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25 B2B Sales Strategy Evaluation Questions

25 B2B Sales Strategy Evaluation Questions

At the heart of every successful B2B sales team lies systematic evaluation. It’s the compass navigating the team toward more deals, higher customer satisfaction, and, ultimately, growth. But evaluation is not just about data—though, that’s an essential part—it’s also about introspection and fine tuning. How does one start this introspective journey? Through questions. Below, I’ll dive into 25 questions that will steer your sales strategies in the right direction.


Why Evaluate Your B2B Sales Strategy?

Your sales strategy is more than just a list of actions to drive revenue; it’s a reflection of your brand’s core identity and the value it brings to clients. Evaluating that strategy is an ongoing process that allows you to refine your practices, pivot when necessary, and continuously improve. It’s a cyclical endeavor with direct impact on your bottom line. Here’s a comprehensive list of questions that will help you refine your B2B sales strategy.


Peeling Back the Layers of Your Sales Approach

Understanding the effectiveness of your B2B sales approach is crucial, but it requires a deep dive into various facets. With these questions in hand, you can begin to dissect your current strategy and rebuild with insights and purpose.


Understanding Your Market

  1. How Well Do You Know Your Prospects?

Have you mapped their pain points, purchasing habits, and decision-making processes?

  1. Are You Meeting Prospect Needs or Just Pushing Product?

It’s crucial to differentiate between what you’re selling and what buyers are seeking.

  1. What Competitor Insights Do You Currently Have?

Staying ahead doesn’t just involve knowing your product but how it compares in the market.

Reflecting on Your Approach

  1. What Differentiates Your Sales Approach from Competitors?

Why should a prospect buy from you and not someone else?

  1. Are There Any Loopholes in Your Lead Qualification Process?

Do you often find that unqualified leads slip through, or that you lose potentially good leads due to cumbersome qualification processes?

  1. Is Your Sales Process Aligned with the Customer’s Journey?

High alignment often leads to higher conversion rates.

Analyzing Your Sales Team

  1. How Effective Are Your Sales Reps at Prospecting?

The lifeblood of sales is new business, and the effectiveness of your reps can be a deciding factor.

  1. What Training Gaps Exist in Your Sales Team?

Identifying where your team needs to upskill can transform lukewarm reps into top performers.

  1. Do You Have Clear Metrics to Evaluate Sales Performance?

Transparent, quantifiable metrics are necessary for any evaluation to be effective.



Leveraging Technology

  1. Is Your Sales Tech Stack Current and Effective?

Outdated or cumbersome tools can bog down even the most talented salesperson.

  1. How Well-Integrated is Your Sales Tech Stack with Day-to-Day Operations?

Seamless integration can save time and provide more accurate data.

  1. Are There Emerging Technologies That Could Improve Your Sales Approach?

Being proactive in tech adoption can give you a competitive edge.

Post-Sale Evaluation

  1. How Do You Collect and Analyze Post-Sale Data?

The feedback loop created by this data is invaluable for future sales strategies.

  1. Is Your Customer Success Program Embedded in Your Sales Strategy?

A siloed approach to customer success can restrict growth opportunities.

  1. How Deeply Do You Dive into Case Studies and Success Stories?

These narratives can illustrate best practices and areas for improvement.

Fine-Tuning Your Approach

  1. How Often Do You Review and Adjust Your Sales Strategy?

Regular reviews can ensure you’re not just keeping up with the market, but ahead of the curve.

  1. What Are the Biggest Obstacles in Your Sales Funnel?

Identifying these can lead to more focused and effective solutions.

  1. Do You Embrace a Continuous Improvement Mindset?

Sales strategies must be nimble and capable of constant refinement.

Management and Leadership

  1. Are Sales Goals Realistic and Attainable?

Unrealistic goals can lead to disengagement and burnout.

  1. What Is Your Team’s Morale like?

High morale is often synonymous with high performance.

  1. Do You Have a Clear Sales Strategy Communication Plan?

Transparency in communication can galvanize a team around a single strategy.

Collaborating Across the Organization

  1. How Do Your Sales and Marketing Teams Align?

Consistency between these departments can make or break a sale.

  1. Are there Opportunities for Cross-Department Best Practice Sharing?

Leveraging the knowledge from other areas of the business can spark innovation in sales.

  1. How Effective Are Your Cross-Functional Sales Teams?

A cohesive, collaborative approach can enhance customer interactions.



Staying Customer-Centric

  1. Do You Regularly Seek Customer Feedback on Sales Processes?

The customer is the ultimate litmus test for your strategy’s effectiveness.

  1. In What Ways Can You Simplify the Sales Process for Customers?

Reducing complexity can lead to higher customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  1. Are You Truly Listening to Customer Needs, or Are You Driving Your Own Agenda?

Authentic customer-centric approaches lead to longer, more fulfilling relationships.




Your sales strategy is as fluid as the market it operates within. To keep ahead, your evaluation process must be thorough, reflective, and consistent. These 25 questions are not merely a checklist but are designed to provoke thought and shape understanding. May they guide you as you fortify your B2B sales approach, one question at a time.

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