Heymarket business messaging review

Heymarket Business Messaging Platform Review: Features And Pricing

Heymarket is a web-based and mobile app that is here to streamline business text messages. This communication allows businesses to engage with employees, contractors, and customers for closing more deals. It can also be used for improving customer engagement and improving customer satisfaction. The software works on all web browsers and Android and iOS. This makes it easier for teams to communicate no matter where they are.

This software is actively used in recruiting, real estate, retail, fitness, automotive, law, firms, and operations business. It comes with enterprise-grade features to support business operations, sales marketing as well as support. A shared box has all your messages centralized so that your team members can communicate and respond in a hassle-free way.

If you ever wanted a business text messaging app/software to communicate with your customers, then here is your introduction to Heymarket, an excellent messaging platform to keep in touch with your customers, CRM, and text marketing. Dive right in to learn more about this application.

Heymarket app

The Heymarket app is available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can also download the web application from Heymarket’s official website after buying the subscription.

Heymarket personalizes broadcast texting for mobile-savvy agents

With the Heymarket app, you can utilize your phone’s native texting capabilities to improve customer experience. It is a task to keep personal and business text separate. Thanks to Heymarket, you can tactfully separate the two and boost customer engagement at the same time.

This software is ideal for small teams and agents who prefer mobile communications. You can send custom broadcast text messages to your contact from your phone. You can segment your buyers and send an advertising message to the right contacts quickly.

The app has a series of text templates. Populate any message and hit send. You can also add images and links to the message. The recipients never realize they are on a group text. Your contacts don’t need to have the Heymarket app to respond. The app also tells which user opened the message and viewed the contents of the message. This business messaging app fits into the category of sales efficiency app. Don’t confuse it with an app for an enterprise system. It’s a highly specific tool. It’s designed for fast-moving agents who wish to communicate with customers via mobile.


Heymarket has a simple and transparent pricing structure. You can choose from 4 tiers. Here is a brief introduction to each plan:


The standard plan has all the essential features to get started. The price starts at $59 per month. It supports 12k SMS and MMS per year and caters to unlimited users.


It’s their most popular plan that comes with some powerful integration. it costs $199 per month and includes 30k SMS and MMS per year with unlimited users.


The Pro plan comes with advanced capabilities. It costs $239 per month and includes 60k SMS and MMS. It also supports unlimited users.


This plan is for enterprises, of course. No details about the price of the enterprise plan are available. You must contact support to get a quote based on your business needs. 

A free trial is available with all plans except the Enterprise plan.

A screenshot of heymarket pricing

Features of Heymarket

This software basically centralizes text messages and Facebook messages. It helps make your team productive within minutes. Even managers and administrators can use this app. It is time to examine the features of the Heymarket app to understand how it can help you communicate with your stakeholders and customers.

Shared inboxes

Heymarket shines on many things and shared inboxes are one of them.



You can create one inbox for your whole team, share messages with customers and manage replies from one centralized location.

A screenshot of Heymarket shared inbox


Agents can assign chats to themselves or other members of the team. This way, you remain focused on the chats that are relevant to you. Wait, there is more, you can also control notifications.

A screenshot of heymarket assignment feature

Typing indicators

Wouldn’t it be convenient to know who on your team is viewing or replying to a chat to avoid two agents choosing the same chat? Well, this is possible with type indicators. This will avoid conflicts and your team will always be in sync.

You will stay informed about what your employees are doing at every stage. You won’t ever have to wonder if any employee has received a message or not.

A screenshot of heymarket typing indicator feature

Private Comments

Mention a team member by writing @ and their name. Keep the comments privates so that only the concerned person answers.

A screenshot of heymarket private comments feature

One-click to text

Download the Heymarket chrome extension to click on text from the app or the web page. You can also view the chat history and contact details without leaving the page.

Reach multiple contacts simultaneously

Create lists to send targeted marketing messages to your contacts with a single click. You can also personalize messages with features like signatures, auto-reply, and merge tokens. This will help you improve your reply rate by 80%.

Setting a campaign for sending bulk text messages is easy as well. Once the campaign is set, you are ready to send the message. Choose from the templates available. Add and remove contacts in the campaign any time you like. You can also schedule text messages at any time and date.

Omni channel messaging

Heymarket supports multi-channel messaging. Your customers can text from any business app they like. You will be sending and receiving replies from one channel regardless of which business channel (WhatsApp, Line, Facebook messenger) your customers use. Wouldn’t that make everything easier!

A representation of heymarket as omnichannel platform


Heymarket allows you to personalize your text message. You can either create your own templates or choose from the business text message templates already available. Personalizing messages is easy. All you have to do is merge tokens based on the fields associated with each contact.

Your agents can also add signatures at the end of each message to add a human touch to the conversation. This way, the customer will also know whom they are talking to and this could be a start of a smooth conversation.

Generate reports

Reports can be generated to give managers insights into the performance of each agent. This will give you a clear picture of how productive your team is, who is the best performer, and which member needs additional training.

Text enabled landlines

This business communication app also provides a text-enabled landline to use voice service. This is done by porting the SMS portion of your phone number that lets your customers send you a text. Your customers can also text you from Google My business listing. With this feature, you can see how is viewing a reply in your team and void conflict. You may also set up an auto-reply feature to send auto messages to customers in case an agent is not available to answer right away.

“Heymarket” porting a number

If you would like to port an existing number of Heymarket, reach out to customer support at 415-562-0100. The agent will help you determine the next steps. Before calling, make sure you have a copy of the recent phone bill for verification purposes.

How to delete lists in Heymarket

  1. To delete lists, go to lists from the dashboard menu.
  2. Find the appropriate list
  3. Tap edit
  4. And hit delete

How do you delete someone from Heymarket so they don’t receive our texts?

To ensure that a contact doesn’t receive your texts, you must delete them from the campaign. There are two ways of deleting a contact. Let’s check them:



Option 1:

  • Go to the campaign in question and click on the “x” besides the name of the contact
  • This will remove the contact from the campaign

If you use this method, keep in mind the contact will still be on the list.

Option 2:

You can remove the contact from the Heymarket list to remove them from all associated campaigns.

How to upload a list to Heymarket

Uploading a list of contact to Haymarket is easy. This is done via a CVS. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a CSV file
  2. Popular the first row of the file with columns for searching contacts in Heymarket.
  3. The required columns are first name, last name, and phone number
  4. Go to your Heymarket web account
  5. Click on Contacts from the menu
  6. Tap “import contacts”
  7. You are now ready to import contacts from the CSV file

That’s how you upload a list to the Heymarket business message app.


If you have a team of tech-savvy agents who would like to switch to mobile and offer prompt support, the Heymarket business messaging app is for your team. Many renowned companies like Tech crunch and smart insights are already using this app.

It offers 1000+ integrations so that you have a smooth sailing experience. Heymarket is built for businesses of all sizes. In case you are worried about the security of your communication, all your text messages are secure and complaint.

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