Helpshift customer service platform review

Helpshift Customer Service Platform Review: Features And Alternatives

Helpshift is a cloud-based customer support platform that is specifically designed for medium to large businesses. It provides scalable solutions that help the app develops, including project managers, customer support managers, and C-level executives. This platform helps them to simplify their customer support tasks for their mobile and web users. Moreover, it also commits to resolve queries and requests by customers with the help of in-app messaging tools and encouraging two-way communication between customers and application developers. Moreover, it offers the app-users and clients in-app FAQ pages where they can find the answer to their required question in no time. With this app, you will receive push messaging campaigns that contain in-app surveys, special offers, and version update notifications. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Helpshift. Let’s get into it!

Advantages of Helpshift

Segmentation capability

When we talk about its powerful features, its smart segmentation capability is probably the one that helps you stay ahead. Using this feature, customer support teams and app developers organize, categorize, and process issues of mobile app and web users. These issues are based on tags and other criteria. For instance, if a customer wants to view the iOS app usage issues, this app provides you with an option to do the same.

Issues’ segmentation helps the sales and customer support teams manage their incoming tickets. This way, they can assign tickets to specific customer support agents based on priority, language, and topic. This app can segment the customer based on their behavior. This way, the customer support team or agent can identify the high-value customers, and they can prioritize these customers in providing support.

Send automated responses

Moreover, this cloud-based customer support platform enables the support team to find the help articles that help them to become more responsive to their customers. In other words, it automates the tasks of agents. This enables them to segment tickets and incoming issues based on languages, priority, and issue status. It also allows you to send automated responses to app users. This way, the support team can manage a high volume of incoming issues and tickets. It promotes customer retention and loyalty.


Above all, it offers chatbots that are a must-have for customer support. These chatbots reduce the number of support requests that need to be handled by the support team. Chatbots resolve the customer’s issues through chat without connecting them to agents. Chatbots can also collect all the necessary information from the app users or customers. They provide help articles based on knowledge to the customers or app users for quick resolution of their issues. Even you can send the customer satisfaction survey using these chatbots.

A representation of Helpshift chatbots.

In-app FAQ pages

In addition, Helpshift offers in-app FAQ pages that support almost all languages. This way, customers can quickly search the answers related to their issues. Users can even search these FAQ pages from their mobile devices. Even they can use them in offline mode. The good thing about these FAQ pages is that they contain videos and images. Customers can send feedback through these FAQ pages. This functionality allows the developers to optimize the in-app FAQ pages that help them to improve their content based on the preferences and search habits of the customers.

Why consider Helpshift’s SDK?

SDK is an acronym for ‘software development kit.’ It is a set of tools that enables app developers to create a custom application based on the company’s technology. The custom app might contain more advanced functionalities, platform-specific application functionality, or white label branding. SDK is different from the application programming interface (API), which connects the two different software so they can speak a similar language. SDK is an entire software development kit that contains documentation, libraries, processes, code samples, and other tech tools that help the developers in creating an app on every platform. In other words, you can say that almost every program you use was built on an SDK.

If you have better SDK means, you can deploy, customize and test customer service’s functionalities easily. Its configuration allows the users to combine the add-on features of this platform. The best thing about Helpshift is that it offers SDKs for almost all platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Xamarin, Web Chat, Cocos2d-x, and Unity. The Helpshift SDK also allows the customer support teams to provide in-app help through searchable in-app FAQs and two-way messaging to the customers.

Why do SDKs matter in customer service?

The customer support service of every company is unique. For some apps, out-of-the-box support services help the applications to stay ahead. You can even customize your customer support services. The app developers use the tools, i.e., SDKs, to deploy and customize the customer support service. A good SDK allows the users to add a variety of features and test them with ease. However, a poorly designed software development kit (SDK) is hard to implement. It requires substantial effort to maintain, and it is tough to build a custom solution.

Touchtunes Helpshift

Want to know about Touchtunes Helpshift? It is an app that helps you take control of the music on the jukebox from your mobile device at your nearest hot spot, bar, or restaurant. It gives you a personalized experience as it is a snap to find and play your most favorite track without leaving your seat. All you need to check-in, search for your favorite number, buy credits and play it. You can find its latest version on the Apple app store and Google play store.

A screenshot of touchtunes helpshift

Helpshift login

A screenshot of helpshift login page

If you are a supervisor, agent, or admin and you have been added to your Helpshift Dashboard, you can log into your dashboard using these ways.

Use the one that is simple and quick.

  • Once you navigate to your support portal, you will see the ‘login’ link at the bottom.
  • Alternatively, you can navigate directly to the login page. The link of the login page will be like that: (your domain name) For instance, if your domain name is’ writing,’ the URL will be like that:

Helpshift competitors

If you are looking for a good alternative to Helpshift, we’ve got you covered. Below are the list of software that you can choose from:


When you talk about Helpshift competitors, then FreshDesk might be at no. 1 spot. It is a very reliable and efficient help desk software that offers automation tools, self-service portals, gamification, and multi-channel support. It helps the businesses deliver the best support to their customer. Freshdesk helps you improve the collaboration within your support teams as well.


ZenDesk is great customer support software that helps businesses to improve customer retention and boost customer service. It offers plenty of features that include call center solutions, knowledge base, chat support, and help desk applications. It offers almost everything that covers all the bases of efficient customer services. Its ticketing system is specifically designed to track, prioritize, and solve the issues of customers. You can say that it is more than a help desk solution. Moreover, it helps to foster your customer relationships with responsive support across all channels.




Kommunicate is a combination of a bot hybrid and human customer support platform that helps businesses to provide proactive customer support in real-time. The best thing about this software is that it is made for businesses of all sizes. Its aim is to drive business growth by building enduring customer relationships. With Kommunicate, you can manage website chat, team and customer conversations, and support agents.

Helpshift SDK iOS

You can add Helpshif support to your iOS App by following these simple steps:

  • For Helpshift iOS SDK, unzip the SDK and paste it at Helpshift. Framework.
  • Now, verify that Helpshift, the framework is in the link binary in the build phases.
  • Now add a new Copy Files section and set its destination. Add a new Copy Files section to this copy file section.
  • Now, add a new Run Script phase. Make sure that add this build phase first and then proceed to the copy files phase.
  • After the integration, your app doesn’t have the swift code. Set the Embed Swift Standard Libraries and hit the YES button.

Use version 7.7.0 as it enables you to send videos and PDFs. Before this version, users can only send media files. If you have iOS 10, then you to access the files of iOS, developers will need to enable the iCloud Documents and iCloud capability.

Playdemic Helpshift update Android  

Here’s how to download the Playdemic help shift update android through Google Play:

  • Make sure your device is connected with a good internet connection. Your device may be set to install an application when you are connected to a mobile data or WiFi connection. You need to switch to a different internet connection.

Follow the below steps if it is stuck in the ‘Pending’ state.

  • Open the play store app and select My apps & games.
  • Here you will see all the applications that you are downloading on your mobile device. You can cancel other downloading apps to download it. Select the app which you want to cancel and hit the cross icon. You may find this option near the download progress bar.

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