15 Business Networking Etiquette Terms

15 Business Networking Etiquette Terms

15 Business Networking Etiquette Terms



Today, business networking has become an essential part of building and expanding your professional connections. With the rise of social media and online platforms, it is now easier than ever to connect with people from different industries and backgrounds. However, as with any interaction in the business world, there are certain etiquette terms that should be followed to make a good impression and build strong relationships.



1. Introductions

Introducing yourself and others in the business world is an essential part of networking etiquette. When making introductions, it is important to use proper titles and names, as well as maintaining eye contact and offering a firm handshake.


2.Business Card Exchange

Exchanging business cards is also an important aspect of networking etiquette. Make sure to have your business cards readily available and present them with both hands, treating the exchange as a formal gesture.


3.Small Talk

Initiating small talk is a great way to break the ice and establish a rapport with someone new. Keep conversations light and avoid controversial topics or personal opinions.


4.Active Listening

Listening actively is crucial in networking scenarios. Pay attention to what others are saying, ask relevant questions and show genuine interest in their responses.


5.Body Language

Body language can play a significant role in how people perceive you during networking events. Maintain an open posture, avoid crossing your arms or fidgeting, and make sure to smile.


6.Dress Code

When attending business networking events, it is important to dress professionally. Make sure to adhere to the dress code specified, and avoid overly casual or revealing attire.



Following up after a networking event is a vital step in building and maintaining relationships. Send out personalized emails or connect on professional networking platforms to stay in touch with new contacts.


8.Networking Groups

Joining specific networking groups can be helpful in expanding your business network. These groups often have regular events and provide opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals in your industry.

9.Business Networking Events

Attending business networking events such as conferences, trade shows, and seminars can be beneficial for building connections and staying up-to-date with industry trends.


10.Social Media Presence

Having a strong social media presence is becoming increasingly important in the business world. Use professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn to showcase your skills and connect with potential business partners.


11.Business Lunch/Dinner Etiquette

Inviting a new contact for lunch or dinner is a great way to build a stronger relationship. Remember to keep conversations professional, avoid alcohol if possible, and offer to pay for the bill or split it evenly.


12.Time Management

Being punctual and respecting other people’s time is crucial in networking scenarios. Arrive early to events, and avoid monopolizing someone’s time during conversations.


13.Giving and Receiving Referrals

Networking is not just about making connections for yourself, but also helping others by giving and receiving referrals. Be genuine in your recommendations and follow through on any referrals you receive.


14.Thank You Notes

Sending a thank you note after networking events or meetings is a simple but effective way to show your appreciation and leave a positive impression.


15.Networking Dos and Don’ts

Lastly, it’s important to familiarize yourself with common dos and don’ts of business networking etiquette. Some examples include avoiding the use of your phone during conversations, not interrupting others when they are speaking, and being mindful of personal space.




After discussing 15 business networking etiquette terms, it is clear that proper etiquette plays a crucial role in building and maintaining professional relationships. By following these guidelines, you can make lasting connections that will benefit your career in the long run.

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