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Appointment setters for insurance agents

Appointment Setters for Insurance Agents

Appointment setters are key players in the insurance industry, acting as the initial connection between agencies and prospective clients.


These professionals utilize various strategies to set up these crucial meetings, helping to streamline the insurance acquisition process. 


In this article, we’ll explore the role of an Appointment Setter, showcase top Appointment Setters for Insurance Agents, and guide on hiring one.


Let’s begin!

What does an appointment setter do?

An appointment setter is a professional whose primary role involves scheduling meetings on behalf of a company or an individual. 

They usually work as part of a sales team, making calls to customers or clients (leads) and arranging meetings for sales representatives. 


In insurance, appointment setting involves generating and qualifying leads, scheduling appointments, preparing for meetings, educating prospects, following up, closing sales, and providing post-sale support.


Key Responsibilities

  • Cold calling to generate leads
  • Understanding potential client requirements
  • Setting up appointments with qualified leads
  • Nurturing relationships for high conversion rates


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 774,900 telemarketing jobs in 2016, including appointment setters. 




They play a crucial role in the sales process, as they are the first point of contact with customers, and are responsible for creating a positive first impression.


How Do You Measure Performance in Insurance Appointment Setting?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide quantifiable data that will help you identify what’s working well and where you might need to make improvements.

Essential Appointment Setting KPIs

  • Number of calls made
  • Call-to-appointment ratio
  • Conversion rate from appointment to sale
  • Quality of appointments set (based on lead qualification)
  • Appointment-to-close time

By tracking these KPIs, you can assess the productivity of your appointment setters and refine your strategy to maximize effectiveness.

Is Insurance Appointment Setting Profitable?

The profitability of an appointment-setting service streamlining the task of the insurance industry depends on various factors, including the cost of the service, the quality of leads generated, and the closing rate of appointments.

The ROI of Hiring an Appointment Setter

  • Reduced time spent on unqualified leads
  • More time for sales staff to focus on high-value activities
  • Increased volume of appointments set
  • Streamlined lead generation process

Investing in a skilled appointment setter can result in a substantial return on investment.

Top Appointment Setters for Insurance Agents


1. Stealth Agents

Stealth Agents is a top-performing agency offering appointment-setting services specifically tailored to insurance agents. 


They leverage data-driven strategies and highly trained professionals to ensure high-quality leads.

2. Cience

Cience is a renowned agency known for its specialized appointment-setting services. 


They have a proven track record of success in the insurance industry, helping agents secure valuable appointments.

3. Callbox

Callbox provides a comprehensive range of services, including appointment setting for insurance agents. 




They use multi-channel marketing strategies and advanced lead nurturing methods to ensure positive results.

How do I hire an appointment setter?

Hiring an appointment setter can greatly streamline your business operations. Here’s a, step-by-step guide to get you started:

Appointment setters for insurance agents

Finding the Right Talent

  • Use specialized job boards for sales and insurance positions
  • Look for candidates with a proven track record in lead generation
  • Conduct role-specific interviews that test an applicant’s communication and sales skills
  • Consider using a reputable recruiting agency that specializes in insurance sales positions
  • Firstly you should understand the role you want an appointment setter to play in your business. This could be setting meetings, making cold calls, or following up with clients.
  • Then create a job description that clearly outlines the role, responsibilities, and skills required. Post this on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor.
  • Once you receive applications, screen them carefully. Look for candidates with excellent communication skills and familiarity with CRM systems.
  • Next, conduct interviews to assess the suitability of the candidate. This will give you a chance to evaluate their interpersonal skills, professionalism, and understanding of the job role.
  • After hiring, ensure that the appointment setter understands your products or services, and the kind of clients they’ll be dealing with.


If you don’t want to go through this time-consuming process you can visit our website Stealth Agents and hire high-quality appointment setters.


Why hire an appointment setter?

It can significantly enhance your business productivity. First, it allows your sales team to focus on what they do best – selling. 


Typical Daily Tasks

  • Making a high volume of outbound calls
  • Update and maintain accurate records within the client management system
  • Qualify and disqualify leads based on predetermined criteria
  • Follow up on inquiries and leads with tenacity
  • Continuously refine of the appointment setting script


They can handle the time-consuming task of scheduling meetings, which according to a study by Sage, takes up to 31 hours per month. 


Insurance agents can also improve appointment settings with CRM systems by organizing leads, automating follow-ups, segmenting contacts, using appointment scheduling tools, tracking engagement, and analyzing performance data for optimization.


Second, they can help to increase your conversion rates. 


Lastly, professional setters are trained in overcoming objections and persuading clients to commit to a meeting, thus increasing the chances of securing a sale.


Common appointment-setting mistakes to avoid include insufficient prospect research, inadequate follow-up, being overly pushy, lack of preparation, ignoring objections, and poor time management. Underutilization of CRM tools, neglecting relationship building, failure to adapt strategies, and skipping appointment confirmations are key errors to avoid.


Avoiding these mistakes ensures more effective appointment setting and higher success rates in closing deals.

Sample Appointment Setting Script


A well-crafted appointment setting script lays the groundwork for productive and professional interactions with potential clients. It should be concise, persuasive, and value-driven, highlighting the benefits of setting an appointment with your company.

Key Elements of an Effective Script

  • Introduction: A compelling way to introduce your company and the reason for the call
  • Value Proposition: Clearly communicate what’s in it for the prospect
  • Call-to-Action: Provide a clear and easy way for the client to schedule the appointment
  • Anticipated Objections: Address common hesitations directly and confidently


Here’s a sample structure you might adapt for your business:


“Hello, my name is [Name] from [Your Company]. We help families and individuals secure their financial future with comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to your needs.”

Value Proposition:

“We understand that finding the right insurance can be overwhelming. By scheduling an appointment with one of our expert agents, you’ll receive personalized advice that can save you time and money.”


“I believe we can provide you with great value. May we schedule a brief, no-obligation meeting with one of our specialists to discuss your insurance needs further?”

Anticipated Objections:

“I completely understand; many of our clients had similar concerns. That’s why we offer a free initial consultation with no strings attached. It’s an excellent way for you to see the value we can provide without any pressure to commit.”

Remember that the key to success with any script is personalization and flexibility. Your appointment setters should be well-versed in the script but also capable of adjusting their approach based on the individual they’re speaking with.

How do I increase my appointments?


Firstly you can implement a scheduling system and having an online scheduler can increase appointments by up to 30% as it allows clients to book appointments at their convenience.


Also, ensure your working hours align with your clients’ preferences. According to a study, 40% of appointments are booked after work hours.


You should follow up with clients to reduce missed appointments. Using automated emails or texts to remind clients can greatly reduce no-shows.


Offer incentives such as discounts, complimentary services, or loyalty points; it can motivate clients to book more appointments.


An appointment setter frees up your time, allowing you to focus on building relationships and closing deals. 


By hiring a professional appointment setter from Stealth Agents, you can reverse this trend, and boost your productivity and ultimately. 


Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers. Hire the best appointment setters from our website today.

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