Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

Top 10 Best Leadership Movies for Entrepreneurs

Get inspired for your business goals? Watch these movies that show good leadership in business. Choosing good movies about leadership can help leaders who are struggling.


These movies show how successful leaders faced problems, overcame difficulties, and achieved their goals. Learn the basic rules that these lessons provide for people who are leaders. These movies can help people improve their entrepreneurial skills to be successful.


It doesn’t matter if they’re starting a new business, already experienced in leadership and management, or just want to develop themselves. Get some popcorn and prepare to feel inspired by the world of business leadership.


1. Pirates of Silicon Valley

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

The movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley” highlights the importance of creative thinking and taking risks as a leader. Jobs and Gates were famous for their innovative and unconventional business methods. In addition, these dou were fearless, open to new methods and prepared to take chances to achieve their objectives. Inspiring people to try out new ideas and take chances, even if they don’t always work, is one leadership strategy that this movie may inspire. Therefore, getting a program across the entire organization promotes innovation and gives staff members a variety of resources to explore fresh concepts.


2. The Devil Wears Prada

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

Andrea Sachs, the story’s main character, dreams of becoming a journalist. Miranda Priestly, a highly influential editor of a fashion magazine. The movie mainly revolves around fashion and the fashion industry. Still, it also provides some valuable lessons about leadership in the business world. You should watch this fantastic leadership movie! It highlights the importance of communication and building solid relationships with employees in the business world.



To apply this concept to real-life business leadership, leaders can concentrate on developing stable connections with their employees. For these reasons, by actively listening to their thoughts and worries, offer helpful feedback and advice. Most importantly, acknowledge their accomplishments. All of this can result in higher levels of motivation, productivity, and success for the group.




3. The Intern 

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

You will know the different styles of leadership that a great leader possesses for a business. It will show you how a business can be successful with a great vision. Also, the best movie leadership wants viewers to learn to be adaptable and flexible in dealing with many problems. Moreover, listening to the feedback and making changes when necessary is important.

4. Moneyball 

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

The movie explores various important themes related to leadership. This one is perfect if you’re an entrepreneur who enjoys sports drama films. It offers a compelling perspective on leadership, innovation, and teamwork that will make you think. Surely, a perfect movie to watch that is based on a life event.

5. The Founder

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

One of the best movies for leadership. Thus, if you’re an entrepreneur, you must watch this based on the true story of Ray Kroc, who created the worldwide fast-food chain McDonald’s. This movie on leadership is great because it emphasizes the significance of having a well-defined vision. In addition, the movie prompts us to think about the ethics of achieving success and encourages leaders to be mindful of how their actions affect those around them. 

6. The Aviatior

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

Howard Hughes, an American manufacturer, aviator, motion-picture producer, and director. Their different projects made them very rich and famous. They gained popularity for their unusual behaviour of avoiding interacting with others. Furthermore, Hughes was a forward-thinking leader who had a strong interest in aviation and was committed to exploring the boundaries of flying. He was a risk-taker who believed in his ideas and was not afraid to invest. Then it led to the creation of revolutionary aircraft.

7. The Bigshort

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

Make good decisions that are morally right. The movie’s main characters fight against the awful things about the banking system occurs. They realize the system is flawed and take a moral position against it. They study complex data and then choose what they think is best for their investors. These people use well-planned chances and anticipate any potential problems. So, you should include this in your list of movies about leadership.

8. Patton 

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

Legendary military leader General George S. Patton was renowned for his courageous strategies and motivating leadership style. Hence, he has many innovative business leadership concepts that might be inspired by Patton’s approach, despite his leadership style not being traditional. Patton was renowned for his willingness to attempt new tactics and plans in warfare, even if they were unusual. This could entail adopting new technology, creating new products or services, or experimenting with unique marketing techniques. 

9. The Company Men

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs

Impacted by a large corporation’s downsizing. The film highlights the impact of job loss on individuals and their families. It also shows how they navigate through the difficult times. Above all, It emphasizes the importance of empathy and compassion in leadership—moreover, kindness and compassion for workers impacted by difficult business decisions. Leaders should understand that these decisions significantly affect the lives of employees and their families. It should take steps to mitigate the adverse effects as much as possible.

10. The Pursuit of Happyness

Top 10 best leadership for entrepreneurs



A salesman who is having a hard time and loses his home with his son shows leadership qualities that can be useful in business, like being understanding and strong. In the movie, Chris Gardner shows empathy to his clients by understanding their needs and imagining himself in their situation. He overcame several obstacles to become a successful stockbroker. Good company leaders care about and understand customer, employee, and stakeholder demands. If a leader imagines themselves in someone else’s situation, they can understand their problems better and find solutions that help them.


Characteristics of leadership in movies 

In movies, the characteristics of leaders are often exaggerated and amplified for dramatic effect. However, some common traits are seen across different portrayals of leadership.


Firstly, a strong leader usually possesses a clear vision and can communicate it effectively to their team. They have a strong sense of purpose and inspire others to follow them towards their goals.


Secondly, leaders portrayed in movies often exhibit traits such as determination, courage, and resilience. They face challenges head-on and always maintain their objectives.


Thirdly, empathy is another characteristic that is often seen in movie leaders. Moreover, understand their team members’ needs and emotions and use this understanding to motivate and support them.


Lastly, a good movie leader is fearless in taking risks and making tough decisions. They are willing to shoulder the burden of responsibility for their team’s actions and always look for ways to improve and innovate.



This underlines the importance of having a clear aim and taking calculated risks to succeed. Leaders must persevere and prepare to succeed. All the movies mentioned above bring up some ethical concerns about the methods used to attain success. As a leader of a community, you should take into account how your decisions affect others. On the other hand, some influencial people are worth following on Twitter for business to gain also knowledgeable ideas that are complex to understand and give you insights how to deal with it.


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