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How to insert gifs onto business emails

How To Insert Gifs Into Business Emails

Using GIF images is not just for fun but can be helpful in many ways. Most businesses’ GIF images were valuable as a marketing tool to give an informative message to customers. Therefore, a picture can speak a thousand words, but you must be creative to attract readers’ or customers’ attention. There’s no doubt that GIF images are also effective in marketing because known brands today use them to advertise their products, namely Dell, Apple, Adobe, Loom, and many more to mention, to boost brands. Thus, GIF images can add humor, illustrate a product feature and promote sales. Therefore knowing how a GIF image can benefit us lets us figure out how to insert gifs into emails.

Does a GIF benefit emails?

The perfect example of how effective one product can be is when Dell used GIFs for the campaign and showed an increase in revenue. It proves how great it is to have a game-changing idea to promote at a lower cost and with greater benefit. Moreover, gifs can benefit by baiting readers, being more creative, and encouraging readers to scroll through the message of an email. But what are the advantages and disadvantages? For us to be aware of using GIF images.


Accessible to all web browsers

If you wonder if it is compatible and can be viewed by other web browsers, then there’s no need to worry. Thus, it is supported by all web browsers. Therefore using GIF images is a get-to-go.


Size is smaller

It’s good to know that the file size is not that big. Since the file size requires or can be used as animated, GIFs can be up to 5MB on mobile and up to 15MB if using the web browser. Also, the quality will remain, and loading the images will be faster.


Fetch a message

Gif images have been used to deliver a message to its receiver. Moreover, GIF images are also used for advertising by companies. Furthermore, It is handy and advanced because it will surely capture attention, and at the same time, the message will be brought on to the customers. 



Limited color

If you compare it to image formats, it is pretty low because the color depth is a maximum of  256b  bit. There are pixilated GIF images resulting in blocky colors. 


A web page might slow



Some images depend on how fast your connection is. So, the moving pictures would be much use if it has an internet connection. Therefore, a slower connection is a problem in GIF images which may load slowly. Thus, the worst thing that will happen is that it might be much more helpful. 


Editing is impossible

Finalize all you need for the GIF images in creating, even though more minor changes would cost you time. Moreover, animated GIFs cannot be undone once coded to their actual file. 


It can slow a webpage

Although GIF is acceptable on all web pages, not all have the same level of performance in viewing GIF images. Therefore use webpages that are faster to load. 

How to insert a gif into business emails.

Below are the steps on how to insert a gif.

1. Free sites for GIF

There are many websites that you can find free or create your GIF. Here are some of the websites. GIPHY, GIFER, pixabay

How to insert gif onto business emails

How to insert gif onto business emails

How to insert gif onto business emails

2. Save GIF on your computer.

Once you choose your GIF image, please right-click on the image and save it to your documents.

how to insert gif onto business emails

3. Go to your email

Click compose for the details of the receiver and your message as well.



How to insert gifs onto business emails

4. Click the message box

You can decide anywhere to insert the GIF in your message

How to insert gif onto buisness emails

5. Click the “Insert photo.”

Below you can see the attachment column “Insert photo.”

How to insert gif onto business emails


6. Click the “UPLOAD.”

Click the button to see “choose photos to upload” and view the GIF in your documents.

How to insert gif onto business emails       How to insert gif onto business emails

7. Select now the GIF  

Click the GIF image in your gallery or documents to insert the GIF image. Wait a little to load the image, and it will appear in the message box. 

How to insert gif onto business emails

8. GIF will appear

Then there you have it. GIF will show now in your message box. 

How to insert gif onto business emails

9. Click “SEND.”

How to insert gif onto business emails   How to insert gif onto business emails

Once already done composing your message. Click the “send” button below. Also, by clicking the GIF, you can change the size from small, best fit, or original size by clicking on it.


This article on inserting gif images into emails could add ideas for future purposes, which most entrepreneurs use in their emails. Moreover, use the updated software version to create a gif image because old versions cannot use these features. Don’t overuse using GIFs, and it should be possibly helpful.

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