? Unleash your inner Spielberg.


  21. Do you podcast? It could be music (or wisdom) to someone’s ears.


  22. Ever considered webinars or live sessions? Face-to-face, even if it’s screen-to-screen.


  23. Is your checkout as smooth as your sales pitch? Nobody likes a bumpy ride.


  24. Are your cyber security measures tougher than a two-dollar steak? Keep customer data safe.


  25. Analytics – Do you measure digital footprints in the sandbox? They lead to gold mines.




Phew! That was quite the list, wasn’t it? But think of it this way: every ‘Yes’ gets you closer to being the digital hero your business deserves, and every ‘No’? Well, that’s an opportunity to level up.


So, keep these questions handy, revisit them often, and remember: the digital world never sleeps, but neither does the potential for your business to grow within it. And as your digital partner in crime, we’re here to help translate the techie talk and support you every click of the way.


Your business is incredible, and the whole cyber universe should know it. Evaluate, update, impress, and express—that’s how you’ll pass the digital health check-up with flying colors. Ready to make some waves online? We thought so!




Let’s make your business the one everybody’s talking about for all the right reasons. We believe in you and your digital potential – now go show the internet what you’re made of!

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