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Animation Outsourcing Companies | Premium Quality & Low Cost

Animation Outsourcing Companies | Premium Quality & Low Cost

Are looking for the best company to outsource animations for your videos? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve done all the hard work for you. 


In this article, we’ll share the best va companies where you can outsource high-quality animations.


Let’s get into it! 

What is Animation Outsourcing?

Animation outsourcing is when a company hires another company from a different place to do the animation work for them.


A good example is Jay Ward Productions, who made The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends.


They got their animation done by Gamma Productions, a studio in Mexico, between 1959 and 1964.


This was one of the first times a U.S. company did something like this.

What are the Top Animation Outsourcing Companies?

1. Stealth Agents

Stealth Agents is well-regarded for animation outsourcing; they specialize in providing highly skilled VAs from the top 1% of talent in the Philippines.


They specialize in creating high-quality animations for a variety of needs, including movies, TV shows, video games, and commercials.




Their team of talented animators uses the latest technology and techniques to bring creative ideas to life. 


Clients turn to Stealth Agents for their reliability, creativity, and ability to deliver projects on time and within budget. 



  1. Highly skilled professionals
  2. Significant cost savings
  3. Streamlines operations
  4. Boosts productivity

2. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is making high-quality animated videos that help businesses share their messages in a fun and clear way.


They’re part of Fireart Studio and offer lots of different services to fit what different businesses need.


They focus on making content that’s creative and really captures what a company wants to say and gets it across to the right people.


Their team is filled with super-talented folks like award-winning creative directors, animators, and producers, working together to ensure creativity.





– Award-winning creative team

– High-quality animations

– Global client base

– Diverse industry experience


Explain Ninja’s approach to animation involves everything from initial storyboarding and scriptwriting to the final touches of sound design and animation.

3. Wow-How

Wow-How Studio is a great choice for animation services because they offer a lot of different options and really care about making their clients happy. 


They do everything from simple 2D animations to complex 3D work and video editing. 


People really like working with them because they’re professional, quick to respond, and always deliver great work that meets or goes beyond what’s expected. 


They’re good at keeping clients for a long time because of their top-notch service.



– Versatile animation services

– High client satisfaction

– Professional and responsive

– Creative and innovative


Their extensive portfolio and case studies reflect a wide range of styles and techniques, illustrating their capability to adapt and create tailored content that resonates with diverse audiences

4. Animasia

Animasia Studio from Malaysia, with an extra office in Los Angeles, is a top pick for anyone needing animation work. They do everything from start to finish in both 2D and 3D animation. 


Since starting in 2005, they’ve made animations that people all over the world love, winning lots of awards. 


They can do it all – from the first idea to the final touches and even cool stuff like VR and AR. 


Big names like Kedoo Entertainment and tinyBuild Games love working with them because they’re great at working together and always meet deadlines. 


Animasia’s work is varied, proving they can tackle any style or story, making them a go-to for animation needs.



– Globally recognized

– Comprehensive services

– Creative and vibrant

– Timely delivery

5. BuzzFlick

BuzzFlick is a leading video animation agency great for startups and brands wanting to stand out visually.


They’re in big U.S. cities like New York City, Houston, and Dover, offering cool 2D and 3D animations, explainer videos, and more for all kinds of businesses.


They really take care of making videos, starting from the idea stage to writing, drawing, and adding voices, ensuring client satisfaction. 


They’re known for doing everything from start to finish to create engaging, high-quality videos that catch the audience’s attention and deliver the message clearly.



– Diverse video services

– Creative animation solutions

– High client satisfaction

– Effective brand storytelling

6. Motionstory

Motionstory is really good at telling stories and using both 2D and 3D animation to make a brand’s message stand out. 


They offer a bunch of services such as animation, working with AR/VR, and designing UI/UX, which meets a lot of different needs for digital and media projects.


They’ve got an impressive knack for turning complicated ideas into animations that grab people’s attention.


Though they’re based in India, they work with clients all over the world, understanding and bringing to life the varied styles and ideas that different cultures have.



– Award-winning agency

– Expert in 2D, 3D animations

– Global client base

– Strong storytelling focus

What are the Benefits of Outsourcing Animation Services?

1. Cost Efficiency

Firstly, outsourcing animation services significantly reduce costs, making it a smart choice for many businesses.


You don’t need expensive equipment and software, or hire skilled animators as full-time employees, instead work with external animation companies.


These studios already have the necessary tools and team, meaning businesses only pay for the services they need, when they need them.

2. Access to Specialized Expertise

When you outsource, you tap into a pool of professionals who live and breathe animation. 


These experts bring a wealth of experience and skills to your project, ensuring high-quality results that might be hard to achieve in-house.


They stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and techniques in the animation world, which means your projects benefit from the most current industry standards.

3. Scalability and Flexibility

It also allows you to adjust the size of your project team based on current needs without any hassle. 


If a project demands more hands on deck, animation studios can quickly bring in additional talent. Likewise, for smaller projects, you can reduce the team size. 


This flexibility is a huge advantage, especially in the dynamic field of animation where project scopes can change. 

4. Faster Turnaround Times

On the other hand, it really speeds things up; when you have experts focusing solely on your animation, your project moves much faster. 


They’ve got the skills and software right at their fingertips, so things that might take you ages to figure out, they can do in a flash. 


This quicker pace means you can get your animated content out there, catching eyes and sharing your message.

5. Access to Latest Technology

Animation studios spend a lot of money to have the newest software and tools, so they can make really cool animations.


When you hire them, your projects get this advantage too. It’s like having the best paintbrushes and colors without having to own them.


This way, your animations look modern and can stand out, making your stories come to life in the best possible way.

6. Global Talent Pool

Finally, outsourcing animation services opens the door to a world of creative talents across the globe. 


Professionals from diverse backgrounds enhance projects with their unique styles and perspectives, leading to greater innovation and creativity.


This diversity enriches your work and ensures that you can find the exact talent you need for specific animation styles or techniques.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource Animation?

Outsourcing animation costs vary based on complexity, style, and where the studio is located. 


Basic 2D animations cost around $2,500 to $4,500 per minute, while more detailed motion graphics are $2,000 to $4,000 per minute


For 3D animations, prices start at $10,000 and can reach $50,000, depending on what you need.


Geographical location also plays a crucial role in determining costs. Like, studios in North America might charge $150 per hour, and in Europe $25 to $100 per hour.


In Asia, hourly costs range from $25 to $50, offering a budget-friendly option without compromising quality.

What are Different Types of Animation?

  1. 3D Animation
  2. 2D Animation
  3. Stop Motion Animation
  4. Motion Graphics
  5. Typography Animation
  6. Rotoscope Animation
  7. Whiteboard Animation
  8. Clay Animation (Claymation)

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